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  1. Thanks guys. I notice that some people include an introduction of how their service/country operates EMS but I'm sure you've heard about it from NZ and Australian members on here. But if anyone is interested then just let me know. It's definitely interesting to me to see the differences between countries (and even services in the case of USA).
  2. I honestly can't remember if I've posted in Meet & Greet before. I've already made a few posts in the various topics and so figured it was time to say hi. I'm currently a fulltime EMT in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm relatively new and started out as a volunteer about 4 years ago before going full time this year (and throwing in the corporate life). I'm studying part-time towards my Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Paramedicine and will have that by the end of 2014. It's been great to see how different services around the world operate both clinically and operationally. Hopefully I'll be a bit more active on here from now on.
  3. Guilty. Have you ever sworn loudly in front of a patient in the back of an ambulance?