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  1. EMT175 added a post in a topic Training Ideas Needed for Transport Service   

    Well I've done documentation 2x per year, which is already on the docket for March. Seems like I can't preach that enough. But I like the ideas of lecture. I do bring nurses/dr's in for STEMI classes, vent, pumps and dialysis sessions. I guess I'm just trying to get idea's for new things and not the same ol, same ol. With only an hr per month, I'm so limited. Thank you for all your suggestions!
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    Training Ideas Needed for Transport Service
    I am the training officer for a rural ambulance service. We run shifts 24/7 and do a combination of transports ranging from interfacility, dialisis, and doctors' apointments to backing up the 911 system in each of our office locations. I am being given 1 hour a month to do some sort of training for both ALS and BLS folks. I'm looking for ideas what might be better suited for the transport side of things. Got the 911 side covered. As you can imagine we deal mostly with the elderly and disabled. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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