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  1. DFIB added a post in a topic Why Left Lateral Recumbent?   

    Of course, that pesky BLS airway.
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  2. DFIB added a post in a topic Done and done!   

    Strong Work.
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  3. DFIB added a post in a topic Why Left Lateral Recumbent?   

    Holy resurrection Batman. If after 4 years anyone is sill around and interested I think that Left lateral recumbent, or any recumbent position will better circulation by increasing venous return, pre-load and therefore stroke volume in absence of pathologies that would deny this mechanism.
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  4. DFIB added a post in a topic This video breaks my heart   

    Update. http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Trial-Kelly-Thomas-Police-Beating-Ramos-Cicinelli-Fullerton-210669311.html
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  5. DFIB added a post in a topic AED Question,   

    Richard. Ithink your advce is solid and well thought. I most likely won't go that far up the food chain. In my experience the sharks just get bigger.

    I am fixing to board in the trip back after a very successful campagn. Security looked twice at the x-ray but did not even make me open my bag.

    I think we are Charlie Mike.
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  6. DFIB added a post in a topic AED Question,   

    Thanks for all of the input everyone.

    I took a leap of faith and put the AED in my carry on. The conversation went like this

    Security; What is this?
    Me: A Defibrillator
    Security: What does it do?
    Me: It defibrillates.
    Security; I mean what do you use it for?
    Me: For people with heart problems.
    Security: Let me X-ray it again
    After running it through the X-ray and calling a couple of other agents to look at it he turns to me and said "Any liquids in your bag?"

    Bingo. Question Answered. AEDs are allowed on airplanes in carry on luggage.

    @ MikeEMT. No trauma here. Our team is pretty organized and have worked together for years. I simply do not know the building we will be working in and what will be available when we get there. I always expect there to be less than we will need.

    I hope we don't need it, but if we do, It will beat having nothing.
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  7. DFIB added a post in a topic AED Question,   

    It will be a surgical campaign. I will feel better if we have it. I think I am going to take ArticKat's advice and see how it goes.
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  8. DFIB added a post in a topic AED Question,   

    I know what you mean Artickat.

    I was traveling across the border from Mexico a few years back and had my jump bag with me. A single guy in a car will almost always get directed to secondary so I was not surprised when they tagged me for inspection. The guy ask if I had any medications. Of course I thought "personal" medication like the snowbirds that cross over to score prescription meds so I answered no. I did not even think of the jumpbag until he opened the back.

    When he starts going through my stuff I he pops up with my little sewing kit box full of injectables. You know, the usual, adrenaline, hidrocortizone, dex, glucose, D5W, xilocaine, and some other stuff I cant remember.

    The guy takes all the meds into the little room and leaves me standing by the car. They let me sweat for about 20 minutes, and I do mean sweat. I was sure they were going to come back out and throw the cuffs on me. I wish I had the video of me waiting. I bet it was a hoot watching me try to play cool and hold my bowels at the same time.

    The guy came back out and ask me if I was a licensed EMT and went back in the little room. The entire time they are holding my passport and I am just about to cry when he comes out and said "Step over here please, we seem to have a problem" That was it. I KNEW I was going to jail. He continued on to tell me that the problem was that the dexamethazone was expired and I could not bring it into the US.


    Those security checkpoints and border crossings can be very, very, spooky.
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  9. DFIB added a post in a topic AED Question,   

    Well, for starters, there is no facility so to speak. We are going to kinda be out in the jungle. Well, not exactly jungle but most definitely coastal semi-tropics.

    The gesture is not as admirable as you would think because I had not intended on giving it to them but simply keeping it on standby. I wish I had one to give away but then I would have to jump my patients with battery cables or some crazy thing like that
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  10. DFIB added a post in a topic AED Question,   

    Doesn't everyone?

    Just kidding. I am going to a medical caravan in a remote third world area and am not sure what kind of equipment will be available on the ground. I thought it would be of better use there than just sitting around the house.

    I think the airlines have a problem with the batteries so I am not going to risk trying to travel with it until I am sure. Third world security can be kinda hectic when the guards are not familiar with the equipment.
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  11. DFIB added a topic in Equiqment and Apparatus   

    AED Question,
    Hey everyone,

    I have to apologize for not coming around more often but I have been a little distracted with school and stuff.

    I am going to travel by air and I am wondering if anyone knows if I can travel with a AED in my carry on bag. I really would hate to put it in my checked luggage. I couple of times things have been stolen from my checked luggage and I would really hate to loose my AED.

    I called the airline and they really are not sure if I can travel with it either in checked baggage or otherwise mainly because they didn't know what it is. I don't know why I would bother with them when my expert EMTCITY buddies are sure to know the answer.

    I really do miss you guys, I guess this just gives me a good excuse to start a thread!
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  12. DFIB added a post in a topic Ok, It's official   

    Fantastic! Good on you Ruff!
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  13. DFIB added a post in a topic Your dream preceptor   

    I want Dwayne as my next preceptor.
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  14. DFIB added a post in a topic Protein Powder   

    I like Mioplex with soy protein. Of course if you have feminoid tendencies it could promote man boobs. I stay away from milk based protein because of arteriosclerosis.
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  15. DFIB added a post in a topic Yet another Introduction post!   

    Welcome to the City!
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