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  1. Doczilla added a post in a topic Who's going to CAP Lab in Ohio this year?   

    I understand I was there in spirit, thanks to Dr. Bohn....
    I really have to pay him back for that slide in his lecture.
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  2. Doczilla added a post in a topic Who's going to CAP Lab in Ohio this year?   

    Apparently you work for an awesome team.
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  3. Doczilla added a post in a topic Who's going to CAP Lab in Ohio this year?   

    Sadly, I am deployed this year, so I will miss the 10th CAP Lab for the first time. Sorry that I'll miss you. Dr. Tucker and his minions have everything well in hand, and it sounds like a good program this year.
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  4. Doczilla added a post in a topic Colleague Not Fit for Duty (Blood Sugar) advice needed   

    This is a VERY dicey issue. There are ADA issues at play, as well as potentially union rules, state law, etc. This is one of those areas you do not want to try to figure things out on your own. Adverse personnel action could create significant liability exposure for the agency. I would do nothing without the help of human resources.
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  5. Doczilla added a post in a topic Cadaver, Anatomy, and Procedure Lab for EMS December 3 and 4, 2013   

    There are only a couple of spots left each day. Hurry up!
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  6. Doczilla added a post in a topic Cadaver, Anatomy, and Procedure Lab for EMS December 3 and 4, 2013   

    Registration opens October 15.

    Going to try not to get blood on the ceiling this year.
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  7. Doczilla added a post in a topic C-Collar only immobilization   

    I've been heavily involved with this in our state and elsewhere. SSI has been around for a long time, but where we are changing the thinking is in not having the patient remain on the backboard once moved from point of injury to the stretcher. I've had emails from several states asking for our protocols, clinical justification, and training materials. NAEMSP came out with a position paper on it last year as well. The original position paper was pretty strongly worded about doing away with the LBB as much as possible, but a consensus document with ACS-COT was created, and it was softened to get buy-in from the surgeons. Some have gone on a system wide basis, while others are doing it at the state level. It's been very well accepted, and I'm getting emails on the ACEP EMS list indicating that more areas are doing it. It's widespread enough now that adopting the protocol is no longer "outside" the usual care, but an accepted practice.

    It's a tide, hopefully for good.

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  8. Doczilla added a post in a topic Cadaver, Anatomy, and Procedure Lab for EMS December 5 and 6, 2012   

    Dates posted for CAP Lab 2013: Dec 3 and 4.


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  9. Doczilla added a topic in Training - Everything Else   

    Cadaver, Anatomy, and Procedure Lab for EMS December 3 and 4, 2013
    Game on!



    Registration opens in October.

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  10. Doczilla added a post in a topic Protein Powder   

    I like Beverly UMP for post-workout if I don't have access to decent actual food. Mixes up very well and tastes good. For straight meal supplementation, nothing wrong with Ensure or Boost High Protein. Balanced nutrition that I can grab and go, usually on the early mornings.
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  11. Doczilla added a post in a topic lucky to survive this agility test..   

    Are you freaking kidding me? You drop that monster flight of ideas you call a post to ask a very basic question and assume a smartass attitude with a vetted member who has had years on this forum who takes the time to bang out a reply to you?

    Get lost.
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  12. Doczilla added a post in a topic norcuron whats your thoughts   

    Vecuronium (Norcuron) usually takes about 3-5 min to work, so that's why you won't see it as an initial paralytic. The point of RSI is to sedate and relax the patient and intubate them before the hypoxia sets in from ventilating them without a secure airway. Succinylcholine and rocuronium are both good agents for that.

    Rocuronium lists for $50 a vial and has to be refrigerated, or changed out every month if stored at room temp. Succinylcholine is 90% effective at 90 days at room temp. That's room temp, not the temperature abuse that is common in ambulances.

    We carry succinylcholine, changing out the vials every 3 months, as our initial paralytic. We carry vecuronium to keep the patient paralyzed once intubation has been achieved. Keep the patient sedated and still for the ride to the hospital and keep them from coughing or pulling out the tube or fighting it so hard they get a pneumo. Vec is cheap, and is packaged as a lyophilized powder that is shelf stable.

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  13. Doczilla added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    Dayton Fire Captain hit by vehicle at scene
    This video is admittedly kind of hard to watch. Barry is an excellent fire officer and paramedic, and is well respected in and out of the department for good reason. The weather that morning was not predicted, as we have been hovering around freezing most nights. He had a fraction of a second to see the car coming for him.

    Fortunately, he should do very well, and has been discharged from the hospital.



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  14. Doczilla added a post in a topic Good Samaritan's car destroyed   

    Another consequence of dogmatic education on spinal immobilization. The patients were initially ambulatory.
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  15. Doczilla added a post in a topic medics overseas "iraq or afgan"   

    We had some of the PMC medics in Iraq fall in on us at the CSH during our con-ed classes. We typically did a class every other night or so, and the training OIC ensured they got certificates of attendance. They were always welcome. We also ran some training evolutions (casualty simulations, MASCALs) with one of the larger PMCs there.

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