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  1. Thanks guys!
  2. Well after about 4 to 5 years, I am trying to get back into EMTCity because I enjoyed the back and forth discussion ad scenarios, and finally remembered my log in information! Anyway wanted to say hello after being gone for a while...
  3. Got my official resuls, I am now an NREMT-P!!!! Oh Yeah!

    1. Lotus


      Congratulations ^_^

  4. Officially finished the diadetic portion of my paramedic program today along with getting PALS certified. Now to finish my ride time and pass my test prep class for the NREMT-P

  5. Passed my semester wrap up for my clinical and field interships with flying colors, should be testing for my NREMT-P in April

  6. The funny thing about my hometown fire and EMS departments is that they are 100% volunteer and in my town you cannot be a part of one and a member of the other you have to choose. And this is for all of you: Since you all have given me the idea that fire based EMS is the worse thing that anyone could have ever come up with for the profession I have a discussion topic myself. If fire based EMS services' leadership and management really stepped up and started encouraging more and more education, patient care, respect, and straight-forward professionalism from their employees do you think that it would change ya'lls opinion of fire/EMS systems? Or is that train too far gone to be be boarded again? FireEMT2009 (This is only as a firefighter/EMT trying to understand from more experienced providers)
  7. I figured that was from the tradition where firefighters had to have horses pull the fire apparatus to and from the fires, thus earning the nickname horsemonkey. Ehh, I see the fire service as doing well with EMS involved. In my hometown the fire departments and EMS are completely separate entitities. Other towns surrounding mine can join both and 9 times out of 10 they do and truly give their all. Mine is old school so you have to choose between fire and EMS. I have been in the fire service 5 years come this November. I also run EMS when I am here for college and my college we do our Paramedic externships with the city Fire/EMS department. While I have been here I have been trained by very knowledgable people who love Fire and EMS respectively, not as the little orphan it adopted. They make you give rationale for treatment and will make you into a better medic by teaching you what they have come to know. Even the Intermediates in training still get into conversations with me about patient care, pharmacology, and ratioale for treatments of certain types of disease proccesses. I have not been treated as the new guy with too much information I have been treated as everyone else there. And I think the fire service has helped move and grow the EMS field forward not as much backwards. The "hero" aspect is not just on the fire side, it runs deep in the EMS side as well. There are great fire medics out there and there are lousy fire medics as well. I believe we have the choice to choose which one we will be. And I have choosen to be the best fire medic I can be. FireEMT2009
  8. Since I would the a horsemonkey here, this is my opinion. In my public speaking class we had to right a persuasive speech and mine was on why Fire and EMS should be joined together and work together. I love firefighting and EMS and if I had to choose between the two I dunno what I would do. To me I feel that EMS is a welcome and needed change in the Fire service. To me I think that EMS should be treated as well as the fire service is treated and should be allowed to grow and become a true profession. FireEMT2009
  9. It doubled posted so this is the fix that I came up with.
  10. We will have a spirited debate another day, guaranteed. Thanks. I understand venting, ranting, and raving happens. Though my vent, rant, and raving was taken way too far. But luckly the crew here in the City are very forgiving and understanding.
  11. Dwayne, I completely agree that I was out of line which is why i recanted my previous posts and made a sincere apology. I do understand that this is my joke. I do realize I made myself into a giant ass. It was out of line and Happiness has accepted the apology. My apology was meant for everyone in the forum. I completely understand your rebuttal. Like I said I was in a horrible mood this morning and was looking for something to lighten my mood and this did the exact opposite. Like I stated in the apology EMT City first thing in the morning while in a bad mood is not the most greatest accomplishment I have ever acheived. So just to make it official, I APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE FOR MY PREVIOUS POST!!!!
  12. Definately a new spin to man vs. woman jokes. Made me laugh. Nice! Gonna share with some of my buddies!
  13. Happiness, I will definately check it out, I am very much a redneck. I usually have a great sense of humor. Apparently EMT City first thing in the morning while annoyed is not the key. And thanks for accepting my apology! FireEMT2009
  14. First off, I would like to apologize for my post earlier, I was not in the best of moods and wanted something to laugh at and found it tactless. I would like to say I judged and was too harsh in my approach and was just frustrated because I understand the muslim religion and have known some very well. I am also a big fan of religious freedom so it hit a wrong note with me. I apologize and officially recant my posts. Thanks and most truthful apologizes. FireEMT2009
  15. Happiness, I understand that this was meant as a joke, but as you can see others did not see it as such. To me, it shows that you lack the needed tact to be in the medical field. I have arabic friends and they might laugh at this joke but all the same you are posting on a forum for EMS PROFESSIONALS. That means that all courtesy and professional tact should be used at all times no matter what the joke. If you were on a pure arabic forum would you be willing to post the same joke? If not then it does not need to be here. When you start to insult and take jabs at a race or religion you must allow them (and their supporters) to defend themselves and tell you whether or not this joke should have been said. This joke if made at a work place, no matter where, it could easily get you fired and make you undesirable in many areas. Just my opinon. FireEMT2009