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  1. My paramedic was a "hybrid" class of sorts. It was an online class, but we went to class twice a week 4 hours each day, with a couple Saturdays thrown in. It was a terrible class, left me with a lot to figure out on my own. 12 people started, 3 people passed National registry, including myself. I would look into it very thoroughly before taking it. Mine was offered through my department, so it was free with the promise of working there 2 years as a paramedic.
  2. If this is something that would show up on your criminal record I would think it would be difficult to become certified as an EMT. It might depend on your state, I would certainly contact your licensing agency before taking the class to see if it would prohibit you from getting licensed. The next thing, if it's something that would show up on a background check, but you are able to become certified...I think it would be incredibly difficult to find employment as an EMT. I know I wouldn't pass your application up the chain knowing EMT's are a dime a dozen around here and most don't have a history of sex crimes.
  3. Why do you continue to post when the OP has not returned in months? You're not a medic, so don't claim to know what it takes to be one.
  4. I took my EMT-B class while still in high school full time and working 30+ hours a week. That class should not be that difficult. Even my paramedic course was taken while working full time and still having a life. If it is that difficult there is some other issue.
  5. They did say they were in high school. When I was in high school, just a few years ago, we had a program that let us spend two periods a day at the local clinic, ER, or hospital doing rotations throughout the year. We were required to wear scrubs that matched each other, as well as didn't match any of the employees of the places we were rotating through, as we didn't want anyone to mistake us for a REAL medical professional. In a side note, I thought I was hot shit in those scrubs at 16 years old. I was such a whacker back then.
  6. You know what I love about these forums? I love that I learn something when I don't plan on it.
  7. Isn't the flight exam for medics pretty tough though? I took a semester course at UTSA in Flight Medicine and that was a doozy for me. It was hard to remember all the different pressures and such. So I think the flight medics must have a pretty broad knowledge base even if they are lacking in experience? Just wondering out loud, I'm sure there are some flight medics here who could fill me in...
  8. In my area it doesn't take much at all to be a flight medic, however the flight nurse tends to have many more prerequisites. This is reflected in pay accordingly. Flight medics don't really make much more than ground medics so most don't find the risk worth the benefit.
  9. I just want to reiterate that working in EMS and nursing have nothing to do with each other. You say that being an EMT will help you know if you want to work in an ER. Those are 2 completely different ballgames. What EMT's do in the field is completely different than in the ER. If you find a tech job that will hire an EMT right out of school that will still be completely different than what you do in the ER as an RN. If you are just getting your EMT as an easy way to make some money while passing time to get your RN then that is a horrible plan. The profession needs serious providers that want to be in EMS, not who are just passing time. Any experience gained in EMS is generally not acknowledged in the nursing world. Also, a job as an EMT is not guaranteed as they tend to be a dime a dozen and you will only be able to work certain times. That will depend somewhat on where you live. In my area you would not find an agency that would hire you fresh out of EMT school with schedule restrictions. My suggestion is to find out more about both options and see what you want to do. Then you can focus all your time, money, and energy on what your dream really is. You can possibly do an EMS ride along with your local EMS company. Either way good luck to you.
  10. No more statistics!

    Well this semester is officially over! I believe it was the hardest one yet! I took environmental biology, drama, and statistics. There were times I considered dropping, but I am so glad I pushed through! I got my grades today, and while they could have been much better, I passed! I am done with the local community college and moving on... I was accepted into University of Texas at San Antonio into the Emergency Health Science program. It starts in July and I can't wait to take classes that I am interested in! The people that I have talked to at the University are all so friendly and helpful, such a stark contrast to my community college! In other news, I am having a "mass" removed from my ankle next week. After all the problems I had last year, nobody knows exactly what it is. I am unsure how the surgery will be, or what will happen afterwards, so my excitement for school comes at a great time! It is definitely something to look forward to! Have a great day everyone!!!
  11. Sorry, today is my first day...
  12. OH HAPPY DAY! I get off work in 6 minutes!!!

  13. Ok, I'm curious-what kind of school are you going to that you can take 45 days off? The basic test is pretty up front. ABC's. I think it is mostly common sense stuff. If you did well through the course you shouldn't have a problem with the test. Just remember to relax when you go to take it. Good luck.
  14. And the tones just dropped so I can't finish. Sorry!
  15. tired of the bickering.