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  1. Ruffmeister Paramedic added an answer to a question IV solution warming temperatures   

    Again Melvin R, I was not busting your balls or criticizing you, I was just asking why you were questioning the manufacturers numbers.  
    Here is what I would do
    I would contact a number of manufacturers of IV solutions and ask them the exact same question and see what answers you get.  Then take the numbers you get and develop a range that your system is comfortable with.  It seems like your system is operating out of the safe operating range.  So that's what I would do.  But one caveat, you run the risk of running into trouble and legal issues if you heat the fluid of let's say Baxters fluid to higher than what Baxter says is recommended for their fluid based on let's say "medtronics" numbers.  
    So if you heat baxters fluids to medtronics numbers of 114 degrees yet baxters numbers are 108 degrees and you use medtronics numbers, then you run legal and medical risks.  Does that make sense.  
    My opinion is to only warm your fluid to your suppliers recommended temperatures and no higher.  I'm sure your risk management team would say the same thing.  
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  2. Ruffmeister Paramedic added an answer to a question IV solution warming temperatures   

    Melvin,  you have the manufacturer's recommendation, do you not trust that?  Just a question not harping, but Baxter is very very well respected and they do provide a vast amount of IV fluid to the healthcare community.  I think I would go with what they say.  Are the other sites you are referring to, are they manufacturers sites or are they just sites that are out there that you found?  
    Honestly, not harping or busting your balls here, but why are you not trusting the manufacturers information?
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  3. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a post in a topic Syrian Refugees   

    thanks Bernhard for the firsthand perspective.  I think that if those in the US had that information, we might have a somewhat different perspective on this situation.  
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  4. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a post in a topic Syrian Refugees   

    My thoughts have been changing on this matter, I have more to say but I'm at work.  But after all the hateful meme's, the hateful statements and from what I have been reading from non-judgemental websites and the sites that I believe are truthful and provide information that is valid, my viewpoint has changed, but it's tempered with caution.  
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  5. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a topic in Politics   

    Syrian Refugees
    Please keep this civil as this is a very hot button topic 
    Syrian Refugees - what a hot button topic -  
    Obama wants them to come to the USA - 10K or more if he can get that many here
    27 state governors have said NO, not in our backyard
    Immigration law is on Obama's side here though,  the states can symbolically refuse the refugees but they cannot legally keep em out. 
    At least one terrorist in the most recent attack in Paris was from Syria, but the others were supposedly French citizens or from Belgium I believe - the narrative is fluiid and changing each day.  
    But the Boston bombers were refugee's
    I have to say, I for one am more worried about the single or pair of shooters who go into the movie theater or the school and open fire than I am the syrian Refugees because they are not here yet and are not in our cities as of yet.  I have yet to hear of any terrorist attacks by those refugees in the countries that have accepted those syrian refugees except France.  Correct me if I'm wrong though.  
    But I'm on the fence here, I want to embrace the american ideal and american dream to these people but on the other hand, I don't want them here based on the off hand risk that some of them do pose. 
    This I believe will be the defining moment of our sitting president.  It will be his swan song legacy and if there is one terrorist attack on his watch from a syrian refugee or a group of refugees, his legacy is toast and the legacy of anyone who supported him is done.  
    Again please keep this civil.  
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  6. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a post in a topic Pain Detectors   

    I had a patient one day present to the ed with a tens unit with one pad on each of his temples and the unit set to 8.  He said it was the only thing that would help his headaches.  You know what, I believed him.  
    And he never once asked for dilaudid.  
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  7. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a post in a topic Split Patient Care Forum?   

    I also click on the new content button.  doesn't make a difference what the content is.  
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  8. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a post in a topic Modified valsavla in SVT   

    If you have the room and if you can be trained by a cardiologist or someone who knows the procedure then I don't see the harm in trying this on your patients who have SVT who are not critically unstable.  
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  9. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a post in a topic EMT Student Projects   

    De-escalating violent situations when you cannot get away.  
    The signs and symptoms of overdosing(or overdrinking) of energy drinks -  My son had this issue the other day.  
    What do you do when you are the first on the scene of a MCI
    Dealing with the Line of duty death
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  10. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a post in a topic TWIAGE - new app coming   

    I agree with Rock Shoes,  I can't remember the last time that I didn't give a good phone or radio report to the hospital.  If I'm really busy, my driver is going to call the hospital and tell them what we have and say that I would have called but "he's too busy with this type of patient and you all need to be ready"  
    Sometimes technology can be a hindrance and after re-reading this and doing a little bit of thinking, I know I know, Ruff's thinking again, I liken it back to this,  this is actually double documenting unless this get's interfaced into the electronic pcr that you use.  If it isn't interfaced into the patient chart that you write, and let's say you put something down on this Twiage app and then you put something else down in your ambulance record, there is a discrepancy in your records and that could lead to trouble down the road in a lawsuit if heaven forbid there is one filed.  
    I'm not sold on this yet.  If it interfaces into your patient record then I'm a little more on board.  
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  11. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a topic in Patient Care   

    2800 addresses where you can't go without PD
    What if there were 2800 locations in your jurisdiction that you could not go without the police?  Surprisingly, there are 2800 locations in Scotland that their medics cannot go without the police coming along.  Read more about it here.  http://www.emergency-live.com/en/news/in-scotland-there-are-2800-addresses-where-ambulances-are-not-allowed-to-go-without-police-escort/
    This brings up the question - does your dispatch software offer the ability to flag an address that will alert the dispatcher to send PD with you?  Or does Dispatch rely on the type of call to determine that? 
    Maybe it's time that we get software that does that.  It might just make our jobs a tad bit safer.  
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  12. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    TWIAGE - new app coming
    This looks promising but hopefully Hipaa compliant and all that.  
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  13. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a post in a topic Old folks Still here?   

    Listen, then we can't get away with anything doc. 
    I have the worst case of Tinnitus, even my eent says that my upper register hearing is about 50-70 percent gone.  Of course that upper register hearing accounts for the sound range of the woman's voice. I actually have a medical excuse for not hearing you women when you talk.  
    What's your excuse doc?
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  14. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a post in a topic EMT suspended for helping choking 7yr old girl   

    Due to budget cuts, you will find that many schools have a nurse only on grounds at specified times.  I know that the schools in my parents district, they have 3 nurses to cover 11 schools.  So the nurse has specified hours for each school each day to go and administer any medication that the little bundles of joy require.  It is up to the office staff or the teachers to provide immediate care on the other times and then either call the parents or 911 to get the help that is needed when the nurse is not there.  Sad aint it?  
    I rmember when I was in school, there was a nurse on site from 6am to 4pm every day in each school.  Not anymore.  
    In the district that we live in right now, I'm not sure about but our kids are homeschooled so it's not a issue for us.  As for this district involved, I don't know if there was a nurse or not, but even if there was, I suspect that this child would still have the same outcome because it seems like no-one on site knew what the hell to do.  But again, we can't rush to judgement here because we are relying on the media to present us the facts and we all know how "kind" the media is when it comes to sensational stories like this.  
    Either way, the district is going to be run through the ringer on this one and if it turns out that they should be, then rightly so, but let's not rush to judgement here.
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  15. Ruffmeister Paramedic added a post in a topic Old folks Still here?   

    But then I don't get away with plausible deniability ya know.  
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