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  1. Our 1998 braun had the same set up. We transported 3 patients 4 patients out of one wreck, 1 hanging, one on the bench, and one on the cot. adn finally one on the captains chair.
  2. So who's on your group? Do you have field providers in your group, not to be contentious, but you know the people who are actually in the trenches who deal with this every single day and are forced to improvise and often are left to pick up the pieces when their improvisation turn tragic. Without the proper tools and when we are forced to improvise, when something goes wrong, we are the ones who are hung out to dry because we are not given the tools to properly do our jobs. So are their field providers in your group? and if NOT, why NOT? and not that is not meant to be argumentative, but just a SMH moment if true.
  3. Might have been one of those hanging stretcher ambucab setups that somehow still exist out there.
  4. Brandon, you are bringing a welcome bit of education to this forum sir, please continue to do so. Pediatric transport and care is something that is woefully undertaught and underdone in our industry imho. Please continue to provide insight and education, this is really good stuff. thank you
  5. Actually, this tidbit of information does not surprise me in the least. Let me ask one question, if you put a car seat on a ambulance stretcher, secure it to the stretcher, does that qualify as providing a car seat in the ambulance? Do you provide the same level of securitysafe transport to that pediatric patient compared to a properly secured/installed car seat in a automobile?
  6. New

    I've been in the field and out of the field for over 20 years. I have enough stories for 2-3 books. Why should those of us with this many stories that are our own give you ours? I'm just curious. But I do wish you the best. If you do write this and make it a e-book make sure you don't price it too high.
  7. Accelerated EMT courses you get out of them what you put in them. Why the hurry? Why waste time - just go this route - https://www.emtfiretraining.com/emt-b-course.php zero to hero in less than 30 seconds. One of their requirements Safely administer medications (the student should safely, and while performing all steps of each procedure, properly administer medications at least 15 times to live patients) Let's hope they are live patients - can't give meds to dead patients.
  8. fire away, we love questions.
  9. where do you want to work? What overseas do you mean?
  10. have you done any research on this at all? Dr. Google is your friend, a simple "how to become a paramedic in australia" netted me lots of information. I suggest you do the same. I don't know much about Paramedics in Australia but there are several aussie medics here but I don't know how active they are on this forum. Several quesitons 1. Why do you want to be a paramedic in Australia - 2. Are you prepared to move to Australia and work there? I don't believe paramedic is a essential job anymore so you would have to go through all the rigamorole of getting immigration status and you probably would not get it. It's called Right to Work and these are the requirements to be qualified: an Australian citizen: a birth certificate, citizenship certificate or current passport is proof of eligibility. a permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand citizen who has entered Australia on a valid passport: you are allowed to stay and work in Australiawithout restriction. 3. Their jobs aren't much different than medics in the states but the do go to more school if I remember right. Good luck if you are serious about this quest you are on.
  11. Why Sweden? Why Sweden? What education do you have now? I think you would be better served by getting educated in Sweden if that's where you want to move. I'm not sure of their education requirements but I would think they would require a longer education period that what we have here. Would hate for you to get your paramedic here and then Sweden come back and say "Sorry Charlie, you don't have enough education so you need to start over" Here are some helpful links that were very very easy to find if you used Dr. Google. https://www.thelocal.se/discuss/index.php?showtopic=11839?showtopic=11839 This site says you ahve to get a nursing program done first and then add a year of paramedic on top of it. http://www.studyinstockholm.se/university/the-swedish-red-cross-university-college/ And if you think you are going to get a free educaiton in Sweden, according to my understanding, you have to be a citizen of Sweden to get the free schooling. I could be wrong but I'm probably not according to a couple of websites I visited. 14K for a years program if what I'm seeing. but again, I could be wrong. So why Sweden?
  12. I gotta say, I miss Julia's wit
  13. Yeah, when I read this, Mike's comment about Julia was the first thing that popped into my head. "It's good you want to be an emt, maybe a latte and a couple of general courses will make you a great person for wanting to become a emt"
  14. Ok, so what is VN? is that vocational nurse? So you won't get your emt in a month at reputable programs - but if you move to Seattle, you can make 15 an hour. Yeah I k now that was snarky. and I don't know of any other medical program that you can get out of in a month and make 15 per hour. They just dont make that kind of medical program. I could be wrong but I'm probably not. But anyhow, Are you just going to EMT school to get to 15 per hour and if you are, then you aren't doing this for the right reasons. But with that being said, what are you going to do during the time you are in school learning to be an EMT financial wise? You have to work right, what are you doing right now and how much are you making. is there any way you can pick up an extra job until your wife gets out of school and then you can get your education started. You may have to delay your time in getting your emt until she get's out of school and support your family. EMT school will still be there I assure you, California is a EMT mill in and among itself, my understanding is that you can't throw a rock out of a BLS ambulance without hitting a EMT school. Good luck in making some hard decisions in the near future.
  15. I remember your posts MariB and to see the person you have blossomed to be, let's hope our new excited poster becomes half the person you have become.
