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  1. ERDoc added a post in a topic Old folks Still here?   

    Good to hear you are doing well Welch.
    Despite what my kids and receding hair line tell me, I don't feel old.  Sure, I was a PGY-2 in the PICU when I joined on a slow call night and now I am an attending of 9 years but I'm still not old, right?  I know I have been out of the field but you guys still use MAST pants, Bretylium, Minitor IIs and VHF radios, right? 
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  2. ERDoc added a post in a topic Physicians on ambulances? As a career?   

    It's hard to explain but the rush is different.  I hate traumas in the ER, but I miss traumas in the field.  Maybe it is the situation surrounding the field trauma, the lights, the noise, the smells, etc, I don't know.  Maybe it is just nostalgia from an old guy who misses his younger days.  I think it all depends on where you are. Where I came from, if you wanted to carry a central line kit, you could carry it and use it.
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  3. ERDoc added a post in a topic So sorry about this question!   

    It is never a silly question.  You will find that people in EMS enjoy talking about themselves so if you ask them a question about it, they will be more than happy to answer.
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  4. ERDoc added a post in a topic Getting VAX'd in NYC 911 system   

    I think vaxed is the FDNY term for vetting someone.
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  5. ERDoc added a post in a topic So sorry about this question!   

    Where is this utopia where nurses do disimpactions?  I can tell you why he did it.  Disimpactions reimburse really well.  I've probably done 2 peripheral IVs in the last 10 years (yup, my nurses are that good) and one of them was because I wanted to.  
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  6. ERDoc added a post in a topic So sorry about this question!   

    Know who is probably the worst person at getting peripheral IVs?
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  7. ERDoc added a post in a topic Bad Lungs Bad Transfer   

    There is a lot missing here.  We need to know more about the hospital course.
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  8. ERDoc added a post in a topic 9/11 - What do the younger ones think?   

    Sept 11 is about the only day I miss living in NY.  There are so many memories from that day.  My wife and I talk about it with our kids, even though 3/4 of them weren't born then.  They know what it is although they are not old enough to appreciate the significance yet.  Now that the museum is open I plan on bringing them to it to see the history.  Being from NY, you either were related to someone or knew someone that was lost that day.  We moved to MI a few months before the 5 year anniversary.  My wife was listening to one of the local radio stations and heard one of the on air personalities say something like, "I don't understand why we make such a big deal about it.  It was 5 years ago, it's time to get over it."  My wife called the radio station and went off on the poor person that answered the phone.  
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  9. ERDoc added a post in a topic New EMT-B Student   

  10. ERDoc added a post in a topic Online Gaming   

    Yes they are.  I open the game at work and collect stuff between pts.  
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  11. ERDoc added a topic in Non-EMS Discussion   

    Online Gaming
    Does anyone play any online games?  I've gotten into Forge of Empires and probably spend more time on it than I should.
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  12. ERDoc added a post in a topic Philadelphia, state ask 500 medics to help (work for free!) during pope's visit   

    I'm sure there will be enough vollies that will help out that it won't be a problem.
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  13. ERDoc added a post in a topic Soon-to-be student from Michigan   

    Welcome, from west Michigan.
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  14. ERDoc added a post in a topic What is the dumbest question anyone has asked you?   

    Aren't students civilians?
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  15. ERDoc added a post in a topic Passing of Island EMT - Member   

    Condolences from the ERDoc family.  It was always fun joking and talking with Ed in the forums.  We've lost another big part of the city family.
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