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  1. Same to and your family
  2. Only we can make it far as voting I am starting to think that maybe this election I am torn between Erdoc and Ruff
  3. oh my
  4. Welcome to the city,,,,,,don't mind them their bark is worse than their bites....but then again you never know
  5. Penguins=hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Well I guess I will have to go with the Texas Rangers I really should be a Texan but I am not.
  7. no no no.....the only sport that counts is Cowboys football....
  8. what is a Dodgers?
  9. Welcome to the city...and Doc does give good advice!
  10. Welcome to the city!
  11. Cat fishing rocks! Rainbows Rock! Heck life Rocks!
  12. Rainbows and catfish? I will have a double shot of what they had!
  13. Welcome to the city... best advice i can give keep learning!
  14. I got the notification thing also but its all cool! Like the new layout