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  1. Lol! Now I wanna buy that car, damn. And what is On Star, btw?
  2. Would be kinda risky, though, seeing that you`d might get burned too, if you were standing all too close to a zombie...
  3. Don`t forget the double tap! Safety first!
  4. Epic Movie, watched it at least 4 times in the last 3/4 year or so at night shift.
  5. Might be. Although I`m getting kinda bored by that joke. Might also be because the french don`t really fancy the English tongue, from what I`ve heard.
  6. I don`t think I was unfriendly, but if you think I was - then let me say: it wasn`t intended. Anyways, I don`t think there´s anything more to say about this. Jump in and join the forum.
  7. What do you mean? I was just getting at some points, you know. And I think the tip about looking up the scope of practices of the different levels was pretty valid.
  8. As said, just look at some links about qualification levels. I don`t want that to become a pissing contest about the level of education, Just have a look at the scope of practice of EMT-Bs, EMT-Is and EMT-Ps and compare them to the scope of a RS.
  9. What do you mean with the "old laws"? Take a quick google search or a look at Wikipedia for a general overview over the qualification levels. But if you`re a Rettungssanitäter with the normal curriculum, your training level is significantly below an EMT-Paramedic, and better compared to an EMT-Basic.
  10. Hey Fenta, welcome! Ít`s getting crowded with all the germans now, isn`t it? I`m an RA from Thuringia. RS would be more like EMT-B though, I guess.
  11. 3 packs in three hours?! Is that even possible? I mean time-wise.
  12. Awesome! If Braveheart would have had one of those kilts, he might have won against the English...
  13. One time there was some kind of Database errors, the other times I just couldn`t get here, but without any specific error message, just "The conncection isn`t available" (but I could reach other webpages without problems, so it couldn`t really have been my internet).
  14. There seems to be a problem with the site, it`s going on and off the whole day, but only for short periods. Is this planned, or is there something wrong?
  15. LOL!