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  1. This post and also the other post from the lady who just screwed up her ACL caused by the drill sergeant douchbaggery of the 5 week accelerated course in florida. Guys we are a profession, these accelerated programs make us look like keystone medics and emt's. it makes us look like we want to be hero's that started at zero. Firefighters don't go through this Police officers don't go through this doctors, nurses, CNA's, hair dressers, accountants, IT guys, or any other professionals do NOT go through these 5 week camps where you can finish your schooling in 5 weeks. It's just in my opinion makes us look silly and short changes the student and also the patients that they are going to be taking care of. Can some people learn in that environment, sure they can. Can they retain an entire 1000 page book in 5 weeks, possibly, but can they retain it enough to be competent I do not believe so. Do yourself a favor, take your time, learn the material and understand it. The jobs will be there when you get done. Trust me. They were there when you started your search for a school and they will be there when you get out of school.
  2. No this forum is not for online classes or education. I'm not sure where you saw that there were online courses. If you saw the CME link that was a banner ad, then that link was just for online medical education for physicians and that was an advertisement. There has never been any online education provided by this site. I hope that this clears up your confusion.
  3. No I do not but do not lose heart. Just because you got screwed by this school, does not mean that all schools are like this crappy one. YOu didn't say where in Central florida but here's one. http://www.laketech.org/programs/emergency-medical-technician
  4. By the way, you were paying them to teach you, not to punish you. Again, donkey balls
  5. Wait wait wait, you injured yourself during punishment? Again, this school sucks big donkey balls. I would think that you have some type of case and you might want to at least see what one attorney thinks. Every attorney in Florida has a free consultation. I would go see one. Again, punishing all students for the downfalls of other students is just douchbaggery.
  6. www.traillifeusa.com 

    Trail Life USA is a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, and Leadership Program for boys and young men.

    Operating from Troops that are chartered through churches in 48 states, the K-12 program centers on outdoor experiences that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers.

    Living the Trail Life is a journey established on timeless values derived from the Bible.

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  7. Violyn, why go to an empty place when there's nothing there??
  8. Lot's of good info in this site from good people. Listen to the advice given it may save you a lot of heartache in the long run. We know that you probably only want 911 or emergency transport experience but that's very competetive (at least in Missouri it is, I would assume New York is as well) so look into getting experience in a non-emergency service as well. Listen, watch, ask questions, drive safely(you have not only your life in your hands but your partners, your patients an oftentimes at least one other family members in your hands as well). Learn your job and do it well before trying to learn the medics job. (many of my emt's never learned that aspect of their role). Know where everything is on your truck, down to the alcohol swabs. You never know when you are going to need to go get some for your partner. i know you asked about places to work, but this is good solid advice for a newbie.
  9. Well they can say they are THEEE BEST all they want but what's their pass rate for students on the national registry? that's the proof if they are the best. If their students can't pass the registry then they haven't done their job. Again, if they make you do push ups and other physical punishment because of someone else's issue, that's douchbaggery 101, it sounds like they are modelling it after boot camp. YOu aren't paying money to the school to help them discipline someone else. But you are in it now so play along with the pseudo-drill sergeants and if the troublemakers keep making trouble, it might be time to have a come to jesus meeting with them.
  10. Hi Lindsay, you mean that if one of you mess up you have to do push ups or their uniforms not pressed or tucked in. What a bunch of powerhungry douche bags. I'm sorry that they put you through that sort of crap. That type of stuff does absolutely nothing but make the rest of you resent the one who is having problems. I already dislike this program already. Please don't take an accelerated paramedic course. And I honestly do hope you do pass. But one piece of advice if you do pass and get your EMT license. Immediately enroll in a state recognized EMT refresher course, because you are going to need it based on the accelerated pace of this course and trying to learn 4-5 chapters a day, pretty tough to learn 4-5 chapters out of a history book, let alone a medical book, even if it is a basic EMT book. A good physician friend of mine once told me "Michael, you really don't know what you really don't know, when you really don't know" and this is a prime example of that quote. Persevere and keep on keeping on. Good luck, but your program truly is run by a bunch of douchebags. push ups, that's rich. and yes, you can show your instructors this reply, well maybe not, they might make you do push-ups till you drop.
