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  1. Arctickat added a post in a topic Aviation Practicum   

    Thanks Rock, that's kinda what I had in mind. We only have the one school here, so it'll be an easy discussion. CAMATA isn't a part of our ACP training here.
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  2. Arctickat added a post in a topic Aviation Practicum   

    Thanks Rock, my staff has all been trained in CAMATA and it's a requirement for employment. I'm thinking of targeting the student paramedics. More or less an aviation primer so they have a chance to actually witness how physiology is affected by flight as well as the safety and patient handling aspects that many of them may only see infrequently from a ground perspective.
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  3. Arctickat added a topic in Training - Everything Else   

    Aviation Practicum
    So, I've recently started a new business partnership with a health facility and an airline for the provision of aeromedical services to remote health clinics. Airline provides the aircraft and flight crew, I provide the medics, Health facility is the funding partner.

    Our educational institutions do not provide for any aeromedical practicum training, so I'm thinking I may offer up an opportunity.

    For any of you who have been involved in the aeromedical training, what pitfalls can I avoid.

    For any of you who might be interested in such training, what specifically would you like to see?

    Just remember, this isn't any sort of critical care transport, it's simply a ground ambulance that has to fly because there are no roads.
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  4. Arctickat added a post in a topic Mobile Stroke Ambulance   

    I had seen this about a year or so ago. It seemed like a neat idea, however the doc doing the interview made some odd assumptions. We have a stroke policy here that dictates if someone fits the criteria we transport direct to the nearest CT location, which is 175km away. We don't stop at the local hospital, we don't stop in Emerg at the CT site. We call the CT site when we're 20 minutes out and they clear the room for our arrival. Then our patient goes straight in for a scan, then he goes to emerg.

    If they were to spend that money streamlining the access to CT in the facility, they would likely be able to save more brains.

    What do they do when the mobile stroke unit is across town on another call?

    What do the medics on scene do when they suspect a stroke? Call the stroke unit and wait for them to come?

    Just seems inefficient to me.
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  5. Arctickat added a post in a topic Quality books?   

    Jenny McCarthy screwed somebody!!!!..................GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. Arctickat added a post in a topic I think I'm a........gasp......whacker!   

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  7. Arctickat added a post in a topic I think I'm a........gasp......whacker!   

    Umm...does it count if my wife and I are working together and we have a transfer going out at 0600, but a call comes in at midnite that only takes an hour, so we take the ambulance home instead of take it back to the base for 4 hours?
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  8. Arctickat added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    I think I'm a........gasp......whacker!
    So I've been doing a little self reflection and inventory and I've reached the conclusion that I think I may be a whacker.

    I don't have the POV with all the flashy lights.
    I refuse to wear a duty belt for fear that stuff might be attracted to it.
    I would rather turn my emergency lights to their dimmest setting at night rather than blind oncoming traffic on a mostly deserted highway.

    Truly the antithesis of a whacker.

    However, over the last 10 years I have acquired:

    FLIR technology, for the purpose of seeing large wildlife and searching for motionless bodies...or other uses that have come to pass. My Ford E450 AM/FM radios got tossed for a JVC Navigation, Satellite Radio, with Bluetooth, USB and SD card inputs..oh, and DVD too. Speaking of DVD, a patient compartment DVD player for those 2 hour stable patient transports. Point of care blood tests for elevated Troponin I and Myoglobin. Point of care test device for Hemoglobin An electric impact wrench and a 2 X 6 board...so if we ever blow an outside dual, (has happened several times) we can change the tire in less than 5 minutes and the other tires in 15. (when the nearest ambulance is 30 to 45 min away, it makes a difference) A tire pressure monitoring system...because we kept blowing so many tires due to the valve extensions failing. Backup camera...yeah, I know, everyone has them now...but not when I put them in 10 years ago. Blind spot cameras that come on when the signal light is activated and override the FLIR Patient compartment camera so the driver can watch what is happening in the back. (must be manually selected to override the FLIR with 1 button press) Dash cam...because I don't really have enough cameras already Transport ventilator with CPAP/BiPaP Thermal Angel for hypothermic patients Stryker Power Cots Video Laryngoscope Veinlite And, most recently discussed in another thread..a portable U/S machine. Next will be an infrascanner..probably. Now, 10 years later I am looking to upgrade the fleet. Remounting two of my three ambulances onto a Dodge Super Duty 4X4 chassis that will include an 18 inch cargo area between the cab and module for our underwater rescue/recovery equipment. (SCUBA Gear) They'll be 5 feet longer than my current ambulances, abd I went through the options list and checked off everything. Heated/Ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, 8.4 Nav/Sat/CD/BT. Liquid Suspension, Stryker Power Load, Bumper winch, and an ASAP all terrain remote rescue vehicle.

    Ya know, I'm sure there is more, and I really try to justify all of this by saying it's improving our ability to provide patient care....and it really has. Some might think that all the gadgets might result in a waste of time...or looking at a herd of horses and seeing zebras, but I think they really do help.

    I can be confident that no other ambulance within 1000 miles carries all that I do, some might have 1 or 2 things, but not everything. Problem is...I think they're really cool beans too, and I can't decide...have I been buying all these things to improve patient care....or just for the whacker factor so I can do things that no one else can?
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  9. Arctickat added a post in a topic Handheld Ultrasound   

    I'm with ERDoc on this...and it's my new toy. It's a simple case of treat the patient, not the machine. Just because I might see a Pneumo doesn't mean it'll get a dart. The patient's current presentation is the defining factor in my treatment decisions. I have two reasons for buying the U/S:

    Bypass the Doc in the Box direct to a trauma centre (Edit) In situations that warrant such measures, and the criteria are specific. monitor changes and let the trauma centre see any changes that may have occurred over the two hour transport time.
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  10. Arctickat added a post in a topic 5 year old female - headache and vomiting   

    Can I use my infrascanner?
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  11. Arctickat added a post in a topic Handheld Ultrasound   

    Donations...yeah...that's it. lol. The only person donating to my service is me.
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  12. Arctickat added a post in a topic Green and greener   

    Welcome to the club. We're all a bit green around here...some with decay.
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  13. Arctickat added a post in a topic Handheld Ultrasound   

    You forget Ruff, I'm a privateer. Any money I have left over is supposed to go into my pocket, and the more I can gouge out of patient care, the more I get to keep.
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  14. Arctickat added a post in a topic Handheld Ultrasound   

    I already have a veinlite.
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  15. Arctickat added a post in a topic Handheld Ultrasound   

    Here's the true life scenario...

    16 year old male kicked in the LUQ and complaining of ABD pain. Skin is pale and diaphoretic. Heart rate 95, BP 104/70, RR 20, SPo2 is 93%. Nearest trauma centre is a 2 hour drive, air transport is unavailable, doc in the box is the nearest option 15 minutes away, however all he has is Lab, (no ABGs) X-ray, and colloids. Current practise dictates we stop at the doc in a box, waste 2 hours while he does labs, gets x-rays, and sets up the referral to the trauma centre, then continue transport.

    If our u/s gives us the ability to identify free fluid in the abd from a splenec rupture, I would opt to bypass the doc in a box and head direct to the trauma centre.
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