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  1. ERDoc added a post in a topic Philadelphia, state ask 500 medics to help (work for free!) during pope's visit   

    I'm sure there will be enough vollies that will help out that it won't be a problem.
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  2. ERDoc added a post in a topic Soon-to-be student from Michigan   

    Welcome, from west Michigan.
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  3. ERDoc added a post in a topic What is the dumbest question anyone has asked you?   

    Aren't students civilians?
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  4. ERDoc added a post in a topic Passing of Island EMT - Member   

    Condolences from the ERDoc family.  It was always fun joking and talking with Ed in the forums.  We've lost another big part of the city family.
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  5. ERDoc added a post in a topic Portable HPLC on the truck?   

    Such tests already exist and are in limited use in EMS but wide use by ERs.  Abbott makes an i-stat point of care devices.
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  6. ERDoc added a post in a topic What are your thoughts on the Confederate Flag debate?   

    I think the thing that is being lost in this whole discussion is that no one is saying that you can't display a confederate flag, although that is what many people are turning it into.  The real issue is whether a government facility should be displaying the flag and personally I feel the answer is no.  Imagine the outrage if some state capital started flying the Nazi flag or the ISIS flag.  Personally, I'm not sure why anyone would want to fly it when it represent treason and sedition against the country.
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  7. ERDoc added a post in a topic Narcan at the EMT level.   

    Getting back on topic here, while it is not evidence based there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of the success Narcan has had when used by non-medical people.
    Some of the info stated in the stories isn't accurate (Narcan has no down side) and there is no discussion of anyone developing side effects.
    Here is an article published in American Journal of Public Health
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  8. ERDoc added a post in a topic I'm ...back!   

    I'm a few months away from 40 and my kids constantly call me old.  They also like to point out the bald spot on the top of my head.  No matter what they say, there is one thing they cannot take away from me.  I grew up in the 80s and they didn't.
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  9. ERDoc added a post in a topic Are These EMS Type Of Websites Dying ?   

    I happen to like the Facebooks.

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  10. ERDoc added a post in a topic I'm ...back!   

    I was calling Ruff old.  I would never refer to a woman as old, it's more like the perfect vintage.
    I tried to steal his sense of humor but I could never find it to steal.
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  11. ERDoc added a post in a topic I'm ...back!   

    Welcome back Rid.  Some of us oldies are still around (I just realized I've been here for over 10 years this summer).
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  12. ERDoc added a post in a topic Narcan at the EMT level.   

    So we have a drug that can save someone's life and is easy to administer.  Why would we not allow non-medical people to use it?  Tylenol is lethal but yet we let anyone buy it.
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  13. ERDoc added a post in a topic Narcan at the EMT level.   

    There are even places that are teaching friends and family to administer it.  Again, which is worse, the side effects listed above or being dead?  We can deal with the side effects but we still can't fix dead.  I agree that it needs to be pre-filled syringes and IN administration.
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  14. ERDoc added a post in a topic Narcan at the EMT level.   

    The cops were usually there 10-15 minutes before the ambulance.
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  15. ERDoc added a post in a topic Narcan at the EMT level.   

    The county I am from in NY gave the cops narcan before they gave it to the EMTs.
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