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  1. Kim_Possible added a blog entry in Kim_Possible's Blog   

    Coming to Realizations
    Today is a day off. Currently I am reclined in a chair and catching up on Hawaii Five 0. There is nothing like a little McGarrett and Dano to clear my mind.

    Yesterday was the extra day I worked. I came to realize of how hard I am on myself, but also realizing that due to this anxiety come into play. Now many of my fellow colleagues would advise me to get out of the field if this is the case. Yet, this time in my life, I am determined not to give up.

    I can only hope that my experience through my career will help those, who may be experiencing the same issues or help those coming into the field some ways to avoid the situations.

    In April of 2013, I will be in my 19th year of EMS. It took me 7 years to feel comfortable to move onto pursuing my paramedic. When I reached going to paramedic school, I wanted to do very well. I passed, what do we say what do you call a person who passed their paramedic test "Paramedic". I feel that's as far as I have become. I left one job because I felt unappreciated due to attempt to advance, moved on to another service where I was removed after 2 years.

    It was almost 2 years before I came back full time. Worked jobs non related to EMS feeling as if I was lowering my standards. It wasn't until I was about to lose my license and certification, that I made the decision to return. I was working as an LNA in a hospital. I was losing my mind seeing how much I really knew.

    After returning full time this June, it was as if history was repeating. Before I returned I told my superior that as I began as a paramedic, I joined this particular organization, to learn and become and exemplary employee. I ended up with a wheelchair driver who recently received his intermediate with no experience on an ambulance. After that it was two partners who I believe were trying to believe undermining to my leadership and care. As I iterated before, I came back as if history was repeating myself. Partners who my superiors knew were substandard in their performance. Not following my orders, not relaying pertinent information, and one having poor assessment skills.

    My company has the contracts for working 911 in the two cities of my previous company. One city where I worked for 6 years and have lived for over 30 years. I was advised by one superior that due my past performance I would not be recommended to work in that location. Last week, I was reprimanded with a suspension for a policy that does not pertain to patient care, and was written up for a mistake that still has nothing to do with patient care and it was the first offense.

    I know for many of my colleagues. I will have their opinions of I am whining. The point of all of this is. Yesterday, I ended up working with my first partner. I found out a few years ago he received an accommodation from the city for his work. I was floored. Yet, I took being able to work with him as a blessing. Wondering what am I doing wrong.

    Well, what I learned is I have a difficult time working as a team, and I just focus on how to make myself look good. By doing this my anxiety goes to a level where I end up sabotaging my reputation. My first call I ended up making a mistake. I felt like the smallest person in the world, wondering why this still happens.

    This is when I was coming to the realization, but also feeling as if there was no hope. I was hoping for redemption. A few hours later the craziest thought came through my mind, the saying "God won't give me what I can't handle." My last call was a true inferior MI. It actually went quite well. I did everything in my power to change my approach. It seemed to have worked.

    After all I have been through, I am trying to change. I believe change needs to come from me. I want to be positive and become the person I've always wanted to be. Maybe this starting over is bringing awareness and improvement. Wish me luck, if there is hope for me at this mid portion of my life. Maybe others who have gone through similar situations or have the same questions I have had can be helped or we can support each other through this grueling and difficult profession.
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  2. Kim_Possible added a blog entry in Kim_Possible's Blog   

    Proving myself
    I have no idea what I was thinking. I was overhearing a conversation, and through the process I ended up taking and extra shift. I can't believe that after all that brought me down. I am continuing to make myself known as a dedicated and contributing employee, but why.

    After so much of being brought down, I feel like I am a wounded girlfriend going back to my abusive boyfriend with this organization. It has been such a road to get to this point. Ups down past haunting me, don't know when I will feel that this will be worth it.

    The paycheck I get every 2 weeks is definitely a bright spot. I guess if there is one bright spot. It is better than none.

    ***Please excuse the last posting, didn't realize I had to change the format. So I could have a properly displayed entry****
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  3. Kim_Possible added a blog entry in Kim_Possible's Blog   

    Afraid to Go to Work
    Another job where anxiety and fear have taken over, I came into this with a positive attitude. Now, I am on the verge of losing it again. I understand why many people have warned me about working for this national company. I came back into working into this field, because I was able to finally convince myself that I was good. I am good, now I am not saying this to toot my own horn, but just to help my confidence and self esteem that has been torn apart over so many years of being pushed down. I come back and I am pushed down again. Stupid policies that have nothing to do with patient care. I end up with reprimands, when others have done worse. I guess the goal of doing the best to take care of those in need, is not a requirement in this company. If anyone else has been in the same situation, I would greatly appreciated.
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  4. Kim_Possible added a blog entry in Kim_Possible's Blog   

    Ok so I suck at this
    Well it been about 2 months since I posted one sentence into the blog. I keep telling myself I'm going to journal. I want to blog, but it's much more fun to play Bejeweled Blitz for 5 hours, then realize you've wasted your day.

    I watched Julie and Julia last night. Yup, it reminded me that I wanted to blog again. But yet, as many people feel, I am unsure what to write and how much I want to open up about myself. Oops excuse me I've been off the Vyvance for a month, something shiny just caught my attention.

    Ok I'm back. So where should I begin today.

    I'm at work. I took an extra shift because my bank account was circling the drain. Ms. Shelley (Dog) and Mr. Mojo (Cat) have had hospital visits that put a damper on reconstructing my finances. Reconstructing is a nice way of putting never had any to begin with.

    It's an IFT shift. Notice came out from operations desperate for someone to work a 10 hour shift, and of course once I got into work 10 has become 13.

