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  1. Site went missing for a few minutes. Accidentally dragged the site folder to a different directory and could not find it. But.. I found it. That could have been bad.
  2. New

    I nice mention of emtcity.com in the book would be nice.
  3. OK.. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, We did a few things to try to increase the traffic here and it seems to be working. So for those of you that are new here or have not been around in a while; Welcome! We also are now feeding our twitter feed with the new topic links. So if you want to keep up on what is happening on EMT City, follow us on twitter. https://twitter.com/emtcity We also changed the default setting for "Notify me of replies" when you make or reply to a post. The default was off, but now it is on. This was changed because I would watch a new person post for the first time and never come back. I can only think that they never come back because they were never notified that someone replied. Now they will know. You can always change your default setting in your profile. As always, I welcome your feedback.
  5. Will do!
  6. Hi there, Our software will include a new feature that may help breath life into the site. They call it "Clubs" but it looks very similar to Facebook groups and we will be able to call it whatever we want. Now I know some of you moan with you hear the word Facebook but I think this might be a great idea. Groups can be open or closed, and the leader of the group can establish the parameters such as accepting members or no. They may also be able moderate the group as well. I am still looking over the features. I can see used such as: Departments that want a private place to talk freely State EMS groups to discuss state issues I look forward to your feedback.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  8. Hi there, When we upgraded to the latest software a year or so ago, we lost our ability to auto-post links using RSS to Facebook when new content here is posted. With that, we noticed a drop in participation as well. Good news! RSS is back and I just set it up so that whenever there is a new post, our Facebook page will be updated. This should bring new traffic to our site as we have over 34 thousand likes on our page. -Admin
  9. I noticed the content stream as well. It is different also if you are logged in or in guest mode. I will investigate further.
  10. I changed the setting to the "Unread Stream" and changed the name to "Content Stream". This should show all content from the newest to the oldest. I think this will work better.
  11. OK. sounds good. I have not received any other reports of issues.
  12. Did you try it on a different computer?
  13. Hello everyone, As I am putting more effort into emtcity.com I am also resurecting firefightercity.com. If you would like to be involved in the development of the site, please head over there and put your input in under the site news area. Thanks, Admin
  14. I would like feedback on the idea of getting rid of the subforums. All subforums would be moved into their main category.
  15. If you were getting blank pages or empty pages after trying to progress through a tread, we have found the issue. Some of the ad were breaking the site, but they are disabled and now life is good.