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  1. Wow thinking back this site and a lot of the people who have posted on this thread have honestly really shaped the Paramedic that I am. I've even worked a bit for someone I met here! I joined my first year on the job, and now at my 6th year I've already taken a step back from EMS to do some traveling and reflection. Actually writing this from a cafe in Malaysia! MedicNorth sounds like a good outfit, but not sure if I'm built for the month in month out rotation that they do. Rock shoes, when do you start your CCP program? I looked into doing either that or the PA program in Toronto for the future.
  2. Not sure if I'm considered an 'old folk' but I'm still kicking! In Nepal right now and may be doing some disaster relief with GlobalMedic in the coming weeks.. MedicNorth, do you work for the company MedicNorth based out of the Yukon and NWT? If so, I'd love to ask some questions as I was considering applying in the new year.
  3. Welcome. I hope you find this site as useful as I have while developing as both an EMT and as a new medic. You'll probably learn this once in EMT school, but most places in Saskatchewan at least use medic in relation to EMT-P or ACP, and not for first responder, EMR, EMT, or PCP. True that a lot of the messiest and nastiest calls a lot of us have been to also become the source of a lot of memories we wish we could forget. One of the most important lesson, for me when working with marginalized population groups is that everyone, every patient was once their mother's bundle of joy. Best of luck and don't hesitate to PM me with any questions!
  4. Welcome
  5. I'm alive! I just watched that movie called "Bringing out the dead" with Nicolas Cage, and I have to say that it was one of the most depressing films I've ever seen.
  6. Welcome to the city neighbour! I'm an ACP student from Saskatchewan.
  7. Welcome. I'm taking my ACP in Sk right now. I've heard good things about SAIT and PMA.
  8. Will be done the final scenario evaluations for Patient Management Integration and will be starting up practicum in a couple weeks! That is... if I don't score another 37% on a scenario for taking a blood pressure on scene and splinting a radius/ulna, and tib/fib # in the back of the unit... Got deducted marks for doing too much assessment and treatment.. Still confused about that.. I deemed it a load and go because of GCS 13 with neck pain and possible # pelvis, but vitals were stable and had no signs of cushings or unequal pupils..
  9. Tried a few times but couldn't get that movie to play, have you tried playing it recently? Just trying to figure out if it's my computer that's the problem or whether they removed the film but kept the link. Disregard, it worked with firefox.
  10. Welcome, it will be great to have you here! I'm thinking about working 6 months in SA upon graduation of my ACP program, so it will be interesting to read the posts from a SA EMS professional.
  11. welcome
  12. Your on the right track with a healthy thirst for knowledge, welcome!
  13. Update: Got accepted into the fall 2012 intake for the ACP program at SIAST. I recently moved from a very busy northern reserve community which ran a single BLS unit to a rural community with lots of very great experienced coworkers and bosses, but very few challenging calls so far. My concern is that my skills and knowledge have become "rusty" over the past couple months and that I won't be as sharp and prepared for ACP school as I otherwise would have been when I was using those skills on a daily basis.
  14. Aha! Now I know where you work too! EMS truly is a small world.