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  1. as a guy, I don't know how you'd feel about it - but it's a unique look into the world of kentucky politics and what this woman deals with. I liked it...'course not everything is everybody's cup of tea. I'll check out your suggestions though !

  2. LMAO! anyways yeah..I will have to check out your suggestion.

  3. Hello I see you are looking for a good book. I can suggest a few I have read in the past few months. "The Notebook", "The Fire Inside" by Steven Delsohn; "The Forgotten Man" Amity Shlaes" all three great books. Take care

  4. Hello I am sorry to hear about this loss to the AZEMS community. I am surprised there is no news on the local station about this fallen comrade. In respect to the family and colleagues I am sure. I am just curious if I knew him. Once again sorry to hear about the bad news and my condolences the family and SW Crews.

  5. Welcome to the city

  6. Steely Dan- "Reeling in the years"
  7. Danny's Song- Loggins & Messina "even though we ain't got money..I'm so in love with you honey.." It's a rare classic
  8. Wow, decisions decisions. 1. Dean Martin- Greatest Hits 2. Hot Club of Cowtown- Best of Hot Club of Cowtown 3. Don Williams- Greatest Hits Might see if I could borrow FireDoc's Lynyrd Skynyrd album.
  9. "Watching airplanes"- Gary Allen Song is seriously stuck in my head. Must be the runway right next door
  10. "Lucky Man" - Montgomery Gentry
  11. "Long as I can see the light"- Creedence
  12. "These colors don't run" - Van Zant The song gets in your head, and rightfully so.