    I like doing IFT work, it is primarily how many of us started, and the education you receive from reading charts and medical records of patient's is great. Just as in the other emergency area of EMS work, it does have it's ups an downs.

    Well looks like I'm off for now.

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  5. Kim_Possible added a post in a topic Starting school in Sept at 41 !   

    Congratulations, on your decision to return to school, being a part of EMS is being part of a special society. Once you begin it becomes a significant part of your life.

    I have been in EMS for 18 years, the last 11 as a medic. I am at a crossroads, finally want to continue on in my education. Don't know where to go next. Nursing....still doesn't thrill me, would like to stay in EMS. Would like to progress with the branching out EMS seems to be pursuing with Community/Preventative Paramedicine. I have no degree, but tons of credits all over the place. Yet, somehow I am determined not to give up.

    Keep us all up to date on your progress.
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  6. Kim_Possible added a post in a topic Infant/Child Restraint - Techniques and Equipment   

    Has anyone ever had the issue in position of comfort come into view. We do our best to secure properly, but what do we do if the patient feels better in a fetal position or recovery position because of pain. Now I loved the pedi mates because they can secure onto cot, child seats good for infants as they get bigger becomes more difficult, and if child is bigger restrain seat in jump seat might be too small.

    As for securing child seat onto stretcher, we rearrange the straps and put head of stretcher in full fowlers position. Torso strap goes behind seated and can be thread through two openings in the back. The hip strap gets moved up so strap can be secured to the front of the car seat. There are two slots on the front of the seat, that would go over the lap of the child. We do have our own child seats that were donated by Kiwanis or something like that. Just bulky.
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  7. Kim_Possible added a post in a topic Preventative Paramedicine   

    This is an area, I am very interested in being involved. Maine is beginning this concept in rural areas. One of the Maine Comm Colleges has started a program, you must have at least an associate's degree in order to participate in the program. Yet, I am a certified paramedic.

    I find this to be great for EMS. It gives another area of advancement in EMS, and a great outlook to its future. The use of EMS, in some aspects, has worn down the financial aspect of healthcare. I am not saying at all, do away with what we do now, or is unimportant, or is the reason for the current financial difficulties in healthcare. Yet, anyone who is involved in EMS knows that quite a few in the system, are illiterate to using it properly or know they are taking advantage of it. How many times on responses have we wanted to say, you don't need to go to the hospital. As a paramedic, my protocols state, I cannot insinuate to a patient not to go to the hospital or else it will end up in the revocation of my license. It would be wonderful if the practice was expanded that this could happen. I am not saying take medics without the proper training to do this.

    National Registry standards are looking to extend the scope of practice of paramedics in many areas. It just gives so many other options in EMS. I will be continuing into nursing, but I want to be able to pursue this initiative. The only reason I am continuing towards nursing is to give credibility in Community Paramedicine. Out of facility healthcare I believe is the future. It is not a replacement, just another tool that will help to educate and serve society.
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  8. Kim_Possible added a post in a topic TV Show Theme Songs   

    The Monkees

    Here We Come
    Walkin Down the Street
    We get the funniest looks from
    Everyone we meet

    Hey Hey We're the Monkees
    People say we monkee around
    But we're to busy singing to put anybody down

    Anytime or anywhere
    Just look over your shoulder
    and we'll be standing there

    Hey Hey We're the Monkees
    People say we monkee around
    But we're to busy singing to put anybody down
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  9. Kim_Possible added a post in a topic Why are doctors offices such EMS misusers   

    Oh Dusty you ole devil you, that's what we get paid for. Lord knows its better than the alternative, Not getting paid. Been there done that, can't afford the t-shirt.

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  10. Kim_Possible added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    Thank you!
    Thank you to everyone for all of your support and help, I passed the 12 Lead exam and hoping to be hearing from the company in the next few weeks.

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  11. Kim_Possible added a post in a topic I Feel Stupid   

    Listen right now, I need to focus on getting through my 12 Lead test. We did do 12 Leads with one of my services, but I don't think I did them that often with the second service I worked with. This could be the reason why I am extremely rusty.
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  12. Kim_Possible added a post in a topic I Feel Stupid   

    Yes whatever you can do would be a great help.

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  13. Kim_Possible added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    I Feel Stupid
    Hi Everyone,

    I feel very embarrassed about bringing this up. I am trying to get a job with AMR for the new NH contract. I am having such a difficult time trying to pass the 12 lead exam. What really sucks is I studied very hard for all the exams, and only passed one and the practical. Well, just for the time being since my last service was nice enough to give me an unvoluntary leave of absence, I am desperate for a job. Everytime I've gone in for an interview and tested, I am not doing well. I have been in EMS for almost 17 years. The last 10 which were not exactly pleasant as a medic. Never really did have a great mentor when I reached my medic level. Well if anyone has some sympathy in your heart to help me out that would be great. Then I won't have to be one of those people you complain about who is actually talented in this field and you're paying for my unemployment benefits.

    I don't know what I am doing wrong and if anyone can help me out....It would be greatly appreciated.

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  14. Kim_Possible added a post in a topic MAJOR FAIL in Mass.   

    Karma is something. Considering many good individuals have been let go by this company for BS. Me being one of them, luckily I was smart enough not to trust them to recert me.

    It is just amazing.
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  15. Kim_Possible added a post in a topic +Medic   

    Hi Everybody,

    Welcome to EMS!!! It definately is a journey. I have been on a hiatus for about 9 months. I am hoping to find work soon. I do live and have worked in Manchester. Let us know how you're doing.

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