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  1. Please read your text carefully. Please think very carefully about what you've written. An educated opinion formulated by years of experience is worth much more than that of someone who is brand new to the game. You're right. It's your life. That being said please consider the well seasoned experience from people who have been doing this much longer than you. Pace yourself or you'll burn yourself out. And burned out is not a good place to be.
  2. If that's really what your instructors told you at the beginning of your class then it raises a lot of questions. EMT class is not rocket surgery. While the duration of the class (condensed classes over 2-4 weeks versus classes spread out over a few months) can affect the time you will spend studying and preparing making it your priority over everything else is neither healthy nor productive. You're young. Perhaps your naivete is more influential than you know. I recognize that your limited experience may affect they way you look at and view events in life. If any student elects to make their studies their priority in deference to everything else that is certainly their choice. However, understand that there are consequences to that decision. Nobody can be turned on to a particular topic all the time. My hope is that you recognize that early and avoid the burnout that inevitably comes with the attitude advocated by your instructors.
  3. Welcome. Interview questions depend on the person with whom you're meeting. I've had everything from general get to know you type questions to ethical scenarios. Some places will talk practice other places will assume you know what you're doing and not touch on it. Some places will mandate a written test, physical fitness test and/or background check. Others won't. Not terribly helpful but there's not a good way to answer your question. Hope the interview goes well.
  4. Welcome.
  5. Oh good. Another PA-C. That's a good thing.
  6. Welcome.
  7. EMT

    Welcome. EMT interview for a job? Or EMT interview to get into an EMT class? If for a class then it'll probably be some questions to try and figure out who you are and if you'd fit/do well in the program. If for a job it will vary wildly. Some places do a sit down interview along with a written test and fitness test. Some places will simply ask if you have a certification and when you can start. Preparing for an interview is like preparing for a test. Get a good night sleep before hand. Eat a good breakfast that day. Brush your teeth before going in. Or at least check and make sure you don't have part of your breakfast between your teeth. Dress well for the interview. This means no random uniform pieces. Business attire is appropriate unless they tell you otherwise. The biggest thing is to relax. You're interviewing them just like they're interviewing you. Be ready with questions to ask them. All the best.
  8. Welcome.
  9. It might. As mentioned you'll need to contact the State to see if there are any state restrictions that may be in effect. You'll also need to talk to any potential employer. Your trouble will more likely come from the employer's insurance carrier than it will from the State level. If the employer's insurance carrier says no you're out of luck. You may want to hire a lawyer and see if there are legal means to have it removed.
  10. Maybe it needs it's own thread...
  11. The US presidential election or Brexit will get you both.
  12. Hi guys. How's things? Where've you been?
  13. Welcome. While I can't help with your questions there is at least on person familiar with your area who occasionally posts and may be able to help.
  14. You never know until you look. Apply for any scholarship or grant you find. Make them tell you "no" instead of you telling yourself "no". As an aside, those aren't really great reasons to pursue nursing. If you're pursuing nursing because you really *WANT* to be a nurse then do it. If you're doing it because "it'd be something good to fall back on" then please consider something else. That's a *horrible* reason to be a nurse. And that attitude will show through when you actually work as a nurse. This could potentially be a great option for you. It's an accredited program. Tuition for the fall is $106 per credit hour. It looks like they have an installment plan to pay your tuition. It awards a degree upon successful completion of the program. You could probably get some student loan help if you really needed it. To be fair, I know nothing of the school or the program itself. But it certainly can't hurt to research things.
  15. There has to be better options for you to finance school. How about scholarships? Grants? Hell, even moving temporarily to find an affordable school could be cheaper than $11k for EMT and paramedic. Or you could go to nursing school first and self finance paramedic school after you're out, working and earning a salary.