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  1. Hello My pretties

    National Lacrosse League
  2. New Here...Hello!

    Hath hell frozen over? I can't fathom you being tactful.
  3. the 9 things you never say to a patient

    I'd be pretty anxious too if I were blind and called 911 for an ambulance, but a bus driver showed up.
  4. New and not thrilled

    I guess he wasn't thrilled with us either. Edit: Give him time, I suspect he'll be back. Not everyone logs into here on a daily basis like some of us losers.
  5. Firewall Errors

    Nothing here
  6. Intro

  7. IV solution warming temperatures

    This reminds me, I should go make sure my thermal angels are all charged up. Thanks!!!
  8. Split Patient Care Forum?

    Throw in the fact that in one jurisdiction a skill may be BLS but in another it is considered an ALS scope.
  9. Branching out

  10. Split Patient Care Forum?

  11. Old folks Still here?

    OMG that is exactly me. Anytime someone tells me they have a secret to tell me I tell them to stop because no matter how my good intentions, I'll eventually forget that it was supposed to be a secret and slip up.
  12. Old folks Still here?

    Nope, not at all. I know Doogs, he's a good egg. I was just messing with him. He's still around. Spoke to him a few months back, he's been working on(at) a wilderness retreat he put together for PTSD/CSI victims.
  13. Old folks Still here?

    I referenced a thread? Wait...what? I was just yankin Doog's chain
  14. Old folks Still here?

    well, you are kinda rude Dooger. In your case just the lasting taint of your presence has continued to foul your reputation.
  15. Old folks Still here?

    Funny you should mention a reunion. I just started looking up my paramedic school class for a 25 year reunion in 2018. I'm thinking a BC houseboat trip.