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  1. Old folks Still here?

    Hey guys. Still around. ;-) Busy as hell, as usual...
  2. Old folks Still here?

    I love ALL of you. Laughing so hard right now. My husband totally doesn't hear the "it's a secret" part (blew a friend's engagement to another friend... fortunately we locked it down with him, lol!) Plausible deniability... uh huh.. ROFL @ Doc... yes, perhaps you should listen!
  3. Old folks Still here?

    Carl! I didn't know you'd had a cardiac arrest! Glad to see you still around, friend.
  4. Old folks Still here?

    Hey, North. I'm still around. Don't post much, but I do lurk occasionally. *waves* Apparently this dang thing double-spaces as default... makes my sig look dumb... Wendy CO EMT RN-BSN
  5. Holy cow! Hi, everybody! How's kicks? Chief, shoot me a PM if you need to chitchat... And we just had a staff emergency code (I'm on the response team now), thanks, Mr. "neener neener here's the Q word..." Wendy CO EMT RN-ADN
  6. We're driving back home from early Thanksgiving with the husband's family since I am working it this year. And I'm fighting the autocorrect in my phone. (Obviously, I am not driving)
  7. Gender Uncertainty & Good Manners

    Just ask. "I don't mean to cause offense and I'd rather make sure we know how you would like to be addressed... are you genetically male or female, and how do you identify? Are there any other special things we should know about you to make sure you get the best treatment?" The angry ones will be angry regardless... the other folks will appreciate the sensitivity. Wendy CO EMT-B RN-ADN
  8. Cloudy urine in trauma

    After doing some reading, it sounds like trauma can be a cause of chyluria if lymph vessels are transected/constricted or there's bladder trauma allowing entrance of lymphatic fluid... (unless my sleep deprived self is not understanding the anatomy at play here). Doc, have you seen chyluria in a trauma scenario before? Because I'm going to take a large guess that this patient didn't have filariasis, unless that's more prevalent in the chilly north than I realize... Wendy CO EMT-B RN-ADN
  9. Cloudy urine in trauma

    Is it possible that the acute epigastric pain could have been a traumatic renal injury? I'd be leaning towards rhabdo spillage myself... was the milky UOP the same amount per hour as the previous UOP? Or did it increase? Wendy CO EMT-B RN-ADN
  10. Tranexamic acid

    I wonder really at the rationale for using tranexamic acid in postoperative patients.... while concurrently starting them on coumadin, lovenox or xarelto. I wonder if the pharmacologic active life of tranexamic acid is really short enough to just be enough to help with surgical site bleeding, with subsequent anticoagulation to prevent DVT's or other issues... I s'pose I should go look it up. ;-) Seems kind of counter-intuitive, though. Wendy CO EMT-B RN-ADN
  11. Tranexamic acid

    See, I've seen it used as a more continuous infusion for pain control, either for refractory post surgical pain or as the intended treatment for chronic regional pain syndrome. You're right- the environment isn't great, it's a busy post surgical floor. Lots of noise, lots of stimulation... and because they're on a continuous infusion, there's frequent vitals and assessments which causes more stimuli. They're fine once we stop the infusion and it wears off, it's during the infusion that we've seen problems. Oddly, I haven't seen one for a few months now, so maybe they decided my floor wasn't the best environment for ketamine infusions... One can only hope, anyway! I think we need a lot more education on it before they use it again in our particular setting. Fortunately I was never directly responsible for a patient on it... Wendy CO EMT-B RN-ADN
  12. Exposure ?

    Uh huh. Suuuure... ;-) Wendy CO EMT-B RN-ADN
  13. Exposure ?

    Aw, Doc! Sad marriage. Lol! (Ok. Maybe I should stop there. Yeah... no good way to add any more to the conversation...) Wendy CO EMT-B RN-ADN
  14. Exposure ?

    Gotta hate that. Yes, it was an exposure. Duh. There's a reason I put band-aids with tegaderm overlay any open/cracked areas and/or wear gloves for all routine patient contact. On my floor, body fluid contact is always a possibility any time you go into the room... never know when someone decides the stool softener is working or you get surprised by the bandage leaking through... If it's enough to bother you, it's enough for you to be worried about. And why forum hop? It's not like the providers telling you the answer you don't want to hear aren't gonna be on all the forums... ERDoc, I gotta ask... why is BSI called marriage? (Cringes) Wendy CO EMT-B RN-ADN
  15. Who are y'all referring to as traitor? Lol. Thread bump!