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  1. Medicman14 added a post in a topic EMS vehicles   

    Great topic I always enjoy seeing what's on the other side of the fence, or ocean, whichever the case may be... Here is a recent remount, we moved from Ford 450 Super duty type 1 to Check 4500 type 3s - a marvelous change. We doubled fuel economy and got rid of those blasted air-ride systems. We also dropped our maintenance budget and out of service times dramatically. And finally, my ride (2011 Chevy 2500HD 4x4): Please, everyone, keep posting your pictures! Thanks, MMan Sent from my thing...
    Just to note, we are in North Florida. The coastal County just south of Tallahassee Sent from my thing...
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  2. Medicman14 added a post in a topic Lets get this party started! Post something here so we know you're alive!   

    I don't recall if I've already posted; however, just in case I will 'err on the side of cau... No, let's go with participation! Sent from my thing...
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  3. Medicman14 added a post in a topic Whats in your KIT?   

    After my 10th year in ems (I'm currently on #24) I dropped down to an ambu bag and a pair of gloves. Otherwise the ems unit can carry it... I don't mean this to be an offensive point, you will see in time what is important for you to carry off-duty. Sent from my thing...
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  4. Medicman14 added a post in a topic Usernames   

    Triage-alert :blink: Sent from my thing...
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  5. Medicman14 added a post in a topic Good ways to kill patients   

    "NEVER give someone on chronic opiates 2mg of IV narcan, NEVER." GREAT ADVICE!   In my 24 years as a Paramedic, I've made a few mistakes ... This is one of the errors that I share most frequently with my new medics in training. I once ran a Pt with cancer, he was on a boat load of opiates, for obvious reasons. We were called to a Pt not breathing, and as a brand new medic I was there to save the day - uh, I mean Pt. The Pt actually was breathing, just not very often. So I loaded up my 2mg of narcan and pushed away. Not only did he start breathing at a normal rate, but I listened to him scream for the entire 40 minute transport. A terrible mistake that I've never repeated, and pray nobody else has to endure (Pt nor medic). Great thread, for everyone to learn from... Sent from my thing...
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  6. Medicman14 added a post in a topic You might be in EMS if..   

    [quote name='Curiosity' timestamp='1354331496' post='290929']I cringe when people say the word quiet outside of work now. I hit the deck expecting someone to blow up.[/quote]

    That's funny, my friends and even the cashiers at the convenience store near our station know not to utter the "Q" word around me...

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  7. Medicman14 added a post in a topic Woman Throws Knife at Paramedic   

    [quote name='scratrat' timestamp='1351386767' post='289790']I thought they disarmed them years ago??[/quote]

    Just the sheeple, I mean cooperative, trusting, and now disarmed ones...
    I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?

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  8. Medicman14 added a post in a topic Unconscious patient   

    Sounds like you've handled it perfectly... Great work.
    I'm sure she is better because of your help.

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  9. Medicman14 added a post in a topic A question for Paramedics with kids-   

    [quote name='Arctickat' timestamp='1351139423' post='289727']Kinda late but I was a single dad of 2 and 5 year old boys when their mom left us in 2000. Working 24 hour on call and often away from home. There's a lot of guilt associated with missing important dates like Christmas and Birthdays. My situation may be unique though. I live in a very small town, my mom lives a mile away...my neighbours are little old ladies who loved mu kids, so I had a great support system in place to watch my kids if I got a call. Until my new wife moved in with us in 2006 my kids were often left at home for a few minutes until grandma showed up or a neighbour came over to watch them. I couldn't ask for better kids who understood how badly their dad wants to spend every moment with them, but sometimes others just needed him too. My oldest will be graduating high school in 2013 and plans to take paramedic training so he can work his way through medical school.[/quote]

    Sounds like you did great Arctickat, especially in passing on the EMS tradition - or more accurately developing an ems tradition.

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  10. Medicman14 added a post in a topic Top Ten Lies Told By Paramedics   

    [quote name='Reddfrogg' timestamp='1350808379' post='289574']1 I tried an IV before I went to IO

    2. I love dealing with peds patients

    3. We were just driving by the college sunbathing spot for driver orientation.

    4. No, really, I was sick the day of the big concert/rodeo/fair/political rally

    5. I'll finish that PCR first thing in the morning.

    6. You'll love the night shift, everything happens during the day.

    7. This is an old family recipe.

    8. I always get my IVs on the first stick.

    9. Sure, I'll work a shift for you if you work this Friday night for me.

    10. I'll drive this time, you can drive the next call. [/quote]

    Yep, to the power of 10...
    Nicely done.

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  11. Medicman14 added a post in a topic An EMT Halloween   

    [quote name='paramedicmike' timestamp='1350533067' post='289373']Every Halloween that I've ever worked I've dressed up like a paramedic.

    Original, eh?[/quote]

    Yep, this has been my line as well... Its a good one.

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  12. Medicman14 added a post in a topic Detroit Paramedic Won't be Suspended in 'Blanket Scandal'   

    [quote name='paramedicmike' timestamp='1350520926' post='289356']So what does, "failing to follow department policy related to inventory accounting for an ambulance" mean?[/quote]It means giving away property.

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  13. Medicman14 added a post in a topic NIBP   

    [quote name='island emt' timestamp='1349700994' post='288722']Both the Zoll M series and Lifpack will get an accurate reading while moving if the tube is not flopping around.
    The Hospital service just got a new LP15 with the coiled hose and it has has a hard time with accuracy while bouncing down our roads.[/quote]

    Interesting, we have LP15s as well and also have challenges with the coiled nibp hose.

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  14. Medicman14 added a post in a topic Degree suggestions?   

    [quote name='medicgirl05' timestamp='1349097297' post='288401']I've been taking classes at the local community college for years now and the time has come that I HAVE to choose a degree path. Here is the problem...I love my job as a paramedic, so I want a degree that will enable me to go further in this profession. I thought I wanted a degree in literature...but that just seems like a waste of time. There is an on-line B.S. in emergency health sciences that looks really interesting, but I'm not sure it would be beneficial in the long run.

    Here's my question-What degree do you have and how has it helped you in EMS?

    If you don't have a degree what would you suggest?


    I first got my associates of science in EMS, this helped with promotions over the years.
    As a departure, I finished a bachelor's in business. My logic was that if ems ever left my system, I could always manage a McDonald's for about the same wage.
    After 22 years, I'm still not managing a McDonald's...

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  15. Medicman14 added a post in a topic Leaving equipment at the hospital?   

    It's the 648.2(a) "... If possible" that is the sticker.
    When it goes bad, then it obviously wasn't possible...
    Be careful with this one.
    Just my $. 02

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