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  1. hannahblumel added a post in a topic Second Ride Along   

    Well in the class they told us we could do whatever we felt comfortable doing that we learned in class, but the emts I ride with are a little less open and I didn't even get any good calls. One was transfering a Schitzophrenic from one hospital to another where I wasn't allowed to take vitals at all, and the other was a diabetic who overdosed on her medication and by the time my station got there another station was already there and had already handled the situation so I wasn't allowed to take vitals on that call either. I basically just rode around on the engine and studing at the station.
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  2. hannahblumel added a post in a topic Second Ride Along   

    I know better than to go wandering around a patient's house. The only interventions they allow basic students here to do are vitals and CPR. But if I get a call I'm sure I'll learn a lot just by watching.
    Thanks guys good advice!
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  3. hannahblumel added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    Second Ride Along
    Hey guys,
    Haven't been on here since class started. Three weeks from finishing my EMT-B course. Had my first ride along. Very uneventful. Didn't even get to take vitals. My second one is coming up on Thursday. Any suggestions? Hope I get more calls so I can test my skills. Hope to be EMT-B certified by January. Any suggestions would be appreciated for the ride along or anything else. Its strange to see how much i understand on this forum now vs before I took this course.
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  4. hannahblumel added a post in a topic Hello Everyone   

    Congrats! I hope to be doing the same in January, but I'm not quite sure how long it takes after finishing the course it takes to get the license etc. I hope my professor helps me understand the process a little more because I'm a little unsure what steps to take after I finish the course. My course will be over at the beginning of December. Do you have any tips since you just finished?
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  5. hannahblumel added a post in a topic New Utah Student   

    Thanks Denny!
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  6. hannahblumel added a post in a topic New Utah Student   

    Ok I will keep that in mind for sure. I will read it and then adjust my learning based on what the professors have to say. I can also ask on here too as I read before school starts.
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  7. hannahblumel added a post in a topic Free Online Study Resource   

    This looks really helpful! Thank you!
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  8. hannahblumel added a post in a topic How do you know if EMS is what you should be doing?   

    I am the same way! If its me even if it doesn't hurt I still get nausious, but if its someone else I'm helping I'm fine.
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  9. hannahblumel added a post in a topic New Utah Student   

    Thanks Toni! I will definitely be asking you many questions once i start my classes. I don't know how much this will help me, but I'm getting the textbook early so I can read through it before I start class. If nothing else it will make me less nervous!
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  10. hannahblumel added a post in a topic 14 dead, 50 injured in Aurora, CO shooting   

    The atrocities people are capable of always amaze especially when it is so close to home. It reallly shouldn't after watching news my whole life. May God help the survivors and their famlies as they deal with the days to come.
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  11. hannahblumel added a post in a topic New Utah Student   

    I'm not Mormon lol
    Thanks for the welcome!

    I'm not doing it for the excitement. I just want to help people and be a part of the medical field. I love working with people work well with everyone. Thanks for the advice.

    After I finish basic I do plan on getting Paramendic certification.
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  12. hannahblumel added a topic in Meet and Greet   

    New Utah Student
    Hi everyone! I start emt basic courses at the end of August. I'm wondering if any of you are in Utah. Any tips specific to Utah or in general? I'm so excited to start these courses.
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  13. hannahblumel added a post in a topic Howdy from Houston,Tx   

    Hi I'm also a student beginning in August.
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  14. hannahblumel added a post in a topic New EMT student :)   

    I am also a new student beginning August 27! So excited!
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