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  1. TylerHastings added a post in a topic Breaks out the windex and looks around   

    Nah just crazy life I mentioned you in a post a few minutes ago.
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  2. TylerHastings added a post in a topic advice   

    Second piece of advice always make sure you read posts (and links) fully, it will save you a lot of butt chewing around here. Anyway I was once a student that tried to take the 0 to hero medic mill thing and it just didn't work out yeah I know the cook book on how to do things but I couldn't understand why I was doing it. The cook book method is not what the best for your patient, sometimes the protocols don't work out the first time the way they are supposed to. (At the risk at starting to sound like Dust {RIP} and Dwayne) You have to have a firm grounded knowledge base for why things happen before you can get the higher knowledge on how to fix them. I have come a long way since I took my first medic course and nearly failed out to where I am at now, having taken the entire course load to fulfill prerequisites to get a degree as well as taking a medic course the second time around. I am 1000% better as a COMPETENT pre-hospital care provider now than I was at first, and that is the end goal right to be better at what we do for our patients?

    With that being said I still am not a great writer so forgive me Capt.
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  3. TylerHastings added a post in a topic Breaks out the windex and looks around   

    I am in New York through the 9th of December working for the American Red Cross.
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  4. TylerHastings added a post in a topic advice   

    My biggest piece of advice to you is even if you are wanting to stay at the EMT level is never stop taking other courses...take an A and P class, biology, O Chem anything that will better the knowledge in your mind and allow you to be a better provider all the way around. The other piece of advice is no matter how big and scary partners/preceptors might seem they have all been in your shoes once.
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  5. TylerHastings added a post in a topic Breaks out the windex and looks around   

    So once again Greetings from some place besides my usual place of residence, I am currently typing to you all from Garden City New York so Richard B or any of you other NY folks that want to grab a drink or a cup of coffee give me a shout out I woulde be glad to oblige. You ahve to love this wonderful organization that I work for and how I never know where I am going to be going next.
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  6. TylerHastings added a post in a topic Breaks out the windex and looks around   

    Hey guys I know I said I would be around for a while but alas that wonderful hurricane had other ideas I ship out at noon for that wonderful state of Louisianna. I will try to be on as often as I can but I make no promises.
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  7. TylerHastings added a post in a topic suspended license?   

    What part of CA do you live in? If you live down around Los Angeles county there are a lot of opportunities for a non driver on transport companies (read non-911) that are run by little mom and pop companies. While this does not have all of the excitment of the 911 lights and siren go fast buttons, it does give you a great opportunity to sharpen your skills. I for one am better at taking vitals than I ever was in school becuase of these transport calls that I spent many a time on. Look at that as an oppurtunity to hone your skils and develope into a better BLS provider before taking the next step and moving on through a solid curriculum of college courses and a good medic program that won't take you from zero to hero in no time flat. If you have any questions keep posting some of are from the "Great State of CA" and would be more than willing to help you.
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  8. TylerHastings added a topic in Non-EMS Discussion   

    One giant leap for a man who took a small step for all man kind

    May he rest in peace...He got to do what a lot of us dreamed about not once but twice...he has taken a walk through the stars.
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  9. TylerHastings added a post in a topic Hi from WA   

    Welcome aboard, I hope that this is career is wild and fulfilling for you and that you learn much over the course of your stay here.
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  10. TylerHastings added a post in a topic Breaks out the windex and looks around   

    Ah its good to be back and thanks Richard for the welcome back but you know something even as old as you are us "youngins" learn something from you almost everytime we talk to you. I personally enjoy hearing your stories from "back in the day"
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  11. TylerHastings added a post in a topic Breaks out the windex and looks around   

    I know exactly who you are Captain, I will send ya message on facebook and thanks for the warm welcome folks. I know I said I will try to be around more often and I genuinely will be but with the hours I work I just ain't as available as I once was...and I am slowly learning I ain't as young as I once was.
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  12. TylerHastings added a post in a topic Breaks out the windex and looks around   

    Oh my gosh how could I have forgotten to mention the wonderful paramedicmike as well.
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  13. TylerHastings added a topic in Meet and Greet   

    Breaks out the windex and looks around
    Wow...it's been a while since I was around these parts other than a quick lurk at a post that floated across facebook. I am not even sure how many of the folks around here now will even remember me other than Admin, if he is even still around. I truly miss this place and will try to make a more concerted effort to come around more often and see you guys. Now a little update, I am working a wonderful large non profit that many are familiar with after I left medic school I went back to College and completed an AA in Technical theatre as well as working on all of the prerequisite classes that the late Dustdevil and the great AKFlightmedic ordered me to take and yes I am still a EMT B although I am toying with the idea of going for my medic even though I am currently working on a degree in Emergency Management focusing on Disaster Relief. I moonlight from time to time around the great state of CA and look forward to reconnecting with old friend (if any are left) and meeting new ones.
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  14. TylerHastings added a post in a topic What Did I Do Wrong ?   

