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    SWAT Paramedic/ USN Hospital Corpsman
    Good evening,

    I'm currently a 25-year-old Active Duty United States Navy Hospital Corpsman attached to a Marine Infantry Unit in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

    I'm in search of information about being a SWAT Paramedic, the road to reach it and possibly a job/career in California.

    A little bit about myself. I've been in the service for 5 years now and I'm at my 17 month mark of getting out of the Naval Service. I've worked in Labor and Delivery for 13 months, Intensive Care Unit for 14 months in Washington State. Summer of 2010, I deployed to Pacific Partnership on USNS Mercy for Humanitarian Missions to Indonesia, Cambodia, Timor Leste, and Philippines working in the ICU/PACU and providing medical coverage and assistance to local villages, schools, and hospitals in the foreign countries I've listed.

    2011, I decided to become a Field Medic with a Marine Division located on Oahu, HI. Deployed to OEF Afghanistan from April-November attached with a group of 13 Marines and myself to rely on each other every single day. This OEF tour definitely opened my eyes that I had an interest in working in a combat setting in the future. Unfortunately for me, fortunately for America, we're pulling out of Afghanistan and USMC is returning to their Amphibious roots. Therefore, no more combat deployments.

    My current qualifications as of right now:
    Associates in Applied Science
    EMT-I (expired license)
    Basic Life Support Instructor
    Combat Life Support Instructor
    ACLS Qual'd
    NRP Qual'd
    PALS Qual'd
    Tactical Combat Casualty Care Qual'd, I renew this every 6 months to just to keep it fresh
    OEMS (Pig Lab) Qual'd
    Los Angeles Trauma Center 3 week course (Excellent experience!)

    Weapons Qualifications:

    As of right now, I'm obviously at a fork in my life and it's time to get out of the service. I'm mentally burned out from it all and the BS that comes along with it on a daily basis.

    My plan(s):
    Attend Mt. SAC/EMSTA College in Southern California to complete Paramedic school. Looking for a potential expedited program of 6 months, if they even exist by using the Post 911 GI Bill.

    Afterwards, I was looking at Police Academy program. My question about this is: May I jump straight to a SWAT team? Or, do I need years of field experience and patrols?

    My other plan is if I'm unable to jump straight into a SWAT team, there's plenty of hiring contractor jobs (Academi, Aegis, Triple Canopy) in Afghanistan and Iraq and just work 6-8 months out of the year. Unfortunately, once again, the United States is pulling out of these countries and there wouldn't be any air support from NATO Forces. Would I rely on the Iraqis and Afghans to help me with my medevacs on the ground? Not a chance.

    There you have it. It's cut and dry but I'd really like to get the positive and negative opinions and advice from anybody out there.

    Thank you for reading my post and Happy Holidays!

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