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  1. Rules To Live By

    1. Whenever you feel the need to go to the bathroom, get off your ass and GO NOW. If you wait even one more minute, that call is going to come in where you will be "holding it" for at least an hour. Next.
  2. Funny EMS Picts

    Had one who told me she was allergic to Benedryl. It made her sleepy.
  3. $10 says someone out there has had a call like this:

    Where I am now, we had one who thought he was Allah. Same thing. My favorite was one night when it was snowing, we were heading to another call as an extra because we were in the area. We get to a stoplight, and I see a cop car across from us. Instead of looking at us, there cops are staring off to their right. I follow their direction and see this guy walking naked in the snow. I yell at my partner to stop, and he started yelling at me wondering why. I told him to look to his left, and all he says is "Holy shit!" We all walk over to this guy and I ask him, "How you doing, buddy?" He has that thousand yard stare and just keeps looking straight ahead and says, "Jesus is calling me home." He told us that Jesus had appeared in his computer and told him it was time to "go home." I found out about a week later that this guy was a computer programmer or something like that. He had just gotten up and walked away from work. He walked from the downtown area to where we found him at about the 72nd block of the west side. He had been gradually taking off his clothes as he walked because he was told he wouldn't need them anymore. Usually they all seem to think that they are Jesus, or Jesus and the CIA are involved somehow.
  4. Here's My Intro

    New to the site, but not to the job. Been doing this for over 20 years in many different positions, services, etc. Currently, I am working as a medic in Saudi Arabia. Before I came here, and when I go back, I served as a medic on a Federal DMAT Team. Just looking to learn different things, and meet some more folks.