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  1. Here we go!!!

    Welcome. Your occupation is listed as "student". Of what are you a student?
  2. Preparing for Medic School

    There have been several discussions on this topic in the past. Try a search and see what you come up with. If you're still having a hard time finding info let us know and we can work on rehashing some of the highlights.
  3. Paramedic vs. Firefighter/Paramedic

    You have to pay to attend fire school? Are you guaranteed a job upon successful completion of the training? I knew places in Florida required people to pay their way through fire school without guarantee of a job. However, Florida is a bit of a mess in more ways than one.
  4. Paramedic vs. Firefighter/Paramedic

    Hi JT, Welcome to the City. Is it worth it? That's a good question. The jobs are, indeed, hard to get. If a FD job as an EMS provider is your best bet locally for a stable, well paying job then you should probably go for it. If your local department is anything like departments commonly discussed here and with which many of us have experience you probably won't have much trouble getting plenty of ambulance time. Should you stick with EMS? That depends on you and what you want to do. If you want to be an EMS provider you can make it happen. If the FD is the best option for an EMS job in your area then you should at least go for it. The worst they can tell you is that they don't want you as a FF. The best they can tell you is they want you on the ambulance so all the other guys who really don't want anything to do with EMS can be on the engine. There is plenty of discussion here about fire based EMS. If you're looking for some light reading take a look through the forums.
  5. Welcome to the City. Those are questions for your instructors and NREMT.
  6. Hey.

  7. Update Feedback Requested

    It seems like that incessant push notification box is browser dependent. Not sure why Firefox insists on asking me with every single page load and only on this site. I don't get it on any other site I visit except this one. All the settings on my end that manage this feature are turned off so it shouldn't even ask me. Whatever change was made to the "Content Stream" to "Unread Stream" doesn't seem to be working. There were several new posts on the home page "Recently Updated Topics" this morning that did not show up in the "Content Stream".
  8. Update Feedback Requested

    I haven't. I'll access the site from one of two mobile devices or my home computer. I won't access it from a computer other than my home machine. (This holds true for all the sites I routinely visit.) I'll see if I can find another machine to try.
  9. New Here...Hello!

    Thank you. I was trying to think of a tactful way of asking this same question.
  10. Update Feedback Requested

    I think I figured out the unread posts part. When you go to "Unread Content" and get a list of posts you'll find towards the bottom of the individual post box there's an elapsed time since the last post listed. Clicking that at least will take me to the last post in the thread. There are still topics listed in the "Recently Updated Topics" on the home page that don't show up on the "Unread Content" page. I still get the push notification request with every single page load despite repeated "Not Now" responses. To be clear I like the look. As with any change there are bugs to work out.
  11. Puerto Rican Lic To US Lic

    Welcome. Will you be taking a certification exam at the conclusion of your program? If so, which one? Will it be a National Registry paramedic exam? If it is and you successfully complete the certification requirements you should be able to move to any state requiring NRP as the requirement to work at that certification level.
  12. New Here...Hello!

  13. Update Feedback Requested

    This only happens if a new post shows up on the "Unread Content" page. I'm still having issues with the unread content link. The hope page shows five threads with new comments. When I click on "Unread content" I got two threads. When I click on either of those two threads it'll take me to the first post in the thread instead of the first unread post. When I click on a post from the new content spot on the home page it'll take me to the first unread post. Just posting things I'm finding.
  14. Update Feedback Requested

    Interestingly the pop up box only appears when I'm logged in. I went to notification settings under my account settings and there's a box that says "browser notifications not enabled". As browser notifications are not enabled by choice is there a way to make it stop asking me to enable them?
  15. Update Feedback Requested

    I can't find a security setting that addresses that notifications box I mentioned above. This is the only site on which that box is an issue. It has popped up before on other sites but if I close it or click "No" it goes away for the entire time I use the site. This one pops up with every page load regardless if I've clicked "Not Now" or not. Another thing I've noticed is that when I click the "Unread Content" button at the top it'll take me to a page showing no new content even if there are new topics shown in the "Recently Updated Topics" box on the home page. It's a nice look. Thanks for your continued efforts to maintain our little corner of the interwebz.