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  1. If I recall correctly, Dr. H was teaching the same station when Rob came through the lab a few years ago. I believe the physician at the airway station you are referring to (if he had a beard) was the good Dr. Schneiderman.
  2. No, Dr. Katie Racicot. I don't know if she's related. Dwayne, that sounds very much like Blake. He's very patient-oriented, always does the right thing. Great teacher of residents (and ER attendings).
  3. I appreciate all the kind words and reviews (I'll have to pay you later for them). Dwayne had specific instructions that if he were to post any unflattering pictures of me, I would punch him in the d$%#. And now he knows that I bear some physical resemblance to Dr. Cox from Scrubs, as well as the obvious personality similarities. Thank you all very much for coming. It was truly an honor to meet you in person. I wish I could have gone out for a beer with you, but alas, the schedule does not typically permit on those 2 days of the lab. In fact, I had exactly one day off between Nov 27 and Dec 23, which helps explain my somewhat tired appearance. The residents, Dr. Manley, Mack, Racicot, Keville, Miano, Geiger, Abraham, and Rubenstein are the ones who really did the heavy lifting on the lab. Their hard work is the reason it happened this year, as it is every year. While us lowly attendings come out to teach alongside them, it is they who make everything possible. Typically, we need to medicate them after the experience. Not sure if you guys knew it, but some of the instructors you met were: Randy Marriott, MD. Winner of the John Pryor, MD award at JEMS this year. Chair of the regional EMS Council and MD for US&R OH-TF1. Jim Augustine, MD. Most recently medical director for Washington DC, and Atlanta before that. Glenn Hamilton, MD. One of the godfathers of the specialty of emergency medicine, disciple of Peter Rosen. Wrote Clinical Approach to Emergency Medicine. COL David Blake, MD. USAF trauma surgeon, veteran of OIF and OEF. Norm Schneiderman, MD. He's been practicing emergency medicine roughly as long as I've been alive. The current course fee of $40 was our attempt to prevent people from signing up and then not showing up. This was about 25% of the students the first year, which was free. It still remains at 15%, but we don't figure increasing the price will help, so here at $40 it SHOULD remain. We still want it to be affordable to any EMS provider to come, whether volunteer or career paid, EMT or paramedic. A couple of paramedic programs sent their classes. With this wide range of training and experience, we try to put something in there for everyone. Dwayne, I can see why your group wouldn't listen to you. 2 of the guys are among our cadre of SWAT medics. They're very experienced, very smart, and don't cotton to authority very well outside of certain circles. I recall when Dust came out to the lab one year, and developed a healthy crush on one of the residents teaching. It was a subject of some conversation over beer that evening. Thank you for making it to the lab. Thank you to EMTCity and everyone who made it possible to send Eyedawn and FM1037. BEorP, good to see you again. I've now seen you enough, I may write you into my will. Dwayne, you are exactly as I had envisioned you. Your enthusiasm and joie de vivre are inspiring and contagious. Thanks for reminding me why we do this to ourselves each year. Get ready for next year. 'zilla
  4. AK- This is a phenomenal way to honor a luminary in this forum, and a personal friend. He would want his legacy to live on through others who are as dedicated to the EMS field and the care of others as he was. Rob would very much approve. He will be sorely missed. 'zilla
  5. Doczilla - I am interested in chatting with you about your post regarding Hospital and EMS relationships. I'm a former medic turned hospital administrator who is now doing consulting (among other things) basically EMS integration into healthcare and EMS quality improvement. My question to you is, why are hospitals all of a sudden in EMS. Re-admissions, Accountable Care, competition for STEM...

  6. Oops, actually meant to message that! That's what happens when you're woken in the middle of the night for a cancelled call. :(

  7. Hi Doc. I am coming to the CAP Lab next week. Do they have King tubes to practice with or could I bring one of my own (I'll donate it!)? I rarely use it and it feels so much different with human anatomy than the mannikins.

    Also what are the chances of actually getting to do a cric? I have signed up for both days.

    Looking forward to it,


  8. Hey Dust, is this us? 'zilla
  9. I see Dust like Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump. 'zilla
  10. This is, without a doubt, the most retarded thread I've seen on this board. 'zilla
  11. Then I'm charging a copay and your insurance company for reading every one of my posts. 'zilla
  12. Notice the copious anal condylomata that the guy has. Obviously no stranger to rectal insertions of any kind. Likely he had a partial colectomy with colostomy placed (we have had similar cases here). No point in fishing out all that glass. I feel bad for the general surgeon that had to do it. Lots of HPV, high risk for HIV, and broken glass.... Just sayin'. 'zilla
  13. Double tap.
  14. Feel free to grab a Surefire with a Xenon lamp that runs for MAX 2 hours on a set of Li123 batteries. And if the batteries don't go on you, the lamp does. 'zilla
  15. Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem... *bonk* 'zilla