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  1. Hello My pretties

    Either you have a awesome supplier or you are extremely happy and in a very good place. which one is it?
  2. New Here...Hello!

    I was wondering the same thing about the user name as well.
  3. the 9 things you never say to a patient

    Oops, there's no antidote for that one!!! Are nuts supposed to get that big?
  4. the 9 things you never say to a patient

    Do you mind if I take a picture, I'm building a gallery of "things that shouldn't go in certain places" Death was here, he said he'd be back, he said we could practice.
  5. Update coming

    Looks nice.
  6. New and not thrilled

    Actually that is an incorrect statement, many people agree with you but they just don't give a shit and they just want to collect a paycheck. They just want to go to work, do their job, and get home safe. Do they want better pay, sure they do, but they most often work in a area where if you try to start a union, you are fired for some reason and then you have no place else to work so you just continue to keep working. Plus, Unions are not the panacea that you think they are. Sure you can try to bring in a union to the workplace but what if the company doesn't want to wokr with the Union, are they forced to wokr with the union? Does the state that the company is in, recognize unions as having to be recognized in bargaining? Plus what happens when you bring the union in and that union forces the company to begin to pay drastically higher wages that the company is unable to pay? What happens then? I for one am not a union fan, I will work in a shop with a union, I will work in one that doesn't have one but I've never been represented by a union where they have done much good for me personally. People/friends still got fired while working for the union so that a myth. As for professional drivers, to me, that's what we are supposed to be, professional drivers. It would actually be silly to hire a professional driver just to have one that is all that they are supposed to do. Especially if they can't take care of patients. idealism is a great thing though.
  7. New and not thrilled

    Oh boy, Well, only one person replied to you, so only one person disagreed with you so far. Did you get any idea of why you were deemed uninsurable? And, do you know how much money it costs to purchase an ambulance service? 6 figures will buy you one ambulance and one employee. Plus remember, your professional driver needs to be an EMT in most states at a minimum. So he/she would need to provide some care and not jsut be the professional driver unless you are going to offer a 3 man crew and just make the driver drive. You have lofty goals, but attainable goals, just keep your eyes on the prize, and make sure you have some heavy investors to help you out.
  8. Old folks Still here?

    one for the resurrection files
  9. question

    I think some people might need a safe space set up after they read this.
  10. question

    Well that just sucks, what a way to be a group of ASSHOLES to do that
  11. question

    Off label, great post, but unfortunately, many I've worked with, some in the hiring side, consider the person in dreds as less than desireable as an employee. I for one consider the person and not the hairstyle. I have several friends with crazy ass hair styles. I know the person behind the style, but they have been passed over for jobs they were qualified for, passed over based on their appearance. Sucks, and we should be past all this, but appearance is very important. If you look like a thug(not saying you do) but generally, if you do, then you probably won't get the job
  12. question

    Many organizations have a dress code including hair length but the majority of places I've worked your dreds would not be an issue. Be prepared to not get hired if your dreds are really long or if they look bad.
  13. Genesis II IDLH Rescue Resuscitator

    Sounds like strictly control ventilation. Pretty narrow operating rangefor patientsthat are at least completely apneic from whatever reason. Bottom line for me would be as close to 6 cc/kg as possible with at least 5 of peep with airway pressures less than 30 if possible. I don't think you'd do any harm if you stuck close to that for the time it took for a transport. Not optimal, but you'd be ok with that.
  14. Why do we transport dead people?

    damn, that's a crazy story. I did clinicals where we would get calls from the local funeral home across the street from the EMS station and we would go over and help them move larger bodies and help them do all different sorts of tasks. Sort of a public service for that funeral home.
  15. Why do we transport dead people?

    Now we just need someone with Publishing experience,,,,,,,,hmmmmmm who might that be?????? that could put their experience behind this and give guidance?????