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  1. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic Ambulances without a bench seat?   

    Just about all our trucks now have the side seat on a track. Can rotate through 180 and slide forwards and back with a three point seat belt. They've placed commonly used equipment in two drawers within reach and gloves above. I really like it; much nicer ride on bumpier roads too then having your back on the wall.

    We use the Demers MX170. Great trucks!
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  2. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic To Badge or Not To Badge... That is The Question.   

    Most police services here don't have a badge as part of their daily uniform. Their badge is in their wallet with their warrant card. We're issued a badge by the service along with our provincial ID but it's a wallet badge.
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  3. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic Stryker Power-PRO cots   

    We have Stryker power cots on every truck and stryker power loads on most trucks as its phased in. It's actually lead to crews not putting in reports on trucks to avoid being switched into a truck without power load; we love them that much.

    To address the weight of the cot we have tracked stair chairs on all trucks and use them for in and out of the house when ambulating isn't practical.

    For bariatric we have the LBS version of the power cot and the powered stair chairs available on a response unit along with lifting airbags. Every truck carries the bariatric abdominal restraint now too.

    Anyways, long story short, love the stryker power for!
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  4. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic Boots   

    Original SWAT are not the best boots I've had, but the are the best that my boots allowance covers. Given that we're expected to replace our boots every six months I can't speak to how well they hold up over the long term, but they're comfortable, resist scuffing pretty well and the side zipper has held up to a lot of use.

    Prior to that I had converse. I was not impressed. They started coming apart at the sole and the seams fairly quickly and got beat up extremely quickly even with regular polishing.

    My best pair was a composite toe, composite shank pair of Dakota's from when I was in school. Was above my $150 boot allowance.
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  5. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic New Ambulance Chassis Drivetrain.   

    Very interesting. We already use an anti-idle system in our trucks, but with extremes in weather it's been found wanting. A true hybrid chassis may do a great job cutting down on idling on scene, at hospital when the bay's full and some of the in town driving at the very least. Wonder how it will be affected by the discontinuation of the E-series? Will the transit chassis be as amenable to being changed to a hybrid?
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  6. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic Duty to act?   

    Ontario is a seemless coverage system where regardless of the municipal boundaries the closest Ambulance must be assigned to the call. Dispatch centres share calls where they are close to geographic boundaries to find the closest vehicle.

    If we're doing a transfer out of our region we must book on with the local Central Ambulance Communication Centre (CACC) as we move through their area and are responsible to service a call we come across or are assigned to the same as if we were in our own area.

    Of course none of this applies to the Private IFT services; they're legally not Ambulances, don't fall under our legislation, aren't staffed by medics and cannot service calls on an emergency basis. In the event of a medical emergency during a transfer they must pull over and call 911. We'll sometimes see these trucks as first on scene as good Samaritans.
    Granted I've had the odd run in with an instructor during CME who didn't agree with me, but good education should not only strive to have the latest information but should be responsive to debate. You don't build good clinical thinkers when you shut down students due to your position and ego. There is a place for an instructor to have authority based on their qualifications and experience but that's a starting point not the be all and end all. Relying too much on that authority is a red flag for poor teaching.

    My pet peeve is when ED leaves my patients on boards unnecessarily after we arrive. The boards place is to extricate, once they're at the Hospital we need to lose it but I'm not in a position to remove what is now their patient.
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  7. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic How to discharge a patient in 2 easy steps(and get sued in the process)   

    I was prepared to read that the patient was homeless or otherwise disenfranchised, history of psych and/or substance abuse who was a frequent visitor to ED. Not because it excuses the behaviour but because I understand where that callousness and complacency can come from.

    I was surprised to find a pt. with such a significant history. I don't understand the decisions and multiple opportunities for someone to intervene at multiple levels of care and how they were all missed.

