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  1. Hello My pretties

    NASCAR!!! LEFT TURN!!! says the guy raised in middle class, suburban NY.
  2. Hey.

    Welcome. There are lots of things to learn here, including bad habits so watch out.
  3. New to site and EMS, hello!

    Hard to say. I learned to drive them when I was 18 so it was at a point when I was a cocky, know-it-all douchenozzle. It also depends on the size. I would say that the more you do it, the more comfortable you get. If you don't feel comfortable driving L&S, then don't. It's better to get there 30 seconds later than not at all.
  4. New to site and EMS, hello!

    Don't stop reading and learning. Listen to those who have come before you (unless they say things like, "we've always done it this way.") You will make mistakes, don't take them personally but learn from them. Remember that people are hard to kill.
  5. Prep guide ideas

    It depends on what you are studying for.
  6. We have survived another season.
  7. New Here...Hello!

    You spelled tactless wrong.
  8. Reciprocity

    I have no idea but you would probably be better off contacting the PA state DOH or whatever their version is.
  9. New Here...Hello!

    Since when do we do anything tactfully here?
  10. Update Feedback Requested

    I just clicked on the elapsed time for this thread and it took me to the last post.
  11. Update Feedback Requested

    When I click on the unread threads, it doesn't take me to the unread posts.
  12. the 9 things you never say to a patient

    Ma'am, I found your TV remote. I have a feel this thread is heading in a downward trajectory very quickly,
  13. New Here...Hello!

    Welcome fellow Michigander. Curious about your user name.
  14. the 9 things you never say to a patient

    Has it always looked like that? Just because the rest of the world is wrong and doesn't call an ambulance a bus, don't give those of us from the east coast a hard time.