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  1. A latte has helped me be a paramedic many times. Lol
  2. Have you heard of John Puryear? He's in Texas, but has audio files that helped me pass the paramedic national registry. Also, try taking tests on FISDAP. That will help you get more comfortable with the test taking. Good luck!
  3. emt

    Some EMS agencies allow people to do ride alongs, you might want to stop by your local service to chat with them. The EMT class is a short class that you can find at a college near you. You are not required to take anything prior to that course, but a college level English class would be helpful as well as medical terminology. You have to be 18 to certify as an EMT. You must have the EMT certification to advance in EMS. Why do you want to work in EMS? Feel free to post follow up questions.
  4. So your entire motivation for becoming an EMT is money? Do you have any idea what an EMT does? And EMT school requires clinicals that don't normally fit into a nice little box. If you want to be a nurse, be a nurse. That being said, idk what the pay is like where you are. I know where I am EMT's are a dime a dozen and 15/hour isn't realistic. However, overtime is usually readily available. Also, non traditional EMT classes are usually available but in my opinion the quality isn't as good. I took a non traditional class 3 nights a week with a few Saturdays thrown in for 3 months. I was in high school so I thought it would be fun, didn't expect to make a career out of it. Anyway, 30 people took the class and 2 of us passed national registry. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  5. This may very by state, as the state is the licensing body...I work in Texas, so I'll speak to that. I assume the process will be similar, but won't swear to it. A misdemeanor on your record shouldn't prohibit you from becoming licensed, the problem would be an agency hiring you because of insurance concerns related to the reckless driving. If this gets expunged, I would think it's no longer an issue. Question for you-Why do you want to be an EMT? If you have a degree in microbiology it seems like you could use that for a much better career with advancement opportunities. No judgment, I'm interested in your answer.
  6. Yes, the question is do you want to be a firefighter? If you're asking if becoming a volunteer fire fighter first would be a leg up my answer would be a big fat NO. I guess that could be different in your area. There is a line between fire and EMS that is difficult to be on both sides of. It took me YEARS and lots of effort, to gain respect of firefighters in my area, but now they are some of the best friends I have. Here in Texas you do have to be an EMT to be a certified firefighter, but that may depend on your state. Fire and EMS are 2 different services, different passions.
  7. This is interesting. I don't have a lot of advice, but here goes. The first thing is, does he actually need medical care(during transport) or just like hygiene things? In one of the updates the dad mentions finding an EMT or nurse to accompany him on a commercial flight for emergency medication EMT without a medical director is just a person. Without more details I'm thinking this option isn't realistic. A private service near me took a patient 5 states away(20 hours one way), they took 4 medics and switched drivers every few hours. The family of the patient had plenty of money and offered enough money that the private service accepted it. I think the first issue here is him having a place to go when he gets there, and I have no idea how that works. I'm sorry I couldn't offer more advice. Hopefully someone else will have some words of wisdom for this man. Did he, or will he, receive and kind of settlement from the driver of the vehicle that hit him? That money could help.
  8. Admin-is there really nothing you can do about Julia? This is driving me crazy.
  9. I think that would depend which country you are moving to. Some countries are ahead of us with their EMS services, while others are behind us.
  10. I don't really understand what kind of class this is for, as it sounds like you're not in EMS class yet. So my suggestions may not be what you're looking for, but I'm going to try anyway. Tourniquet usage pros and cons Advanced airway control in the prehospital setting...are we effective, or what could be done to be more effective? Something that I personally am interested in...reliability of manual vs automated BP's.
  11. Of course when ALS arrives BLS should step back, and unless I know and trust the BLS counterpart I don't really care what their opinion is. Ultimately whatever happens is on the ALS crew. Any time I do CPR, transport gets put on the back burner. Either I get a pulse back or I call it in the field.(I do work in a rural area.) A 12 lead in this situation is not important, until the patient is stable. A 12 lead while doing CPR is a complete waste of time. Epi and bicarb can be administered in the same site. Push one then flush, then the other. You shouldn't give one in a line that is an infusion, but the drugs that are given during cardiac arrest should be a push, not a drip. Though the routine use of bicarb is not advised in the prehospital setting. Go to paramedic school, then you don't have to worry about it. ?
  12. We were called to an older unresponsive man. Upon arrival the wife met us on the porch giggling. She attempted to quietly tell us that they were smoking pot in the bathtub while drinking wine when the man passed out. We found him sitting in the tub, water drained, no clothes. Pale and clammy. Super low BP. While my partner was assessing him I asked the wife if he'd taken any other medications. More giggling. She said they used some medicine they bought in Mexico, but she didn't know what it was called. She produced the package from the trash and I discovered it was a topical jelly called "Kumagra". The lady was giggling, the man was giggling, my partner was standing in the tub with a naked man, and I'm holding the Kumagra packet. I had to step out for a minute. I took the package with us to show the ER staff. Everyone got a good laugh, patient included. Plus the patient was fine.
  13. I did worry after posting that this may be someone trying to sue someone. I also wonder about the accelerated idioventricular rate at 164. That seems strange, but maybe I'm missing something. Maybe the OP was a basic on the call and doesn't understand everything that happened?
  14. A fellow paramedic once had a patient go into asystole as the ambulance pulled up to the ER. He chose to disconnect everything and take the patient inside, rather than begin working the code. This caused a delay in CPR, airway management, and the patient did not recover. The ER Dr ripped him a new one. Your call sounds similar.
  15. What is the pulse to go with the monitor reading? Is the patient still breathing? Do you have a paramedic on board? Or are you a basic truck? If you think CPR is necessary, I would start it inside. CPR and early defibrillation should never be delayed.