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  1. I don't recall if I've already posted; however, just in case I will 'err on the side of cau... No, let's go with participation! Sent from my thing...
  2. That's funny, my friends and even the cashiers at the convenience store near our station know not to utter the "Q" word around me... Sent from me, using my thumbs
  3. Yep, to the power of 10... Nicely done. Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using Tapatalk 2
  4. No problem... Sent from me, using thumbs
  5. Unfortunately, my name is Scott. My father was named Don Sent from me, using thumbs
  6. I only say that because I saw another similar title... Creative as it may be. I'm new to the forum and look forward to learning more about the group. Sent from me, using thumbs