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  1. Finally something good in the news.

  2. Bloody hell got pick pocketed some time today while I was out...

  3. Nah just crazy life I mentioned you in a post a few minutes ago.
  4. I am in New York through the 9th of December working for the American Red Cross.
  5. So once again Greetings from some place besides my usual place of residence, I am currently typing to you all from Garden City New York so Richard B or any of you other NY folks that want to grab a drink or a cup of coffee give me a shout out I woulde be glad to oblige. You ahve to love this wonderful organization that I work for and how I never know where I am going to be going next.
  6. Tired and very frustrated certainly have had many better days in my life.

  7. Well someday I might actually make it to Louisiana but that day isn't today, in Orange Texas for the night.

  8. I hate mornings...good grief...and I really hate mornings that start before 0530-0600

  9. Hey guys I know I said I would be around for a while but alas that wonderful hurricane had other ideas I ship out at noon for that wonderful state of Louisianna. I will try to be on as often as I can but I make no promises.
  10. Deploying to Texas as Log WHS SV see y'all in a few weeks

  11. I am so ready to deploy it is not even funny, sometimes this being on the west coast is a little miserable. Oh well it will happen sooner or later.

  12. @NBCLA I often wonder why you have a mobile site most of your stories can't be seen on a mobile site...I think I have seen one that worked.

  13. RT @LAScanner MID CITY: Resident found an unwanted Latin man w/ no shirt in his backyard, 2100 blk S. Bronson Ave. LAPD enrte to escort him to jail.

  14. Welcome aboard, I hope that this is career is wild and fulfilling for you and that you learn much over the course of your stay here.