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  1. wow
  2. chief??? oh my...
  3. Haha..what I miss?
  4. Hey Mike!
  5. Hello all...I think I made a wrong turn cause I have not been on here since Lone Star was young.....well, wait.....internet was not invented in 1812..nevermind.. Anyway, been a memeber on EMTCITY 6 years now......wow....just saying Hello all!!!!
  6. wow.....I must have got lost....

  7. wow.....I must have got lost....

  8. Phred, you old fart.....I been okay...could be better.. Jess and I aren't together anymore....I speak to her a couple times a week, I am back in PA and them two are in IL......Don't ask.... I figured I would come here and give some people a stroke..lol.....
  9. Hey Mike! I thin I made a wrong turn...lol Who you calling old, grandma?!?!?!? I made a wrong turn Terri...lol
  10. Hello all...its been a while.....

  11. Hi and welcome!
  12. never heard of it
  13. Hello all, hope you have a great day!

  14. Merry Christmas to all EMTcity members!

    1. Jessi


      Merry Christmas to you too :)