  11. So is this a EMT course? First off, let me wish you luck. Now let me say some things about these courses Do you feel like you have learned what you paid to learn? Do you have other outside commitments that have kept you from your studies? Kids? husband? work? This is the problem in my opinion about these courses 1. You have 5 weeks to learn what others are given at least an entire college semester to learn. Unless a student is super motivated and really has ABSOLUTELY NO other commmitments in their life, this type of course is definatley NOT for them 2. The accelerated nature of this type of course does not give much wiggle room to return to a subject that you might not understand to get more knowledge on. At least in a longer course structure period you could revisit something and get more info on it, this type of course doesn't seem to allow it unless you spend your minimal extra time reviewing. It seems like your shortcomings in this class is the Scene size up and Patient assessment skills which is a big part of what an EMT does. Honestly, I am not a big fan of these courses. But I truly wish you luck on your endeavor. I think you have been using some of the better resources to prepare but this may not have been the correct format for you to learn though. Not a negative comment directed at you though, this 5 week course may not fit your learning style.
  12. Teaching point What is lividity? Answer that question and you I think answer your question to this group. But no I would not have worked this patient either. Lividity to me, equals death. Lividity added to unwitnessed no estimated down time definately equals death. the dead person is no longer your patient. The family is. Walk them through what is going to go on from here on out. Prep them for when the coroner gets there and their loved one is prepped to be removed from the home. Ask if you can help them make phone calls if they need someone to be called like a family member or their pastor or Imam or whoever they want you to call for them. If the police are there, you more than likely can clear the scene and leave. there is no sense for you to remain on scene if you do not have to. go with the flow on what feels comfortable and right. there ARE NO right or wrong answers here after the family member has been called. Ped's opens a whole new dynamic and that dynamic sucks big donkey balls simply because it's a pediatric patient. Your emotion and the emotional quotient ramps up a thousand fold especially if you have a kid about the same age as the one who passed.
  13. Oh yeah, but you are right, she handled it like a pro. But you were right, it was pretty harsh at first, but later it was softer. I'm not bad, I'm just drawn bad. (what movie????)
  14. let us know what the answers you got were. That way others will benefit from your efforts.
  15. I'm looking forward to that updated video. I"m sure that it will be a good one. Keep on striving for greatness, I'm sure you will get better with each passing moment. Just remember, Thomas Edison made many many versions of the light bulb before the one that we have now. It took lots of tries. I for one do not have the patience to do a video like that one, so I commend you. Looking forward to version 2.0
  16. medicgirl, you are right, it was pretty harsh, but I was under the impression that it was a professionally linked video and that's why it was so harsh. I expected more out of a professionally done video. Now that I know it was not done by a professional, I feel that I can be a bit softer in my criticism. I hope that after taking a step back and looking at it from a different lens, which I did and I have now offered her some more constructive criticisms, that it's less harsh so to speak. I hope that she understands that there was no malice or offense intended but I'm sure that some may have taken it as a malicious attack which if anyone who has been on this forum longer than a week knows, I'm not like that at all. I also applaud her for her standing up to me, and letting me so to speak "have it" just like medicGirl let me have it as well. I am no where near perfect and can always be fed a piece of humble pie but I do stand by two things on this video 1. If it was put together by a professional then my original view would stand 2. Since it was not put together by a professional and put together by one who put a lot of effort in to this, my new review stands and I urge Lili to keep up with her efforts and keep on working on polishing this video. Reviews are just that reviews, not everyone will like what you put out, many will, others will kind of like it. It's up to you to decide what to do with those reviews. keep on trucking or turn tail and run. I hope that you keep on trucking and say screw you to the naysayers and endeavor to show those naysayers that you can blow them away with an even better product than you put out the first time. Case in point, I wrote about 20 short Robbie the Fire Truck books for my son. My son loved em. My wife not so much. I put them away for about 10 years. I took them out, revised them for my girls and my wife loves em now. I'm getting ready to self publish them as soon as I find a artist to illustrate them. I hope to have them published as a learn to read set of books. The initial reviews of the books by my wife were horrible and I nearly never showed them again but I decided to do it and now I think they are publishable. You never know what you can do if you stop because of a bad review like the one I gave you initially. I am looking forward to seeing your updated video. I hope there is one.
  17. Yes, JenJo12, these type of questions when it's your career liveliehood on the line, are best left to those who will give you the most accurate and correct answers. Those people are the office of EMS in your state or the NREMT if it's a NREMT question. We can give you advice but for any question of this magnitude is best left to the experts, not us internet jockeys, hell most of us on this site are pretty darn smart but not when it comes to this stuff. Both Mike and I will always refer you to the state offices or the NREMT on this type of question. Your career depends on valid and correct advice, not Wikipedia level advice from people on this site who mean well but honestly and NO OFFENSE intended, don't know the right answer in this situation. Again, NO OFFENSE intended Y'all. So give this number a call https://health.wyo.gov/publichealth/ems/ 307-777-7955 or 888-228-8996 these are the right people to call..
