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  1. Eydawn added a post in a topic Who's going to CAP Lab in Ohio this year?   

    You were there in spirit! I don't remember what slide you're talking about tho. I do remember the lardass Batman on the mobility scooter... ;-) 
    Seriously, it was phenomenal as always. They did a great job. 
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  2. Eydawn added a topic in Equiqment and Apparatus   

    Stethoscope Repair- DIY or send it in?
    Howdy all, 
    I have a Littmann Cardiology III steth that has been my trusty work horse through SAR, nursing school and my first three years of practice. My mother in law got it for me back in '08. The tubing has developed cracks (probably just from age, and from my OCD "clean the bell and the first 8 inches of tubing with an alcohol swabbie before and after patient contact" that I finally sequenced into my care.) 
    I'm curious if anyone has had experience replacing their own tubing, as the bell is the expensive part... I'm using my backup Master Classic right now that my cousin got me for Christmas, and it's just NOT the same. I miss my good steth, darn it all! I was looking at Littmann's site, and it'll run $100 to send it in to get it refurbished. Amazon has a variety of options for replacement tubing/binaurals, at a much more affordable price. 

    Thoughts? Past experience? 
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  3. Eydawn added a post in a topic Old folks Still here?   

    I love ALL of you. Laughing so hard right now. 
    My husband totally doesn't hear the "it's a secret" part (blew a friend's engagement to another friend... fortunately we locked it down with him, lol!) 
    Plausible deniability... uh huh.. 
    ROFL @ Doc... yes, perhaps you should listen! 
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  4. Eydawn added a post in a topic Research Paper on Shock   

    Potential patient presentations? Accurate citations from reputable resources, good grammar and spelling... how long should your paper be according to the assignment? 
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  5. Eydawn added a post in a topic When medicine just isn't enough   

    I can't say anything other than what's been said already... these wise folks hit it on the head. 
    It's OK to get discouraged, and to have trouble processing for a bit. It's when it sticks around for too long or interferes with your ability to function as a person or a provider that you should probably see someone professional to help get things sorted out. 
    Lots of hugs and good energy to you... 
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  6. Eydawn added a post in a topic My Pants Have No Pockets!   

    I'm just a creature of habit. And I find it saves me time, is all... 
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  7. Eydawn added a post in a topic My Pants Have No Pockets!   

    I have a pockets system that I love. But I'm also on the nursing side of e-med, and have specialty carts for stuff... it'd be kinda awkward to keep a pelvic setup in my cargo pockets!  
    I wear the Dickies men's zip front drawstring button closure scrub pants. Two front pockets, one back pocket, and two cargo pockets. Left cargo gets a pair of non-latex sterile gloves (nothing like realizing all the gloves in the trauma room are latex when a trauma surgeon asks you to insert a foley!) Right cargo gets my phone and a shit ton of saline flushes. Left top pocket doesn't get anything (used to keep sterile caps and extra saline locks in there, but I don't find I often need them down in the ED.) Right top pocket gets TONS of alcohol swabbies.
    Scrub top, left front pocket gets my inhaler, my nitro, my chapstick and my bandage scissors and holds meds that I have to return or waste. Right front pocket gets a shit ton of pens (doctors are pen thieves!), a penlight and a sharpie or two. 
    I actually wore those black scrub pants for my EMS ride that I got to do as part of my orientation to the ED... worked GREAT... 
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  8. Eydawn added a post in a topic Who's going to CAP Lab in Ohio this year?   

    Hey North, 
    There's the EMSAC conference in Keystone the weekend of Nov 6th-9th, as well as the Flight For Life conference the following weekend in Breckenridge. 
    Links: http://emsac.org/conference/ (Not cheap, but I hear it's amazing. Plus the esteemed Kelly Grayson will be presenting... and I couldn't miss a chance to fangirl...)
    https://www.flightforlifecolorado.org/flc/trainings-and-outreach/sar-conference/ (way more budget friendly, and put on by a very good group.) 
    Two of  us are going to EMSAC from my team, and we're sending up to 10 folks to the FFL conference. 
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  9. Eydawn added a post in a topic Who's going to CAP Lab in Ohio this year?   

    Well, shucks, 'zilla! Stay safe.
    Catch you NEXT year then. ;-) 
    I still can't believe I talked my team's exec board into flying 4 of us out there... goes to show you how cool this resource you guys offer really is. 
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  10. Eydawn added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    Who's going to CAP Lab in Ohio this year?
    Hi all! I just registered for CAP lab at Wright State University... anyone else going? I'm bringing 3 other members of my SAR team with me. Woohoo! 
    Here's the link if anyone's interested... it's some seriously good learning that is hard to beat! 
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  11. Eydawn added a post in a topic Old folks Still here?   

    Carl! I didn't know you'd had a cardiac arrest! Glad to see you still around, friend. 
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  12. Eydawn added a post in a topic Old folks Still here?   

    Hey, North. I'm still around. Don't post much, but I do lurk occasionally. *waves* Apparently this dang thing double-spaces as default... makes my sig look dumb... 
    CO EMT
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  13. Eydawn added a post in a topic Lets get this party started! Post something here so we know you're alive!   

    Holy cow! Hi, everybody! How's kicks?

    Chief, shoot me a PM if you need to chitchat...

    And we just had a staff emergency code (I'm on the response team now), thanks, Mr. "neener neener here's the Q word..."

    CO EMT
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  14. Eydawn added a post in a topic Lets get this party started! Post something here so we know you're alive!   

    We're driving back home from early Thanksgiving with the husband's family since I am working it this year. And I'm fighting the autocorrect in my phone. (Obviously, I am not driving)
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  15. Eydawn added a post in a topic A Sick Child   

    Here's the thing- there's nothing indicating that this child's neurological status is in danger of severe compromise. That's the problem with meningitis.

    Let's look at this another way- until you really see the hallmark neuro signs, there IS no way to differentiate. And there's no justification for an LP until you have some indicator, right? (Those of you who do LP's, correct me if I'm wrong). I'd say yes, have the kid evaluated if the mom's gut feeling is that something is just plain wonky, but there's nothing here to indicate to a prehospital provider that this kid is in trouble. Hell, that's how many of us get exposed by patients- we have no idea that's the problem until someone comes back with it and then you learn you were exposed... Many people who die of meningitis are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic until they are massively, life threat level ill.

    CO EMT-B
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