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  1. Not toe pain but transported a patient for gum pain x4 months, already seen a dentist for it, no new changes. Oh and it was 0200 and she was a block from the ER
  2. 1. What sort of education do you have? I have a bachelors, along with a separate associates for my paramedic certification. 2. What was your career path from college to present? Why did you decide to follow this career path? I started volunteering as an EMT my last year of college, and decided that I liked the field more than what I was getting my degree in, so once I graduated got a full time job as an EMT, then went to paramedic school 3. What are your basic duties performed during a typical day? Week? Month? Do you have a set routine? What are the major job responsibilities? Trying to describe the basic duties isn't easy! Respond to 911 calls and transfers and take care of patients. Also as everyone else mentioned, inspect the truck and other station duties (cleaning up). Don't have much of a routine aside from attempting to check the truck first thing, as you never know when you'll get a call or how long it'll take (we do LDTs also which can take us ~6 hours at a time) 4. How much variety is there on a day-to-day basis? Generally it varies a lot, you never know what you are going to get. 5. How many hours do you work? ~60 6. Does the typical EMT have a set schedule or are the hours flexible? 24 hours on, 48 hours off 7. Which skills do you feel are most important to acquire? Learning how to interact with people. Assessments 8. What types of technology are used and how are they used? How often are changes made when it comes to new technologies? Cardiac monitors, laptops. Frequent changes in terms of new supplies. More then changes for new technologies it is changes in keeping up with current research in best practice. 9. What educational program do you recommend as preparation? What kinds of courses are most valuable in order to gain skills necessary for success in this occupation? College level EMT course (usually 100 level) 10. What degree or certificate do employers look for? What kind of work/internship experience would employers look for in a job applicant? EMT certification. Some places also favor volunteer experience with local ambulance service. 11. How can a person obtain this work experience? Most areas have places that will hire people without experience, to get your first "foot in the door" job. Just remember if they are always hiring and willing to hire brand new people, there is probably a reason for their high turnover. 12. What entry level positions are there? EMT- basic 13. What steps besides meeting educational and experiential requirements are necessary to "break into" this occupation? Make a good impression during school and clinicals 14. What are opportunities for advancement? To what position? Is an advanced degree needed? (If so, in what discipline?) Becoming a paramedic (1-2 years of college), management 15. Is there a typical chain of command in the field? Completely dependent on the agency you work for. At my agencies we have a shift supervisor on duty each shift who is our direct supervisor. Some trucks are run basic/ paramedic, and at some agencies the paramedic is considered in charge of the ambulance. 16. What are the different salary ranges? Depends where you live. For emt-b I have seen hourly rates range from $7.25 to $13 17. What other kinds of workers frequently interact with this position? PD, fire, nurses, doctors, aides 18. What are the main or most important personal characteristics for success in the field? Willingness to learn. Able to take a joke (you will be teased by your coworkers, but not usually in a malicious manner). Comfortable with people. 19. What are the satisfying aspects of your work? I love my job, getting to help people in their times of need, even if the help just consists of comforting them. 20. What are the dissatisfying aspects of the work? Is this typical of the field? Low pay, long hours can take a toll on you. Lack of respect from other agencis 21. How would you describe the atmosphere/culture of the work place? Friendly, however there is frequently a lot of gossip 22. Is there evidence of differential treatment between men and women EMTs with respect to job duties, pay, and opportunities for advancement? Depends where you work. For the most part I have not experienced any differential treatment, but there will always be 1 or 2 assholes out there. 23. What do you feel are the toughest types of problems and decisions that you must make? Ethical dilemmas when it comes to patient care. Not second guessing yourself 24. What are the demands and frustrations that typically accompany this type of work? What are the greatest pressures, strains or anxieties in the work? As said above, long hours, low pay, lack of respect from other agencies (police, fire, drs, and nurses) 25. What do you know now which would have been helpful to know when you were a student? Realize that what you will learn in school is important, but the real learning (especially for EMTs) begins in the streets. 26. Any other important questions that I have not asked that would be helpful in learning about the job or occupation? Thank you for your time.
  3. Officially finished paramedic school!

  4. Dear paramedics: Please remember to be nice and respectful to your basic partner... we are people to

    1. uglyEMT


      Let me know how that works out for ya. LOL I feel like a door mat most days

  5. NYS does not accept reciprocity from NREMT. They do however accept reciprocity from some states. I have no idea where FL stands in the eyes of the EMS council of NY; your best bet is to call the office and find out if they will accept a FL state EMT-B certificate to transfer over to NYS or if they will require you to redo some of your education.
  6. Reminded why I love my job again... what a difference a nice partner can make :)

  7. If I ever get off on time on a friday shift, i will jump for joy

  8. darn it, I just lost the game
  9. I need to stop being so blunt when I'm tired...

  10. is tired of dealing with people

  11. if you hit an ambulance, DONT JUST DRIVE OFF!

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      Sorry I did not see or hear you coming. Some people are just Idiots!! Hope everybody was okay.

    2. fakingpatience


      Yeah, everyone was fine... I was slowed to almost a stop to make a turn and the car side swiped me.... only damage was to my nerves

  12. Loved this video... got an extra laugh out of it because our local fire departments have been known to do some of the stuff fire did in this video
  13. I used this book to study http://www.amazon.com/EMT-Basic-Interactive-Flashcards-Preps-Premium/dp/0738601233 I love flash cards, and that is what helped me. Actually, for me, I don't think the studying was as much about learning the information, because you should know it by the end of class, but assuring myself that I knew the info, to be more confident for the test. That said, I was still a nervous reck after my NREMT test, sure I failed... i didn't
  14. My brain is weird, I tell that to anyone who knows me. I have never been in an ambulance accident (knock on wood!), but anytime anything stressful is going on, I tend to notice weird details. I am trying to think of an example of this, but drawing a blank, but just wanted to let you know you are not weird for thinking random things at stressful times. Or maybe you are weird, but then I am too
  15. Huh, I do actually have an allergy to stainless steel... does that mean I could get out of being handcuffed