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  1. RescueSquad, I do wish you luck on the sale of this game. I may or may not purchase it. Depends on discretionary fundage availability. Who was your beta tester demographics? How many people tested this game to make you realize you had a game that would be successful. I ask this of you because myself and a co-worker are looking for a business idea to start and we really don't know and I showed him the amazon link and he said, this might be something we could think about for the IT world. Not a copy but a different kind of game. We also thought about maybe one of those monthly boxes. Who knows. Just thinking out loud here.
  2. I've seen another type of game like this a long time ago. Not sure if it ever made it to commercial release. I'm not sure if I'm willing pay money to relive the job that I used to do full time and now do on a very part time basis. so why are you trying to give this game free advertising? I'm pretty sure that the rules her say in order to advert you have to pay to do it. Do you feel so strongly that you would advertise a game that you have no financial interest in? Not busting your balls just asking a question. Are you going to purchase a copy of the game? Just some questions I have.
  3. Don't click on the board games link - it goes no where. Curious as to what the game you are Hawking is all about. But if this game is what I found on Amazon, looks like a somewhat fun game. Not sure how many times the game could be replayed though. More please.
  4. From the album N/V Scenario pics

    Nausea and vomiting scenario picture
  5. There is a specific machine in most gyms that is an arms strengthening machine. It looks like a bench press but it's in a standing position. You could use that machine to guage your strength and then work to increase. IT might be the shoulder press machine. I'd have to go to a gym (nope homey don't play that game) and look at exactly what the name of the machine is. But look to this link and then go to page 2 and then to the shoulder press picture http://www.fitlink.com/exercises?type=machine&body_part=arms&page=2
  6. Chris, if you were overweight in that video, you just have to see me!!!! ha ha Your videos are so informative and good to watch.
  7. have been unable to find the video. It's not really a valid video for this as the second that the soldiers were sprayed with the cyanide gas they died. I think it takes a bit longer for someone to die with Cyanide. I just remember the movie because it was so violent and at the time I was in junior high (1980) I was sheltered at that age. ha ha
  8. Carfentanil, is BAD BAD BAD mojo. I'm surprised we aren't seeing more of these overdoses and deaths.
  9. So Brother, what got you to work on this? Personal enrichment or a requirement for a course? The best cyanide video I ever remember was a world war 2 video where the platoon used cyanide to kill a enemy regiment while they were sleeping. I cannot remember what movie it was from but the enemy regiment was a african regiment. Maybe the Wild Geese or something like that.
  10. Hey, I remember you. WElcome back.
  11. This post and also the other post from the lady who just screwed up her ACL caused by the drill sergeant douchbaggery of the 5 week accelerated course in florida. Guys we are a profession, these accelerated programs make us look like keystone medics and emt's. it makes us look like we want to be hero's that started at zero. Firefighters don't go through this Police officers don't go through this doctors, nurses, CNA's, hair dressers, accountants, IT guys, or any other professionals do NOT go through these 5 week camps where you can finish your schooling in 5 weeks. It's just in my opinion makes us look silly and short changes the student and also the patients that they are going to be taking care of. Can some people learn in that environment, sure they can. Can they retain an entire 1000 page book in 5 weeks, possibly, but can they retain it enough to be competent I do not believe so. Do yourself a favor, take your time, learn the material and understand it. The jobs will be there when you get done. Trust me. They were there when you started your search for a school and they will be there when you get out of school.
  12. No this forum is not for online classes or education. I'm not sure where you saw that there were online courses. If you saw the CME link that was a banner ad, then that link was just for online medical education for physicians and that was an advertisement. There has never been any online education provided by this site. I hope that this clears up your confusion.
  13. No I do not but do not lose heart. Just because you got screwed by this school, does not mean that all schools are like this crappy one. YOu didn't say where in Central florida but here's one. http://www.laketech.org/programs/emergency-medical-technician
  14. By the way, you were paying them to teach you, not to punish you. Again, donkey balls
  15. Wait wait wait, you injured yourself during punishment? Again, this school sucks big donkey balls. I would think that you have some type of case and you might want to at least see what one attorney thinks. Every attorney in Florida has a free consultation. I would go see one. Again, punishing all students for the downfalls of other students is just douchbaggery.