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  1. She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk! She's got to be a bot. Julia, do you have any other threads you have posted to?
  2. your first step would be to determine which country you want to do this in Second would be to research their requirements and even if they have an established EMS system. I can think of a couple countries or even one continent that would be hard pressed to have an established EMS system. Once you have figured that out, come back to us and let us know. I would think that some of us here could help you out in your searches.
  3. Once you have discussed with medical Director, the ball is officially out of your hands. I'd leave it there until you get a note back from the medical director. You never know who else is a member on this forum, it could be one of your colleagues who reads this and then all hell breaks loose, or we do have families sometimes come here for fishing expeditions. You just never know. And GOD FORBID, don't post anything about the call on Facebook, even to a EMS related facebook site.
  4. Off label has apparantly in this case has it right, sounds like pissing match. Sad case if you ask me.
  5. Red Wing makes good boots I have personally used them in the past. I'm thinking that they will fit your bill.
  6. Yes there is a phenom called pissing matches but when it directly affects your patient's well being, there's a time to speak up. I know I know, some people don't feel comfortable in doing so but there are ways to do so that aren't done on scene. I get wehre you are coming from Offlabel but with more to this story, it sounds like the medics got tunnel vision and focused on one thing when another thing came back and bit them in the butt. As an armchair quarterback, if the patient began to crash to the point of coding, CPR should have been started earlier. Either in the house or in the ambulance as quickly as possible but 10 minutes is a really really long time to go without CPR when we of all people know that Early CPR means a better outcome (sometimes). Jenjas, you sound like a good person, I would at least let your medical director know about this call. they can review it and if needed, contact the ALS services medical director. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
  7. ok, a couple of things, 10 minutes before starting cpr on a pulseless patient - the question is this "did he die?" I'm sure he did without cpr. But maybe not. Why did they give bicarb? And finally, Fuck ALS if you disagree with their plan of care, it sounds like someone should have disagree'd with their plan of care because it cost this guy 10 minutes of CPR and probably cost his family if he did recover, a lifetime of long term treatment issues because SOMEONE decided to wait on CPR until they got to the ambulance thus depriving his brain and heart of oxygen and circulation that should have been started immediately upon him going into arrest. Not trying to armchair QB this call but no wonder why ALS doesn't like their decisions questioned, in this guys case, those decisions if questioned would have been right to have been questioned.
  8. Had a call on a woman who was sick. On arrival found a woman who had AMA'd out of a psych facility. She had taken her motorized wheelchair and travelled about 8 miles on her fully charged battery. By the time she got to where we picked her up her wheelchair was dead dead dead. We put her on the cot and into the ambulance and she asked about her wheelchair and we told her we didn't have any way of transporting it. So sh,e made us wait 45 minutes until her boyfriend got to the scene with a nice big pick up truck to transport her wheelchair to the psych facility. He refused to put her in the truck and was going to make us take her. An argument ensued when I told him that she didn't qualify for ambulance transport and it would not be paid for if she didn't go with her boyfriend. He still refused to take her,said that she was our responsibility. She then broke up with him right there and he then proceeded to push her wheelchair out of the back of his pickup truck, back over it, and then drive off. So now we have a pissed off psych patient, a totalled wheelchair and a patient who doesn't qualify to go by ambulance. We end up taking her back to the psych facility and dropped her off. The service got no money out of this call, the woman billed us for the damaged wheelchair, they paid the bill to her, and I got a talking to because I apparantly couldn't control the scene. I soon left that service because of assholes that ran that service micromanaging crews.
  9. Had a call on a collapsed party at the local nursing home. On arrival found the aides doing CPR on a patient lying on her side. they were compressing her chest with one person pushing on her back and the other pushing on her chest. Each yelling, Breathe Blanche Breathe. Needless to say, she wasn't breathing, nor were they compressing her chest very well. We turned her over and her arms and legs stuck up partially in the air, the lady had been dead in her bed for over 24 hours because they thought she was just a heavy sleeper. Not a single person had checked on her for over 24 hours. Man was her family pissed.
  10. Well, my attempt at returning to the field, was a dud, the service never called or wrote me back even after personal emails and facebook messages to the hiring manager who I used to work with and am friends with on facebook. She told me that HR deleted the position and she was trying to get it back but I'm not buying it. so eventually I'll try again at a different service but I'm not in a rush, but I'm thinking that maybe a different road may be better. The wife and I are looking at 40-60 acres to begin a lifelong dream of ours. Christmas tree farm and horse farm where we can provide horse riding lessons to kids and board horses. There's a real need in our area. Long long term goal for the christmas tree farm.
  11. I think Julia is a bot, honestly, she never responds to any of us when we ask her a question. I think she's a bot.
  12. Julia, I think you can stop responding to this thread. The original poster is long gone. Just who are you responding to?
  13. his sex crime could be a benign as peeing in public and getting nailed by a cop and charged with indecent exposure. That would give him a sex crime charge, which to me is just utter bullshit. But there could be more to the history on this poster as well. It could also be statutory rape as well by a 13 year old having sex with a 12 year old and getting caught and charged as well. Without more information from the OP, which I am NOT in any way asking for him to expand on his so called "crimes", we won't know for sure if he would be ineligible for hire at any of our services. So before we dismiss this guy out of hand for employment at any of our services, he would need to in his interview process with any service, explain the circumstances surrounding the sex crime. NOW caveat, if the sex crime involved a 3 year old or a 8 year old or what not, or it was forceable rape or any number of other crimes other than what I outlined in my first paragraph, then that is a WHOLE other panacea that would of course in my mind, EXCLUDE him from working with any job that my service would have. Child porn is another.
  14. I think this is the longest post/thread of the entire site. Who started this thread? Spenac, it had to be spenac, and he's not here anymore.
  15. What do you mean by screwed up bad enough that colleges would laugh at you?