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  1. nattlebattle added a post in a topic Time to start thinking of a new profile name   

    Just stay away from the bacon unless the fire department is close by.
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  2. nattlebattle added a post in a topic Preceptors riding students   

    I was lucky enough to choose the location to do my internship. I chose my location hoping for a specific preceptor but unfortunately I was placed with someone on a different shift. I really liked my preceptor but as the days went on I realized that I was not really getting a chance to make the little mistakes that we all learn from (I can understand jumping in when you know its going to get bad). Finally I asked the preceptor that I originally wanted to ride with if he would be willing to take me on as a student for some of his shifts and I am so glad I did. For the first few shifts there were a few laughable jabs at me but they were in good fun and also contained some very good criticisms that really helped me learn from the mistakes I was making. I did end up switching to this preceptor full time and I am so glad I did because I learned so much because he was always involved with what I was learning on or off a call. I didn't realize how important it was to have someone there to question what and why you are doing something and have someone who really cares about the education you are getting once you are no longer sitting in a classroom for eight hours a day. Guess I was lucky because my preceptor was also my instructor in class.
    I made the decision to better my internship experience and I think that there is no way that you shouldn't do the same thing. Just know that there are preceptors who will ride your rear but there are also those who just want to be buddies. Know when you aren't learning anymore and change it.
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  3. nattlebattle added a topic in Meet and Greet   

    After all this time
    It certainly has been a while since I have been in the city and I have really missed reading the posts and talking to you guys. In the time that I have been gone I took advantage of the opportunities that were presented to me and went through paramedic school. Through lots of stressful moments and the occasional face palm moments I am proud to say that a week ago I took my national registry paramedic exam and passed first try. I want to say thanks to those of you who have supported me from the time I started here. I have to say that all of the knowledge that is shared in here every day has been so important and remains so to me. thanks all!
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  4. nattlebattle added a post in a topic Atrial Fib vs Atrial Flutter- EKG   

    You should look at regularity. A-fib is irregularly irregular. If you were to use the calipers to measure between complexes they would not match up.
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  5. nattlebattle added a post in a topic Quick trauma assessment question   

    Proctors a lot of the time want to see that you are thinking ahead. Rapid transport is the major decision and calling for ALS show that you understand the significance of the particular scenario.
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  6. nattlebattle added a post in a topic I'm Baaack   

    firedoc! have to say I really miss the stories!
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  7. nattlebattle added a post in a topic sooooo paramedic school   

    I work for the school so they will pay for about 6 of the credits and for the rest I have to take a school loan. So while I am in Paramedic school I will be paying off the interest and worry about the rest after.
    Good luck finding something that works for you.
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  8. nattlebattle added a post in a topic Congratulations Canadianmedic!   

    I love babies.
    happy birthday to the little one!!!!
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  9. nattlebattle added a post in a topic Congratulations EMTDON and JESS ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!   

    If I get my way little Nicholas will have green hair by the time he is two
    DON YOUR THREATS only scare me a little!!!
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  10. nattlebattle added a post in a topic Whats in an Age? An Opinion: Open for Discussion   

    For some reason I thought it was 21 in most places already. Though I may have been mistaken.
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  11. nattlebattle added a post in a topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY MASCALL   

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :occasion4:
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  12. nattlebattle added a post in a topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMTLADY76877   

    happy happy birthday!!! :occasion4:
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  13. nattlebattle added a post in a topic Happy Birthday nattlebattle   

    Oh wow.
    Thanks mamma I prefer the first one. No Paul not finally. Loner...spot on
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  14. nattlebattle added a post in a topic Happy Birthday nattlebattle   

    ooh that is exactly what I need! A dart board with Don on it.
    Thanks guys :headbang:
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  15. nattlebattle added a post in a topic Take it or Leave it game   

    leave it i have about 10

    a bag of sunflower seeds
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