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  1. yakc130 added a post in a topic Passing of Island EMT - Member   

    We had some good conversations about specing ambulances.
    Rest In Peace.
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  2. yakc130 added a post in a topic Jobs "Around" EMS   

    It figures. 
    When the wife and I were on leave in the Philippines, I thought it would be cool to teach there. The only issue is that unless you are employed by a foreign business as an employee based there, you are not legally allowed to work.
    I know that USA Jobs has lots of interesting things. Unfortunately, if I took a Federal job, I would have to resign from my DMAT team.
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  3. yakc130 added a post in a topic International Positions   

    Saw that this morning, but haven't had a chance to go there, yet.

    See you there.
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  4. yakc130 added a post in a topic International Positions   

    That's among the problems. The ones who do hear "Middle East" automatically assume a salary of $100,000+. Those days are gone, unless you manage to get a PSD gig. With the wind down of ops in Iraq and A-stan, not many of those around. And the ones that are have their pick of former military medics who may have even been based in the same area.

    International recruitment seems to be the weak link. I learned through a female friend who worked admin stuff in Iraq. She said to just google it, and that's what I did. I think maybe there could be also the news reports that turn people off from these jobs. It sounds too dangerous to them.

    The funny thing for me is that I was recruited by a Canadian firm, and not a US one.
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  5. yakc130 added a post in a topic International Positions   


    Part of the issue appears to be the lack of real advertising stateside. 95% of the US medics I know have no clue about overseas jobs unless they were prior military.
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  6. yakc130 added a post in a topic International Positions   

    Yeah, that's the downside. These are all single-status contracts.
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  7. yakc130 added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    International Positions
    I know that this is not the International forum, but that one seems a bit restricted to three countries.

    My new Chief asked me to come onto the EMS forums I'm a member of and put this out there.

    We are looking for Western trained medics with a minimum of three years of experience to come and work in Saudi Arabia. It's definitely not a highspeed/low drag job, but it is interesting.

    If anyone is interested, PM me and I'll get back to you with details
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  8. yakc130 added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    Jobs "Around" EMS
    So, for those of us who are getting up there, what are you looking into doing after life in the back of the box?

    Right now, I've been promoted to a "Shift Supervisor" so that they could keep me here a while longer while our new ambulances are inbound. It just so happens that now I am the most senior and experienced medic here, and the only one who had ever done anything with designing specs for new vehicles. (It's actually a hobby/time killer for me.) Our new western trained medical director has me doing all kinds of stuff for new vehicles and equipment. They are so happy with the results that they had me make a new position for myself that is awaiting approval from the CEO.

    Unfortunately, I may have other plans for back in the states come spring, and may not take this position that I wrote up to fit me to a "T." Even though I'm now a big fish in a little pond, I'm getting tired of the desert, no beer, and no green grass and fishing.

    All of this has gotten me to thinking that maybe I could sell ambulances or other gear. Or maybe look for a job doing consulting. Downside is that everything is experience based, and does not have a degree or diploma involved.

    Anyone else in the same position with their career/life right now?

    Of course, I could always retire to the Philippines with the wife, but she can make more money in the US than back there.

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  9. yakc130 added a post in a topic Not to be a wacker but...   

    I used to watch this gardening show years ago, and the host would say that his father would tell him, "A cheap tool is an expensive tool."

    That said, you can find a variety of inexpensive lights almost anywhere that actually do have a good reputation. It doesn't have to be a Surefire or a Maglight. Try going to Candlepowerforums and see what they are talking about there. They are the ultimate flashlight geeks.

    Google is your friend, followed by Ebay. You can also check out the EDC forum. http://edcforums.com/
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  10. yakc130 added a post in a topic Age when looking for work   

    Agreed that some places have unwritten hiring ages, but age discrimination is still against the law if it can be proven.

    Having said that, I know that in Ohio, the last that I had heard, the suburban PD's and FD's were allowed to limit the age of new hires to a maximum of 35, but really a lot of them wouldn't hire you after the age of 32. The major cities (Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, etc) still did hire people that were older if they passed the agility tests. But this was a few years ago, and it may have changed.

    I haven't seen a stateside agency restricting hiring on age, only on passing the agility test. There's one agency in Qatar that has a max age of 49. If you are physically fit and can do the job, you really should have no problem getting hired except for how you score during your interview. Concentrate on that, and you should be fine.

    Good luck.

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  11. yakc130 added a post in a topic You can't pay for this type of publicity   

    This is nothing new with them. It was the same way when I worked in No VA in the late 80's/early 90's.

    You would think with the Nation's Capital it would be better than this. They can't even be bothered to walk across the street for a report of a "male down."
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  12. yakc130 added a post in a topic Calling All Old Farts --- Let's Reminisce Shall We ?   

    Yeah. I remember EOA's. And I remember cleaning equipment for reuse. Not like all of the disposable equipment nowadays.

    The hospital here still has Thomas Half rings hanging on the walls for use in Peds.
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  13. yakc130 added a post in a topic how do best handle a gun?   

    I think that you can get away with touching the forward end of the slide by the barrel. After all, you will be pulling the slide back from the rear above the grip in order to chamber a round. That's how I do it with mine.

    Look at the way you would hold a pistol. Your fingerprints will be on the grips and the trigger mostly.

    But I will disagree slightly in having a police officer always pick it up. For some, the only time that they touch a weapon is when they have to go qualify. Not all of them are weapons experts.
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  14. yakc130 added a post in a topic Duty to act?   

    Let's just say that my overall impression is not too high and leave it at that.
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  15. yakc130 added a post in a topic Good ways to kill patients   

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