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  1. Can't say for sure as I am not in your area. But 12 an hour is pretty basic starting here.
  2. To be this excited again. Research my old posts. I was too! I love being an EMT, most of the time. Rarely is it ever too exciting. I've had calls where the patient had diarrhea and didn't want to poop in their car. So they called 911. i have had calls with people growing fungus up their legs and I didn't have Vicks in the rig so I smelled it all night. In the end, if you still feel like you are helping people and enjoy it after holding bags of puke, getting screamed at because they believe they are the King of Hearts and you didn't bow or kneeing down on the floor, realizing you just knelt in human feces... it might be the life for you. As for becoming a volunteer firefighter, that is up to you. I provide support, but I'm terrified of fire
  3. I think maybe she works for pacific medical
  4. Welcome and good luck!
  5. Yes Dwayne, that will go over fantastic in testing. Lol
  6. Mention if you see any bleeding, the ABCs and if there is need for a c collar. You must mention o2, but you do not need to use it. Sample is to be done as you assess. . The long spine board gets several in testing. I found taking the straps off completely was my best bet when testing to avoid too much movement.
  7. Hello!
  8. I am not all that familiar with EMR protocols. I have standing orders for NITRO x 3. Oral glucose, aspirin epi pens etc. Whether I am on call or not, if I am intending to treat someone as an EMT, I have to act within my scope of practice. I call for water just for obvious reasons. Does MD want pt to be npo?. I also want to mention, in your education, how old will you be when you get out of highschool? Both programs you are looking at are post high school studies. I know you want to hurry in to them but you have highschool first and most degree programs start in the fall after highschool.
  9. As an EMT, I can't help open a bottle of their meds or anything unless specifically stated in my protocol. Sure you can as a bystander given you know the patient, you weren't called to them, you aren't treating them.. and you have nothing to do with being a Mr at the time. But then... why would you be assisting them? If you are opening a medication bottle for them and they are in need of help, that medicine just might not be a good idea at that given time. Don't do it. It isn't worth it and how often does someone have hemostatic dressings laying around? If you go to someone with it, you are intending to treat them. It isn't worth it. If they are bleeding that bad, call an ambulance And I don't think you can assist in opening med bottles as an EMR. Treatments can change based on what the patient takes. I don't assist in opening med bottles as an EMT for patients I'm treating. I spike iv bags, I hand my paramedic her bag and open it, but I don't open bottles for patients unless it is: their own nitro, oral glucose, activated charcoal, aspirin or a bottle of water and I even ask my medic or call MD for water if we are a ways out and they are insisting. We are paramedic conditional, sometimes a paramedic is there, sometimes not. If a ride will be a while and patient is thirsty, I won't hesitate to call for water and 9 times out of ten I would be told no. Except in cases if transfers with surgery in the morning.
  10. As an emt, a patient can buy tylenol , but I can't help them with that tylenol. Does that make any sense? As for your first question . The bachelors degree is going to take you 4 years. The associates 2 years. In the end, which degree do you want? Of course a BA is better. Hace you considered a BSN in nursing?
  11. "Holy S:#*+" what is that?