  18. This was your video that you made? Ok, step back on my end. I went back and watched it again. I may have been a bit harsh, I thought that this was a video that was put together by a professional and you had linked it. I did not realize that you had put it together on your own. that being said, I still did not like it completely but this puts it in a different perspective. From a amateur perspective, knowing that now, it's more palatable. I think that you are on a good start but here's my criticisms. 1. the pictures like I said look like they are stock pictures from each agencies web sites and I don't remember seeing individual credit to the agencies which might get you in trouble but probably not. 2. the timing in between each picture is short, a little longer would be better. It was very fast between pictures. 3. Get rid of the thin blue, thin red, thin pink, thin orange lines. I think they are counter productive. Is there such a thing as These lines out there that are established and recognized, such as "thin gold line" for fallen dispatchers? I have never heard of such a thing as these lines so that's where I may need to be more knowledgeable in my mind. Maybe there needs to be but again, I think that these "lines" do nothing other than divide us, we are "ONE" and there is only ONE line. I also disagree with the "thin blue line" but that's a cop thing and we aren't cops. Again, that's just me. I give you credit for your enthusiasm and I'm not in any way telling you to NOT put this out there, And the opinions that come out of my mouth on to computer keyboard are simply my own. Please do not take what I have said personally, as this was not meant to be personal.
  19. This video was awful. Not to be a debbie downer but this seems like someone just took a bunch of PR pictures of Minnesota agencies and put together a PR video and I didn't get much out of this. And honestly, what the hell are all these thin blue, yellow, orange, silver and purple lines. Aren't we all one line for fallen members. To have separate lines for each branch of agencies just in my opinion separates us further. This video just cheapens our service and was very poorly done. Just my 2 cents.
  20. the EKG book by Dale Dubin. Don't let the history of Dale get you down on his book. Any book by Bob Page Any book by Doc Bledsoe
  21. 1.)How old were you when you decided or thought about becoming a paramedic - 19 on the scene of a bad wreck with no equipment and a 40 minute response time from a rural ambulance. watched a family die from their injuries. Knew at that moment I wanted to be a medic. I always wanted to be but that solidified it. 2.) What was your college experience? 2 years in junior college getting prerequisites for 4 year college - then went to UMKC and also got my emt and medic as well. 3.) How many years did it take to graduate? 6 4.) What could you give to someone going into the business? Don't rush it. You have your entire life to do this job. 5.) what is your American dream? to own 10000 acres overlooking the mountains of Colorado or the Rockies somewhere. 6.) is it achievable? no freaking way. 8.) if you could live your life all over again would you become a paramedic again? Why ke why not? Yes I would, but I'd do it differently and get my degree first and not a degree in sociology, but a degree in Information Technology or something tradeskill related. My bachelors degree is Useless. 9.) Was this your first choice of a career? Yes 10.) was there a time when you wanted to give up? My first day on the job my first call was a adult code, then a couple of general call, then we worked a trauma code and then my last call was a pedi code. I nearly didn't come back. but I did and I put all three of those codes in the locked room in my brain and they don't get to come out. Over the years, that room has turned into two rooms. The key is an electronic keypad that only two other people know the code. My wife and my best medic friend. We change the code about every 5 years. You Cannot trust the NSA any further than you can throw em.
  22. or Don't rock the boat
  23. Is it time that EMS can start to transport to an Urgent Care facility? Should ambulances be able to routinely transport patients to lower acuity facilities if the patients condition warrants it? Take a look at this article and see what you think!!! http://www.hhnmag.com/articles/8238-call-an-ambulance-for-care?utm_campaign=042917&utm_medium=email&eid=302381567&bid=1740908#.WQX4PMmPuZ8.linkedin
  24. By the way, I hate being told no. Being told that "it's the way it's always been done"
  25. Exactly my friend. that's why I was told to drop it. they knew they weren't going to get paid so they squashed it. Patients didn't know any better so they didn't push it. but every once in a while a patient would ask the question "Can't you just take me to my doctors office" Big paradigm shift, but I can see it happening. Not in my EMS lifetime, but maybe my son's if he decides to get into this line of work.