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  1. I'm not calling BS or anything but this story pops up time from time almost word for word. Always a new guy showing up at the Hospital to relieve your partner. Always taking off Hot. And always slammng brakes on at last minute. What agency would swap out providers at a hospital without a supervisor being present to begin with.
  2. The stryker can go up stairs easily, just don't use the tracks. We always use two people on our stryker's one at the feet and one at the head whether going up or down.
  3. I'll play, hope it helps.
  4. I was going to elaborate on this but I see others have beat me to it and you now seem to understand the issue judging by your clarification. I will say this though - don't question my level of experience. You have no clue as to my experience or history.
  5. Oh lil grasshopper you have much to learn. I see you are a student. When you get in the field you will see the real world of EMS. You are right, it may not be an emergency to me but it is an emergency to the patient. That doesn't necessarily mean they need an ambulance. The laws are written so that if you call 911 and say you want to go to the hospital I must take you. Why should I waste resources on the homeless guy who calls 911 with a fake complaint so he can get a ride up the hill because he can't afford a bus? He even brags about making up ailments. Why should I rush a patient to the ER with insomnia because she is arguing with her neighbors? These people need some form of help, but they don't need my help. As an EMT my job is to educate the community. That means I need to know what local resources I have at my disposal so that I can get these "patients" to the appropriate level of care. Remember, the goal of EMS is to get a patient to the appropriate level of care in the appropriate amount of time. EMS is not for every patient. We do no good for the patient if we codell them and ship them off to the ER. Can a minor complaint be serious? Yes it can. It is up to you to weigh the patient's condition with what they really need. If you think taking frequent fliers to the ER - and that there is nothing wrong with that - then you got a lot to learn.
  6. To the OP, I am an EMT with AMR in Seattle. I am fairly new (was hired in october) but it has already driven me to further my knowledge. Currently I am teaching myself (with the help of some very awesome Medics at Medic One) EKG interpritation and pharmacology. Enjoy the field, learn something new everyday. Being an EMT doesn't mean you have to limit what you learn.
  7. I know about the issue AMR had back there. Something about a health insurance company changing their reimbursement policies or something so AMR wasn't getting paid. What I don't understand is how a company who serves 12 communities in the Boston area (according to their website) can even claim to be a savior to a company that serves over 2,100 communities across the country. Must be a New England thing. Kind of like British humor - dry to the rest of the world but funny to the locals.
  8. I don't get this. Is this supposed to be a dig at AMR?
  9. That is awesome
  10. I can't see the photo
  11. You are correct, they are license plate cameras. They can scan about 1000 plates a minute and will alert if the car is stolen or the Registered Owner has a warrant. I personally don't like them. I think it is a distraction and poses a risk to the officer. If they attracted your attention then they attracted others attention. With people demanding more privacy (sometimes using violence to get it) it can make some people target the officer. In addition some departments don't use common sense when mounting them on the vehicle. I didn't like anything mounted on my car though. I wouldn't even let them mount a radar unit on my car. Just picky that way I guess.
  12. I got no problems sharing what I know with people who are interested. The first half of my career was spent in law enforcement. While this is an EMS website - if I can help people, especially those who work with cops, understand a little more maybe it could help in some form of our jobs.
  13. I think the problem with City is that the forum is old and tired looking. I find the main page to be really cluttered and quite frankly annoying. Personally, I like forums that use the software like Life uses. I like being able to hover my cursor over a thread and get a preview of what the thread is about to see if it is worth my time reading. I think if City would update its look and software it might find an increase in traffic. Another draw back is that a lot of the topics are ALS oriented and there are a lot more BLS providers out there than ALS. While I enjoy reading and learning ALS stuff, the moderators should separate the two. Nothing worse than clicking on a topic that could apply to anyone (i.e. blood glucose levels) only to find the topic has to do with IV's or other ALS interventions. I enjoy the scenarios but I personally think when a scenario is posted the ALS providers on the board should keep in mind that there are BLS providers here and to not necessarily jump into ALS interventions. Nothing worse that clicking on a scenario only to have the first replies being Medics saying "I would start an IV with..." and "I am going to drop a tube into the patient...". Ultimately, life may get more traffic but as users realize what a cliquish group they are they will make their way over here.
  14. Computers in the squads (called MCT's or MDT's) are used for multiple uses. Typically the "Home Screen" will be the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) page. This will show all of the units working, what calls they are on and what calls are pending. This allows officers to "self dispatch" and not wait for a dispatcher to send the call. I would also be able to look up details of a call that I am on or interested in. I can look up history of the call (i.e. how many times have we been to this residence in the past). I can run license plates while I am out on patrol to see if a driver has warrants or if the car is stolen. When on a traffic stop I can check the status of their license. I can also run people for warrants in general. Back in '91 officers had access to all of this information you just had to get it from a dispatcher. Radios are now going digital which makes them more secure and reliable. Cell phones are used to call people what my old department called a phone detail. Not every "victim" requires in person contact. Sometimes a phone call is all it takes. With smartphones some departments are integrating their MCT's into the phone as well. This makes it really useful for bike or foot patrols and gives them the same capabilities as their vehicle counterparts.
  15. I think I am the only ex cop who regularly posts here. While we can try to answer your questions it is difficult as things vary from location to location. Protocols dictate what we can and can't do.