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  1. Blake Fabian added a post in a topic What happens if you fail field internship?   

    Thanks for all your responses. They've really made me less worried than I'm about to be kicked out of the Paramedic program, especially since this Thursday is the last class of the program. I agree with you gyes, I think I need to switch to a new service & start fresh. I think my nervousness & poor first impressions on my current one is what's holding me back.

    I refuse to not pass. I haven't gone to the last 16 months of class & worked my ass off just to not get this.
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  2. Blake Fabian added a topic in Students   

    What happens if you fail field internship?
    My internship was extended. I was initially scheduled to be done within 30 shifts. I'm currently at 36. I feel that I've been making significant progress & my preceptors have said that themselves. I feel that I know the material & I'm book smart, it just seems that I have a bit of trouble applying that knowledge to a patient.

    I have my good days & my bad days, but I feel like the majority of the past several shifts have been good.

    On my FISDAP, I get reviews such as this from my preceptors...

    "Blake has the BEST call he has ever run in my presence this shift! He ran a cardiac very very well, & I was so impressed! He followed that up with a non-so-great call. I would really like to see more consistency at this point in the game. Having said that, I don't want to down-play his improvement. He has made great strides to improve on things that we have brought to this attention. He is working hard."

    "Blake is still struggling with confidence. This shift the pt's were all light yellow or greens & Blake did ok for the most part. Still has to be reminded of things to be done, that I feel with this type of pt, he should be able to handle without question."

    I got a call this morning from my clinical coordinator. He said not to go to Internship tomorrow because we're having a meeting this Thursday at class. He sounded happy & 'giddy' on the phone but I don't know if I can count that for anything because he's usually a happy person.

    The options I feel of what could happen are: A: They're failing me from internship. B: They're switching me to another service to finish out my internship or C: They're passing me based on my progress.

    Sorry for all that long shit you may or may not care about. My main questions here are...

    What happens if you fail field internship? Are you just done? Or are you allowed to retry at another service?

    I scoured through my syllabus & it mentioned nothing on this subject. The only things in there were the minimum hourly & patient contact requirements.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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