    Speaks to a potentially sick organizational culture where one clinician can have this patient escorted out for lack of cooperation and multiple other providers can witness it, have misgivings and not feel comfortable to speak up.
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  8. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic Stryker Power load installed and in use   

    Here's a video I have of the power load from an education day a few months back. They've started installing them in all our front line vehicles as they go in for scheduled service. We've had the power cots for quite a while now, the loading system is a really great piece of equipment.


    Oh and if the Ambulance looks a bit odd, it's because it's just a box without a chassis used in our sim-lab. That's why it's just a window behind the airway seat.

    Edit: Video doesn't seem to be working. I'll do an upload to youtube later and attach a link.
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  9. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic Consultants report on Toronto Fire-EMS Merger   

    I just realized I only attached the executive summary, everything is far better explained in the complete report.
    From my reading of the report, "mature service" refers more to it being a fully developed functioning system. That's not to say NYC wasn't, but from everything I read that merger was entirely political.

    Here is the link to the complete report:

    One of the most interesting sections is where they address placing Paramedics on Fire apparatus. They do a very good job discussing the time spent on scene prior to Ambulance arrival, the calls where Fire first response may have a clinically significant impact (approx 1% of all EMS calls) and whether the increased scope of practice would actually be utilized balanced against the cost of training and equipment.

    The part where they call for a 223 000 annual man hour increase in EMS staffing to meet need and response times is pretty good too. Equates to approx 24 additional Ambulances on the road 24/7. I doubt we'll see TO get that or anything close in the current fiscal environment, but it makes it clear that they will no be able to meet demand at current staffing and that it will only get worse.
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  10. WolfmanHarris added a topic in Canada   

    Consultants report on Toronto Fire-EMS Merger

    The consultants hired to examine whether Toronto EMS and Fire should merge have released their final report for council. They have come out firmly against. The report is long but it's a very good read. They explored financial implications, staffing, dispatch and the actual impact of Fire-EMS on patient care.
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  11. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic Blankets   

    We have a contract with the same linen service the hospital uses to provide linen carts at the Hospital and a few key stations. While theoretically we have our own linen cart within the ED's they'll grab from ours and vice versa. The hospital doesn't get too prickly since we have paid for our own linen.
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  12. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic So are you a member?   

    I'm a member of the Ontario Paramedic Association, which is a chapter of the Paramedic Association of Canada.
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  13. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic Legal, Medical, Ethical Question - Emancipation   

    Sorry, I think I may have misread what you were saying initially and took what you were saying about emancipation and applied it to medical decision making.

    On the topic of emancipation, I gotta ask if she's making medical decisions, making decisions on whether or not to keep her child and then on how to raise them, what decisions are left? If anything without emancipation we place significant responsibility in the hands of this patient while keeping the risk on the parents (financial, legal). I don't see how this is better than shifting full responsibility for their life to this minor.
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  14. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic Legal, Medical, Ethical Question - Emancipation   

    While I may agree that her decision making ability is suspect, that too is irrelevant to our ethical obligations as a provider.

    We cannot start passing judgement and taking a paternalistic stance with this hypothetical patient any more than we can with a drug user, a smoking obese heart patient, or a diabetic shovelling candy. Capacity is the ability to make a decision and appreciate the potential consequences. They may disregard them and still choose to not act in their own best interest but that doesn't automatically give the provider any right to overrule their wishes.

    The patient's right to autonomy and informed consent (or the absence of consent) is and must be the foundation of medical ethics.
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  15. WolfmanHarris added a post in a topic Paramedics With Drug Problems   

    It's not common, but it certainly happens around here. With Paramedics still being a non-regulated health profession in Ontario, issues of certification related to this are still handled by the Base Hospital in conjunction with the employer. Any medic I know of who has been in this position has been told to seek treatment and counselling and after a leave on disability has returned to work eventually. I can only think of one somewhat notorious local case where a medic was a repeat offender and wasn't allowed to continue to practice. Unfortunately with the nature of the work you can't just restrict and monitor narcotic access.
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