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  1. Hey guys. Still around. ;-) Busy as hell, as usual...
  2. I love ALL of you. Laughing so hard right now. My husband totally doesn't hear the "it's a secret" part (blew a friend's engagement to another friend... fortunately we locked it down with him, lol!) Plausible deniability... uh huh.. ROFL @ Doc... yes, perhaps you should listen!
  3. Carl! I didn't know you'd had a cardiac arrest! Glad to see you still around, friend.
  4. Hey, North. I'm still around. Don't post much, but I do lurk occasionally. *waves* Apparently this dang thing double-spaces as default... makes my sig look dumb... Wendy CO EMT RN-BSN
  5. Holy cow! Hi, everybody! How's kicks? Chief, shoot me a PM if you need to chitchat... And we just had a staff emergency code (I'm on the response team now), thanks, Mr. "neener neener here's the Q word..." Wendy CO EMT RN-ADN
  6. We're driving back home from early Thanksgiving with the husband's family since I am working it this year. And I'm fighting the autocorrect in my phone. (Obviously, I am not driving)
  7. Who are y'all referring to as traitor? Lol. Thread bump!
  8. Chief- it's called superglue. Got the husband patched up (again). Lawnmower blade sharpened, tightening it down... Let's just say that him busting in while I was just falling asleep for a nap yelling "I need the superglue" was NOT a great experience... should've stayed at work instead of taking the get to leave early option! Oh, on the note of get the party started- some of the shithead college students here should learn that when there's hundreds of you in the street partying and the nice men in blue uniforms tell you it's time to go home and turn off your music, the appropriate response is "yes sir!" and stumbling for home, not "Fuck the police!!" And they wonder why they got some tear gas lobbed their way.... stupid... "wahh, my eyes burn, the police are fascists...." DUDE, you don't even UNDERSTAND fascism. If they were really fascist pigs, you'd be full of lead, not lightly seasoned with cayenne.... Ok, on a totally ADD note, you guys have GOT to listen to this song. -- Death Valley Fall Out Boy... it's AMAZING.
  9. Loved seeing Orcas when we were up in Victoria. Would love to go back again! Scubanurse, what's the secret? Let'r rip!
  10. Rawr. Bridezillas suck- the only time I ever pulled an "I'm the bride" moment was on my wedding day, because my aunt made my cousins late, and I wasn't gonna hear for the next 20 years about how she made my cousins miss my wedding and how horrible etc. So we waited for them to get there. (My family is crazy- trust me this was indeed the better option). Beer thirty indeed! Yum. (Defying my choir director's explicit instructions I might add... lol we have a dress rehearsal and performance yet to go this week and alkyhol isn't so good on the old vocal cords.) Any good weather around anywhere? It's finally raining here...
  11. Graduated nursing school- WOOHOOOO!

    1. scubanurse


      Yay! Which school did you go to?

    2. chbare
  12. I get to graduate from nursing school this Saturday! That's what's eaten my life recently... and why I haven't been around to post much. Hoping very much to change that!!! NCLEX, here I come... Oh, by the way, y'all? Mike's a fantastic, wonderful individual. ;-) I think we've recruited him to the Colorado is Awesome club. Wendy CO EMT-B RN-ADN Student
  13. If I was a lawyer, I'd eat your reports for breakfast. The fact that you passed "documentation" in your class doesn't mean anything. Do you want to improve your English language skills? Or do you honestly not care? There's lots of *great* and I mean *GREAT* medics here trying to give you a bigger picture... you yourself admit you're in your teens (that's when I started as well, by the way) so you should realize that your job is to be a giant sponge and absorb all the wonderful information thrown your way. Once you've been a provider for a while you can decide which bits to chuck aside as unimportant... I'll give you several instances in which English mastery is important: -Resume. You hand me a resume with no capitalization, word misuse, spelling errors? I'm going to round file it. It's my first impression of you. -Documentation. As I said above, if I were a lawyer, I'd eat your reports for breakfast. You can learn to do better, and you should- not just for your own professionalism, but to contribute to our profession as a whole. -Professional communication in the workplace. There are many who will miss the message for the mistakes in your communication. Email is your friend, both CYA and rapid communication wise... if you can't learn to write one quickly and correctly, it'll hold you back. Welcome to the City! You're going to do great. Ask lots of questions, and put your all into it. Wendy CO EMT-B RN-ADN Student (21 days and counting) Dude. Mobey uses Canadian English. He's in CANADA. Ergo, British English spellings... extra vowels here and there... c's instead of s's... you get my drift... Just saying...
  14. Welcome back to the madhouse (and the 'City!) Wendy CO EMT-B RN-ADN Student
  15. Welcome to the 'City! Wendy CO EMT-B RN-ADN Student