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  1. Arctickat added a post in a topic Lock the ambulance doors.   

    I have said this before and I will say it again. When we do good things, we're ambulance drivers. When we screw up we're EMT/Paramedics.
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  2. Arctickat added an answer to a question IV solution warming temperatures   

    This reminds me, I should go make sure my thermal angels are all charged up.
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  3. Arctickat added a post in a topic Syrian Refugees   

    My take is rather simplistic.
    If you do not take refugees for fear of terrorists hidden in their midst, then you become a target for terrorists because of your closed borders.
    If you take refugees, then you may have allowed a few terrorists in that may take advantage of the new freedom and you're a target because you're taking people away from their homelands.
    Regardless, we're targets for terrorists and they're going to get here one way or another. If there is a terrorist that does not want to go through screening checks, he'll still find a way into the country.
    I think that is a pointless debate.
    What I find having greater merit for debate is that the population is up in arms because the federal government is going to spend $25,000,000.00 to bring in 25,000 refugees rather than invest that money on social programs that would benefit those who are current residents. Thing is, that's only $1,000 per refugee. Not a lot of money when put into context.
    I think the most profound argument I have heard yet is that the people who emigrate from the poorer countries of the world are those who are actually the most capable of creating change and improving their impoverished nations. As an example, Why is it that doctors from impoverished third world countries are practicing medicine in Canada and the United States whilst doctors from here end up volunteering to go to these third world countries to donate their time. What we are doing is stripping these countries of their best and brightest and preventing them from becoming developed nations.
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  4. Arctickat added a post in a topic Split Patient Care Forum?   

    Throw in the fact that in one jurisdiction a skill may be BLS but in another it is considered an ALS scope.
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  5. Arctickat added a post in a topic Critical Care Paramedic yes or no?   

    It is a tough call. On one hand you have the added education and understanding that will allow you to enhance patient care, even at your current scope. However, you also leave yourself at risk for PTSD because you will inevitably encounter that patient you could have saved because you knew how to save them. Afterall, you will be trained, but you will either lack the equipment or worse, the conviction to exceed your scope to save a life. I say worse because you cannot win, either you risk an end to your career and deprive any future patient of your expertise; or you live with the guilt of knowing what you could have done, but didn't.
    It's your heart. We can't tell you how to follow it.
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  6. Arctickat added a post in a topic Branching out   

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  7. Arctickat added a post in a topic Split Patient Care Forum?   

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  8. Arctickat added a post in a topic TWIAGE - new app coming   

    How many medics are going to want to use their personal phones to conduct business for their boss? What if their phones aren't APP capable? Are EMS services going to have to go out and buy a phone to be able to run the APP?
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  9. Arctickat added a post in a topic EMT suspended for helping choking 7yr old girl   

    Granted, I don't see much point in him transporting with the responding 911 crew. Maybe they needed extra hands and such, or the medic asked him to, but once he could transfer care to the other service, I would have returned to complete my assigned duties.
    I've done the same too Ruff, if I ever see someone in distress while I have a patient in my ambulance, regardless of the severity, I'll stop to check on them. My patient's condition though will dictate if I stay on scene until other help arrives, leave them until help arrives, or transport them with us until help arrives.
    Judgement call, as you say.
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  10. Arctickat added a post in a topic Old folks Still here?   

    OMG that is exactly me. Anytime someone tells me they have a secret to tell me I tell them to stop because no matter how my good intentions, I'll eventually forget that it was supposed to be a secret and slip up.
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  11. Arctickat added a post in a topic EMT suspended for helping choking 7yr old girl   

    I made a comment on the news link and got lambasted by someone who claimed he was suspended for incompetence because  he did an improper initial assessment. Not too sure what that was supposed to mean tho. though, first step in the assessment is Airway and he was dealing with that adequately. Maybe there is more to this story.
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  12. Arctickat added a post in a topic EMT suspended for helping choking 7yr old girl   

    Graphics package look familiar?
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  13. Arctickat added a post in a topic Narcan at the EMT level.   

    I prefer to tie them down and slam as much narcan as i have into them. Just so I can be vindictive and ruin their high.
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  14. Arctickat added a post in a topic Taking students - Do you, and why?   

    Ooooh. ACoP. Gotcha
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  15. Arctickat added a post in a topic Taking students - Do you, and why?   

    Only 4 to 6 weeks for an ACP practicum? That's pretty short. Our Sask ACPs have 678 hours of EMS practicum time. That works out to about 16 weeks doing a 4 on/ 4 off shift. Our aviation operation is looking at getting a larger plane. Once that occurs I'm going to offer an optional aviation practicum to ACP and PCP students. They\ll have to pay extra, but it may be something they'd be interested in.
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