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  1. Bad Career Moves

    I wouldn't call that a bad career move, just a mistake.
  2. when does the rush go away?

    haha we run as many calls a night than he does in a day, crazy. but hey if he likes it more power to him. I'm not a EMS hater!
  3. 8,000-calorie lunch?

    Funny how everyone chimes in with "its disgusting" blah blah. Let them do what they want. And no, I don't think I would make it a habit of going there, but if people wanna be fat let them be fat! It's keeps us in business, doesn't it? And no---I am in very good shape, so don't even think it!
  4. For that special whacker in your life

    lol i should order these for the station as a gag gift
  5. Medic Hell ...........................

    damn i am SOOOO glad I do not do private "EMS" anymore.