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  1. Admin-is there really nothing you can do about Julia? This is driving me crazy.
  2. I think that would depend which country you are moving to. Some countries are ahead of us with their EMS services, while others are behind us.
  3. I don't really understand what kind of class this is for, as it sounds like you're not in EMS class yet. So my suggestions may not be what you're looking for, but I'm going to try anyway. Tourniquet usage pros and cons Advanced airway control in the prehospital setting...are we effective, or what could be done to be more effective? Something that I personally am interested in...reliability of manual vs automated BP's.
  4. Of course when ALS arrives BLS should step back, and unless I know and trust the BLS counterpart I don't really care what their opinion is. Ultimately whatever happens is on the ALS crew. Any time I do CPR, transport gets put on the back burner. Either I get a pulse back or I call it in the field.(I do work in a rural area.) A 12 lead in this situation is not important, until the patient is stable. A 12 lead while doing CPR is a complete waste of time. Epi and bicarb can be administered in the same site. Push one then flush, then the other. You shouldn't give one in a line that is an infusion, but the drugs that are given during cardiac arrest should be a push, not a drip. Though the routine use of bicarb is not advised in the prehospital setting. Go to paramedic school, then you don't have to worry about it. ?
  5. We were called to an older unresponsive man. Upon arrival the wife met us on the porch giggling. She attempted to quietly tell us that they were smoking pot in the bathtub while drinking wine when the man passed out. We found him sitting in the tub, water drained, no clothes. Pale and clammy. Super low BP. While my partner was assessing him I asked the wife if he'd taken any other medications. More giggling. She said they used some medicine they bought in Mexico, but she didn't know what it was called. She produced the package from the trash and I discovered it was a topical jelly called "Kumagra". The lady was giggling, the man was giggling, my partner was standing in the tub with a naked man, and I'm holding the Kumagra packet. I had to step out for a minute. I took the package with us to show the ER staff. Everyone got a good laugh, patient included. Plus the patient was fine.
  6. I did worry after posting that this may be someone trying to sue someone. I also wonder about the accelerated idioventricular rate at 164. That seems strange, but maybe I'm missing something. Maybe the OP was a basic on the call and doesn't understand everything that happened?
  7. A fellow paramedic once had a patient go into asystole as the ambulance pulled up to the ER. He chose to disconnect everything and take the patient inside, rather than begin working the code. This caused a delay in CPR, airway management, and the patient did not recover. The ER Dr ripped him a new one. Your call sounds similar.
  8. What is the pulse to go with the monitor reading? Is the patient still breathing? Do you have a paramedic on board? Or are you a basic truck? If you think CPR is necessary, I would start it inside. CPR and early defibrillation should never be delayed.
  9. Can an admin delete this Julia Edward? She obviously doesn't work in EMS, and I'm thinking she isn't a real person. It's annoying.
  10. I thought it would be interesting to share some of our funnier stories from calls. You know stories that aren't really funny when they happen, but years later are hilarious. One of my most significant memories happened many years ago. I was a green paramedic working a shift with a seasoned old medic. We got a call for a baby choking on chicken bones, while en route the baby became unresponsive. Upon arrival at the scene the plan was for me to grab the jump bag and monitor so we could get to him as quickly as possible. My partner was driving. So we get to the scene and I jump out and jump into the patient compartment to grab the stuff, when I am ready to get out I notice that my partner is RUNNING beside the patient compartment door. After a few seconds of pondering how that was possible I realized the truck was rolling towards a steep embankment as it wasn't in park. Luckily my partner was able to jump in and throw the truck in park in time. We went into the house and did our job. The kid was fine. Afterwards my partner swore he had put the truck in park and it slipped out of park. I think he was panicking and didn't pay attention. Lesson learned? ALWAYS USE THE PARKING BRAKE!
  11. I'm sorry to hear about the job. The Christmas tree farm sounds awesome. I help with a kids horse camp during the summers. Animals are my therapy. Good luck to you.
  12. Can we get rid of her? She's annoying.
  13. My paramedic was a "hybrid" class of sorts. It was an online class, but we went to class twice a week 4 hours each day, with a couple Saturdays thrown in. It was a terrible class, left me with a lot to figure out on my own. 12 people started, 3 people passed National registry, including myself. I would look into it very thoroughly before taking it. Mine was offered through my department, so it was free with the promise of working there 2 years as a paramedic.
  14. If this is something that would show up on your criminal record I would think it would be difficult to become certified as an EMT. It might depend on your state, I would certainly contact your licensing agency before taking the class to see if it would prohibit you from getting licensed. The next thing, if it's something that would show up on a background check, but you are able to become certified...I think it would be incredibly difficult to find employment as an EMT. I know I wouldn't pass your application up the chain knowing EMT's are a dime a dozen around here and most don't have a history of sex crimes.
  15. Why do you continue to post when the OP has not returned in months? You're not a medic, so don't claim to know what it takes to be one.