    You know when I first tsarted this post I had a whole bunch of stuff quoted but to be honest thtat just cluttered up my post.

    You stated that you were 18 and not yet an EMT, I am 22 it was not that long ago that I was in your shoes as a matter of fact I skipped my high school graduation so that I could go take my National Registry practicals. With that being said don't you DARE start telling people that have more years in this field than you do alive to get there panties out of a wad or that you helped them stroke their egos. Seeing as I am not much older than you I can say some things and not come off as some elder that is just spouting stuff. You are arrogant if you think that just because you bought a book and read it you are as qualified as I am, I will get to my lack of qualifications here in a second. Your first mistake was responding apparently outside of the agency response matrix if you even belong to said agency. Second you gave the patient Nitro, RuffEMS (or maybe Eyedawn) asked you some questions about Nitro that I can't answer YET. Second of all if I ever had you come across as my student and I knew that you were the guy who posted this on this thread you would do NOTHING BUT CARRY GEAR and this has nothing to do with the fact that you are a student but that you can't keep your stories straight.

    Anyway I will get off that soapbox and move on to the education soap box I am an EMT, As an EMT you know enough to kill your patient, with that being said if I know enough to kill my patient than what do you know...exactly nothing. Did you take the BP by auscultation or by palpation. Do you even know what these words mean?
    You stated in one of your myriad of sad posts that c-spine wasn't rocket science and that since you read how to do it in the book you know how to do it. Have you ever practiced and been guided through how to do it by an experienced preceptor? Can you tell me at what vertebrae does lower extremity paralysis set in, what about upper body paralysis? Also tell me just how did you maintain proper c-spine while applying the collar? Last time I checked it took two hands to hold the head and two to apply the collar? With that being said I attempted paramedic school once I failed out but you know what I am on my way to being a better provider because of that. When you want to start working on EMS as a profession not just some hobby that you do when you need some adrenaline high come talk to me or a number of other professionals on this website and we will set out a curriculum for you that is tough and progressive enough to educate you not just in how to do something but why you do it. I could have been a paramedic out on the streets in 14 months instead I took the long road as our generation of providers needs to do and am getting a degree in the field that I enjoy.

    Now on a more human nature your 18, you think your big bad and Gods gift to man kind, well guess what you ain't your the kind of person that give our generation a bad name, I have had to work hard in my career to overcome the stereotypes that people like you have put onto my generation. You ask what you did wrong we tell you and you tell us that we are stroking our egos. You ask what you did wrong we tell you and you say what none of us do is rocket science well let me tell you something kid I would take just about any of these professionals on this site and I would put my life and the lives of my family in the hands of these "arrogant folks". Now grow up put your boots on and come get some
    education not just from us on this website but from many other experienced professionals that probably are in the community with which you live.

    Oh and I am sorry but you have not EARNED the right to use that avatar IMHO there are only three people that are anywhere near close enough on this site to being able to use that avatar and seeing as your name isn't Dwayne AKFlightmedic or ERDoc please show us a little compassion and change it.
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  15. TylerHastings added a post in a topic Robert (Rob) Davis   

    I can honestly say that if it weren't for Rob (Dustdevil) I would not be an EMT anymore, nore would I be a medic student hopeful who even though I will not walk out with a degree in EMS I will walk out with knowledge that will make me more than just a patch mill medic. I tried medic school once before and Dust (and a few others) told me you really don't want to go that route and me being the punk kid I was thought I knew better so I did it anyway and guess what I failed out. But that was a good thing for me because I walked out with my head held high and I drove straight from that little patch mill to the local college and I enrolled in A and P classes as well as every other class that both he and AK have always been so vocal about and now two years later I am applying for Paramedic school once again, with the knowledge to be the kind of provider that would make him proud.

    Dust you inspired me and I will get through medic this time around come hell or high water and I will do it in memory of you man. See ya in that dispatch center in the sky.
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