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  1. dandanthemedicineman added a post in a topic PD Shoots Dog, Ignores Seizure Victim   

    This thread tickles me. I need to learn how to wrestle dogs apparently. I've owned dogs my entire life. Fuzzy, cuddly dogs (as most people do). From the amount of vicious dogs KSL2786 has wrestled on behalf of an attacked bystander it seems I have a lot of catching up to do.

    Wait a second. A 200 pound hog is not as strong as a 200 pound man. I'm 220 pounds, therefore I'm stronger than a 220 pound hog. Now all I need is a conversion from hogs to dogs. I knew I should have brought my cheat sheet.....

    Wait... But if I believe I am superior to an animal, then I can wrestle them!!! I'm going to head butt an elephant and kick its butt! HERE GOES!

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  2. dandanthemedicineman added a post in a topic Why is Pacing an ALS skill?   

    Once again, part of the existence of an ambulance driver. (I'm totally joking)

    Safety and a smooth ride are most important of course. Speeding seldom gains you much time anyways. That being said, I hate to lolligag unless it's in the best interest of the patient. Luckily, the medics I've worked with only lolligag in these circumstances and let the doctors play doctor.
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  3. dandanthemedicineman added a post in a topic Why is Pacing an ALS skill?   

    You are correct.

    Us dumb EMTs can't even think good. By the way, what's a book?

    Don't worry - It's cool man, us ambulance drivers can take the criticism and insult, for that is the meaning of our existence.

    All joking aside, this skill is nowhere near the EMT scope for the exact reasons that Island Medic stated. We don't concern ourselves with extensive cardiology. If you take an EKG class, you learn that you put the stickers on the patient, the magicians inside the box tell the paramedic if the person's heart is sick, the paramedic zaps the person's heart after that sometimes. We drive fast so that the hospital people can use further witchery to make the person's heart less sick. That's all you need to know. Glory.
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  4. dandanthemedicineman added a post in a topic AEMT class schedule   

    I am currently a student at a local Community College. Our AEMT class is structured like a medic program is, and cannot easily be finished in a single semester. We need IV for the EMT (with clinical), AEMT Fundamentals, Pharm for the AEMT, Medical Emergencies, Trauma Emergencies and Special Considerations. Each class is 2 credits. Once these are complete, an Internship must be completed. Each course has its own exams, and finals. An 80% or better is required on all tests. Keeps us students feeling a need to study. You can't just float through without actively being involved in learning.
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  5. dandanthemedicineman added a post in a topic Drugs for agitated patients?   

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  6. dandanthemedicineman added a post in a topic Has anyone else seen this?   

    Seems super inconvenient and really dangerous with babies running around but otherwise it's fascinating!
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