  16. ok, I'll ask the question that no one ever asks Why did you drink and drive? But that question aside - You will find many of us on this site, myself included that you won't get much support from in your quest to become an EMT. The reason why I say this is one of the worst things we see is the senseless disaster that are drunk driving accidents. They are 100% preventable by the DRUNK who decided to get drunk and then get behind the wheel of the car and drive, then hitting a family or a kid or whatnot and killed them or maimed them. Again, this is 100% preventable and we in this business are tasked with picking up the pieces of this 100% preventable disaster. So this is why we don't have much sympathy for anyone who comes here with stories of having been arrested for drunk driving and wanting to be an EMT. Now that being said, you need to call your state EMS licensing bureau and talk to them directly and ask them about your situation. They and only they can tell you if you can get an EMT license. Then if they say Yes you can, then you then need to call the prospective EMS Agencies you might want to work for and ask them if you can even get insured by them as a 21 year old emt with a previous reckless driving charge on your license which for the places I have worked, reckless driving held just as much NASTY connotations as a drunk driving charge and that person application who had that history on their driving record was immediately placed into the circular file and shredded. I hope you never make the stupid decision of drinking and driving ever again. And yes it was stupid and I hope you learned your lesson. hopefully you know it could have been a lot worse than just getting arrested and ticketed like you were. But I do wish you the best in your future endeavors. But I also do second MedicGirls question, why do you want to be an EMT when you have a degree in Microbiology. I'm sure that degree can get you more money than a 8-10 dollar an hour or so EMT job.
  17. If Turd watch or Rescue 911 or even Emergency showed what we really did on a day to day basis, then they would have only lasted one episode. If those reality shows on right now showed what we really did on a day to day basis they would be on for 1 episode People don't want to see that we may spend the entire day taking dialysis patients and nursing home patients back and forth to the hospital and their houses on one day and then spend one day taking care of a heart attack victim and a couple of sick kids and then the rest of the shift we sat on our butts waiting for a call. People want to see that we are out saving lives, fighting the big 5 alarm fire, saving kids, doing field amputations and delivering babies. Throw in a water rescue and a lady completely covered in Ice in her basement with just her mouth and nose protruding out of the ice and saving her life and then top it all off by going down into the sewers and doing a hand stand defibrillation on a guy in a flooded sewer all the while your partners are holding on to the pipes on the cieling of the sewer. Damnit that's what the public wants to see. And what's really cool to top it all off, everyone of those people, wouldn't you know, we save em. Nobody ever died on Rescue 911. But to be completely honest, the last couple of shifts that I worked prior to pulling my arms and legs into my turtle shell and moving on to my IT career where I don't have to do hand stands, I sat on my rear end and binge watched the walking dead until the last call I got was a transfer from the ER to KU medical center for a post MI patient who honestly was healthier than I was and really could have walked to KU.
  18. I'm with Medicgirl These are the steps i'd follow 1. find out if there's a settlement coming? sounds like he''s been in the LTC facility for a while so he should be getting some sort of settlement unless they didn't sue or something like that. 2. Find him a receiving facility where he's going. That task is on his folks. 3. Start calling the transfer services - they are going to want to know a lot of info, such as distance, if he's on Oxygen, what kind of care he needs, does he need meds and all that stuff. If he doesn't need meds then a basic crew would be fine to take him. If he's on oxygen, the crews will need to make arrangements for replacement oxygen tanks. It looks like in the picture he might need it. 4. Will the medical director sign off on such a long trip, especially when you are going way way out of state. You will need to find a service that specializes in those types of transfers. Not your local 911/transfer provider. AMR or Rural Metro would be my first call if they are local to your area. I've transported a patient from KC Mo all the way to Seattle and we made arrangements with Apria healthcare so when we got low on oxygen, we just called their 800 number and they told us where the next town was with an Apria in it and they took care of us. don't forget bathroom and food breaks for the guy, Kind of difficult to transport someone who has a very special diet so you might be looking into a specialized transport unit with someone who can take care of this guy's needs. Not sure if the transfer ems crew is ready to change diapers and all that. Our patient was a 26 year old cancer patient going to a specialized cancer treatment up in Seattle. Needless to say, this is a terribly long trip for anyone to take this guy on. He's likely not to tolerate it very well. Not sure if I remember how far he was needing to go but back when we did our transport it was nearly 2000 dollars and that was 1992. I'm sure it's at least double or triple or even higher.
  19. It's good that you want to become an EMT but you shouldn't be stressing over this. Why are you stressing over this? You should get an anatomy and physiology course over the summer, that would give you a good understanding of the human body and why it does what it does. A good english composition course would be a good idea, if you are tasked with writing reports you will need good grammar and spelling skills, not what you have been taught in college unless you've been through college level composition courses. Next I would think about working your upper body and lower back strength. You will need to be able to lift very heavy patients and sometimes you may just be with your partner. Conflict resolution skills and basic self defense skills are a must in this line of work as well. That's what I would do during your summer break. See, nothing to stress about.
  20. Julia, you didn't disappoint. don't forget to eat your veggies
  21. Dude, hats off to you as the Immigratino and border protection officer. I had a friend (long time ago) go down to the border, I think he ended up near Natches or (similar sounding name city) Mexico or Texas, he lasted about 9 months and then left. He told me it was the worst 9 months of his life. He's now working in the oil industry over in the UAE making 3.5 mil a year. How things changed for him. I haven't heard from him in about 5 years. I hope he's still doing well.
  22. I meant Syphillis But she's also Like Janice from Friends, she kept coming back to see Chandler.
  23. Oh my goodness, she is like herpes, she keeps coming back.
  24. hope you find the person you are looking for.
  25. Welcome to the city