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  1. So it's October 21, the OP posted here on July 12. That's 3 months ago. If he hasn't retaken the test by now, well he should have. If he has and he didn't pass, then he should be in a refresher class and also a how to overcome test anxiety class or seminar. he should have come back and updated us but I'm thinking the worst but hoping for the best. I think we can consider this a dead horse and this dead horse does not need anyone beating it anymore.
  2. You could hire EMT's to be your first responders. they should be under a medical director's supervision, approach the local ER or Clinic to see if there are any physician's willing to do this. If you cannot find a physician to lead the charge so to speak, I would only hire someone for first aid, and first aid only. Anything more than a cut or a bruise gets EMS called. Have the first aider initially look at the patient but EMS should be called. You should not put the level of responsibility of making a decision on allowing a child to return to a game after they have been hurt to a EMT, sorry emt's out there, but seriously, this is not your purveyance. If the local sports organization isn't willing to fork out money for a higher trained person on site than an EMT then they need to NOT have anyone and just call 911 to get EMS there. But EMS should not be the ones to make the decision to let the child return to the game, that's why you pay someone of a higher level of care like a trainer or a physician or even a nurse. Have you asked your parents if there are any physicians out there who might be willing to volunteer to be the medical person if something were to come up in a given situation? You might find that you have more doc's and nurses in the group than you realize who will volunteer one game day each to make sure that all the kids are safe. Something to think about.
  3. My opinion as well but I wanted to add a scenario. I can say that if my football team had an EMT giving permission to return to play I would seriously be questioning the thought process of the leadership of that program. I think that a paramedic is stretching it for this level of decision as well.
  4. You mean making the decision to let a head injured or possibly concussed player return to the game? I would say yes you would be acting above your pay grade. Let me ask you this, do you feel qualified to make this decision based on this scenario Player is hit really hard, knocked out on the field, comes to about 25 or so seconds later and is helped off the field by you and the coach. Player answers your questions somewhat appropriately but not immediately. He finally answers the questions and acts fully normal after two full sets of 4 downs. The coach comes to you and says, I want Joe Football player back in the game. The player wants to play. The player's folks want him in the game. The player is their star running back and he's in line for a full ride to Clemson or Notre Dame so he needs all the playing time he can get. So the pressure is on. He says "Come on doc, I'm fine, I feel fine" Do you feel qualified based on his LOC now, his LOC previously to make that decision to allow him back on the field? Think long and hard on this, as both his health and your licensure are on the line here. not busting your balls or anything here, just giving you a scenario that plays out at hundreds of high school football games every single season.
  5. Well they are a government agency so that would not surprise me, but maybe another phone call requesting to speak to someone a little higher than the one you talked to the first time.
  6. how long ago is recent? less than a week, have patience grasshopper More than a month, be worried and call the state.
  7. Offlabel, I hate to say it but I bet it wasn't a typo, I'll bet it was a question to make him critically think. I am seeing a lot of these types of questions on test banks of my project management practice exams. they are wanting me to take out the extraneous crap and just get the meat of the matter and answer the base underlying question. When you do just that, the question is simple, to the point and the answer is right there staring you right in the face. So how many times on scene do you have someone telling you they don't have a pulse but they have a BP or they don't have a pulse nor a BP but the patient is breathing? I've had it happen more than once and you have to go back to the beginning and start over. Take out all the distracting items and pull in the things that make sense or most correct. So in this instance, you take out the BP and Respiratory rate and answer the question. What medication would you give to a patient who did not have a pulse??? Answer that question and you have the correct answer?
  8. Well take out the thought process of you cannot have a patient with a bp without a pulse and if those 4 meds were the 4 answers you had to work with, the what would your answer be? It's my understanding that they want you to answer the question with what you have. Take away all the extraneous stuff and just answer the question - you have a patient without a pulse. What's the most appropriate drug to give to someone without a pulse and the only 4 answers are the meds listed? Get away from the thought process of thinking - he has a BP and RR of 18 so I wouldn't give him any drugs, they want you to give him a drug for being pulseless so which one would you give?? Now answer the question with that thought process!!! Which one would you give.
  9. Good to have you here. step on up to the plate and jump right in with both feet.
  10. What have you done so far? What kind of EMS related business? How much money do you have available to start your business? Let's start there!
  11. ok, how long do you have till you no longer have a chance to take the test? Is there a time cut off for you? If you do not have a drop dead date then this is what I would do if I was in your shoes. 1. I would first take off at least two weeks from doing anything school related. Dont' open a book, don't read a journal don't do anything EMT/EMS related. This might just break the cycle or log jam in your head. Don't even look at facebook posts relating to EMS. 2. Take each of your test results and look at what you failed - is there a pattern? Or did you fail at different things each different test. Now take what you passed and do a cursory review of those items, make sure you know those well. If you consistently passed those items, then you should(I say should but you never know) be good there. Now take what you failed, did you fail one category or multiple. Tackle each category until you know it backwards and forwards. On the 24 hours prior to the test, do not open a book, do not study, don't think you can add one more thing to your knowledge base, take that day off and just chill with friends, go to a movie, have a great dinner but don't get drunk if you drink. Just relax the day before the test. One caveat, if you consistently failed multiple categories each test, then there may be more to your knowledgebase than you want to admit to. Not saying this to bust your chops but most people who fail the test multiple times fail it for two reasons I've found. One, critical test anxiety and they just freak out on the test and do horribly OR - their knowledge base is horrible and they didn't learn the basics of what they should have. NOT saying this is you, but here is one suggestion if you fall into the category of consistently failing multiple categories on the test Look into a EMT refresher class prior to taking the test for the final time. It might be the best money you ever spent. Just some friendly advice. Not saying this applies to your situation but it might.
  12. Wondering where the OP went?????
  13. I appreciate the kind words my friend. One of the interviews is with a service I used to work for when I worked as a medic when I left EMS full time to go PRN in 2008 and the two people interviewing me are are still friends. I was also told that there is opportunities for the OR rotation for Intubation practice. My understanding is also that there is about a 2-3 week period of working as a 3 person crew before getting out there, which I think would be approximately a 2 month period for PRN staff. But not sure. I'll know more about this all after my interview.
  14. nope, I'm back in Missouri, we moved back in march of 15
  15. So I have the opportunity to interview for 2 different PRN paramedic jobs. I've been out of the field for about 5 years with the exception of working PRN very sporadically off and on up to about 3 1/2 years ago and since then, not a single patient contact. So I'm feeling a bit nervous about getting back into the field. I have not lost confidence in my ability to take care of patients but what i have kind of lost confidence in are the following: 1. Airway management - been a long time since I intubated anyone. 2. RSI 0f course 3. I need to bone up on my ACLS/PALS 4. Still pretty good on Cardiology but would like to know more about 15 lead ecg's, capnography and whatever else correlates between the two. So what I come here to ask is this, what does the peanut gallery suggest that I do, if I get either one of or both the prn positions? What books are out there that I can get to read up? What websites are good and which ones to stay away from? I guess this is a start. My interviews are next week. Tuesday and Thursday. Ruff