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  1. Welcome to you from another KS AEMT!
  2. If you wash your hands before going to the bathroom “Quiet” is worse than any 4-letter word These, big time. Seeing as how I work in healthcare (besides the ambulance, I work at an assisted living facility) the "Q" word is hated in both areas and I always wash my hands before I use the bathroom at work and while I'm doing anything on the ambulance. In fact, I've been the relative shit attractor here lately.
  3. OMG I about died laughing and my husband remembers seeing this on "In Living Color"
  4. Car repairs and the money they cost suck. So does you 9 year old son having migraines that last a day even with the tylenol 3. On the other hand, in a few days, I will have a safer van in which to drive my children. And I always try to remember things can get worse. I have it relatively easy. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, just one of those craptastic days!
  5. fa-la-la-lala-la-laa-la-la I earned the coveted "shit magnet" award this weekend combined with the first weekend of last month, lol.
  6. The only thing I've heard of compared to childbirth in a male is passing a kidney stone. I can see how that would be extremely painful. My husband had a vasectomy and said it was "only as bad as getting kicked in the nuts". I went through nearly 50 hours of labor between two kids, one almost totally unmedicated with a child that had shoulders that got stuck.
  7. My son is color blind, lol. He can't see it either, probably a good thing though considering it's not intended for children, lol. It's funny though!
  8. That, sir, is pretty f'n epic!
  9. Too funnY!
  10. I'll have to look into that book! Welcome from somebody who was born in 1980 (almost right at the damned end of it). I've been here a VERY short time but I already love it.
  11. In six years I've never had a farming accident. Car wrecks, prolapsed cord, one gunshot, a crap ton of "granny runs" but never a farming accident. But I've learned to never say never. I'm sure I'll see it sometime. And, you can bet that we were thankful that we have a doctor in our rural area that is able to do emergency c-sections if no surgeon is available (nearest one is 1/2 hour away and only in house on Mondays). Most of anything serious gets shipped out (we also do interfacility transports to larger hospitals). But, a number of us have PHTLS training, we run with a few medics and nurses, about 15 AEMTS and quite a few EMTs. LOL, it's my mother's weird spelling idea when she had twins and didn't know she was having them until the doctor says "hold the shot there's another one coming". I'm a woman. I guess I could have grouped my husband with the kids, as he acts like one part of the time. The dog think's he's human all the time, lol. I've been busy looking around and commenting on threads that interest me as I get to know everybody here I live in a town of 500, two small hospitals with in 20 minutes, another with in 30 minutes, a level 1 trauma center with in 60. (I'm an hour north west of Topeka~ the capitol, 25 minutes south of Nebraska, 75 west of St. Joe, MO) And you would be correct on gender I don't scare that easy. And it's all in good fun, which makes life interesting.
  12. Obviously you all have guessed where I am from by my user name on here. I am an (almost) transitioned AEMT. I have been in EMS for 6 years and love every minute. I don't live in the most populous area of the country but still enjoy helping every body in my small town when they need it. I'm married, have two children and a dog, lol. I'm looking forward to talking with you all! Jayme