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  1. Bariatric Patients

    We had to remove about a 10x10 part of a patients wall because not only was his family the proud owner of a bariatric patient but they were also hoarders and we had ZERO ability to get the guy out from his back room Parents enabled this guy and would go out and buy him thousands of calories per meal and not do anything about helping him address an issue that he had been educated on - overeating. He was proud of his 735 pounds and had plans of getting larger. He even had a girlfriend who was half his size. One day he didn't eat anything and his sugar bottomed out, even though he took his insulin and lantus, metformin and Victoza that morning which didn't help us in getting his sugar up. He also had a horribly infected foot caused by an ingrown toenail which thus caused him to get beginnings of sepsis. So we could not get this guy out of his room through his door, the window was a 4x5 window which didn't help. So we just cut a huge hole in his room wall, backed up a flatbed trailer to the hole and took 11 of us with a tarp to get the guy to the flatbed. Same amount at the hospital to get him off the flatbed. It was the longest 10 minute ride to the hospital I ever had. so embarassing for the patient, we tried to give him dignity during the transfer but by the time we had cut the hole in the wall it seemed like the entire town was there to watch. sadly, 3 days after admission he passed due to sepsis from the infected foot.
  2. Bariatric Patients

    well I'm not really working in EMS - I'm actually trying to get a Trauma Analyst position so hopefully will get good news soon. but I know that many of the agencies in my area have dedicated Bariatric units. For transfers especially they will send the bariatric unit as well as a fire truck to help with lifting. As for on scene (non hosp), the responding unit will get there and determine if it's bariatric and they will call for the bariatric unit. I think KC MO has 3 Bariatric ambulances so the response time isn't terrible unless all bariatric trucks are already on calls. As for smaller services who cannot afford to purchase or man a designated bariatric truck, hope fully they have a network of fire departments/first responders who can help out. That's what I know. I do have a couple of friends on different departments in the KC area that would probably be willing to chat with you if you have further questions.
  3. Paramedic vs. Firefighter/Paramedic

    don't you mean for most departments - DEMOTION or punishment.
  4. Paramedic vs. Firefighter/Paramedic

    First Troll post of the year from VAN, the winner of the most irrelevant post of the year so far. You made a post just to say that paramedic is worthless. You are a troll and have no idea what you are talking about. "Buddy fuckers and the like", that's rich. did it take you all day or a week to put that one together. Go away until you have something of worth to tell us. such negativity, makes me wonder if you wanted to be one of those zero to heros and were turned down based on your facebook posts. Go away
  5. Tapatalk?

    Gotcha, probly so Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  6. Tapatalk?

    ok, it's there now. Trending articles show up front but their dates are from 2015. not sure if that's just a quirk or what.
  7. Tapatalk?

    Just tried, I searched but nothing came up, screen of forums is blank.
  8. EMT City 2nd sort of annual reunion

    Absolutely agree Anthony,
  9. Old folks Still here?

    You did not post in the wrong thread, when did you fly for lifeline? I was in Clinton Mo from 1992-1997, 2007 and then again in 2010 lake of the ozarks amb - 1994 or so MEMSA about 5 times but since my parents own a lake home at the ozarks, I was able to stay at their house and then drive to the conference, it was only a 35-40 minute drive from their lake house to Tan Tar A or I would just take their boat and park in a boat slip. so much fun, I so miss it a lot, but I'm mostly retired from EMS now. do you guys use Cerner or some other application for the EMR?
  10. EMT City 2nd sort of annual reunion

    I have the feeling that this place will never be like it was 2 years ago. We're lucky if we get 3 new posts a week and most people posting post on previous threads. Facebook has really hit this place hard.
  11. EMT City 2nd sort of annual reunion

    Ok, two weeks into this, NO interest. Someone else will have to spearhead this. Closing out the offer.
  12. Tapatalk?

    Richard, my prayers to your family, You are one of those who I always think about when things on my end get tough. I mean I don't say in my head "what would Richard do" but I think, at times, that you've been through some tough times, I can get through mine. That sounds cheesy but it's true. My obesity, I've got a Fire Captain recliner chair gut, has really hit my lower back hard. Plus all those years with the Ferno cot without the battery lift assist. Plus all those lifting those patients out of bathtubs, car wrecks, tight spaces and every where else we lifted them out of, has taken it's toll. No offense to any fire captain ok. Take care my friend, good tidings and merry christmas.
  13. Tapatalk?

    way back when you were a new provider, it's been a long time. Richard, how have you been? If I remember right, the last time you really posted, your mom was affected quite a bit by the east coast hurricane or something along that course of problems. Hoping you have been well.
  14. Tapatalk?

    They had to try 3 times to remember you as well, who is this guy that calls himself Brentoli?
  15. EMT City 2nd sort of annual reunion

    This post is 4 days old and not a single response. I think the interest in a reunion might be zero.