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  1. Chief1C added a post in a topic Passing of Island EMT - Member   

    My most sincere condolences on "Island's" passing, I enjoyed his contributions and sense of humor very much!
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  2. Chief1C added a post in a topic Narcan at the EMT level.   

    We're allowed to carry it, we don't. The state recommended auto injectors. These things cost about $860. Not happening. State Police have it, issued, for free. They won't use it. Control the airway. I can buy a hell of a lot of BVM's for $860. That's exactly what I said during the EMS Advisory Committee meeting. Keep them breathing; and let the medics give them just enough to sustain life.. Our biggest problem has been people using K2, Spice, etc. There is a known heroin ring, and problem, but we have yet to see any OD's. - Now south of us, you'll hear three or four OD-Arrests in a clip.
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  3. Chief1C added a post in a topic Still Burning   

    After my tax refund and retirement check, I could have easily taken the next fifteen years off. ha ha.. But, the company I worked for lost it's contract and folded, virtually overnight. I got out just in time. Got bored doing nothing. Lasted about two months, work EMS again.
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  4. Chief1C added a comment on a blog entry 16 Hours   

    No, you can just call me Chief.
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  5. Chief1C added a post in a topic Lets get this party started! Post something here so we know you're alive!   

    I'm still alive.

    Woo Hoo. I started page 222

    I feel speshl.
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  6. Chief1C added a post in a topic To Badge or Not To Badge... That is The Question.   

    Our uniforms are like... A polo and BDU's. No place for a badge. Even if wearing a typical "uniform" type shirt, no badge. My thought on wearing a badge are this:

    Dude A: Has a gun, wants to kill himself, someone else, is drunk, high, et al.

    Dude B: Is wearing a badge (and has a gun to defend himself)

    Dude C: Came to take the loser of the battle to the ER.

    If Dude A recognizes Dude B as a cop, b/c he has a uniform with a badge. He may also recognize Dude C as a cop, b/c he has a uniform with a badge.

    I like to separate US from Police. People tend to be more open if we're not PD, and may possibly be less likely to kill us, if they recognize us as "Not the cops". Then again, they may just want to kill us, too.

    I don't know if that makes sense, I've been drinking.
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  7. Chief1C added a post in a topic Are These EMS Type Of Websites Dying ?   

    Can't afford to chat on a forum, you gotta work near 24/7 just to pay the bills.

    I think EMS is dying.
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  8. Chief1C added a post in a topic Oxygen causing harm?   

    Some study must have popped up. B/c something has changed. I used to buy NRB's by the case, now I buy like six..at a time. Six masks.. A cylinder lasts three months, vs a few weeks. Keep changing stuff, so it's cheaper to run a service. We could save loads if they did away with board and collars.
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  9. Chief1C added a post in a topic Vintage A&J Resuscitator 1940's very very rare!   

    I believe that is an E&J. We had one that came off of a retired apparatus. The interior device was trash, but the case looked new after some elbow grease with a "Magic Eraser". One of the members removed everything except the curved tank holders from the plate inside and uses it to carry his portable oxygen, etc., in. I believe the "Lytport" meant Lite and Portable. It may have been portable, but there was nothing lite about it. There's another one by the same company in the basement. It looks like a steamer trunk.

    Sell it on eBay, they go for a pretty penny on there, too.
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  10. Chief1C added a post in a topic Question to confirm I'm right to my hubby, TY!   

    Tell the family, et al; to call back when the patient becomes unconscious.

    Then they can't refuse.
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  11. Chief1C added a post in a topic Lets get this party started! Post something here so we know you're alive!   

    I just got a kitten. I should get another, and name them slow and quiet.

    I think Karma is broken, b/c nothing happened on this end. I could go for some trauma, and not the scratch my hand from "cat's" claws. I call him cat. I should probably get some bandaids and iodine.
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  12. Chief1C added a post in a topic Still Burning   

    I'm taking a few or ten months to myself. To explore. I dunno what I'll do afterward. Go back to school? Always wanted to be a nurse. I'd prolly enjoy that. I will never work in the Natural Gas/Oil industry again. I'm a people person, or I was. Now I'm a dick. My job was to find what people were doing that wasn't safe, and they were fired for it. No warnings, no second chances. I was good at getting people fired. But I did a lot of things they didn't like. My office was like a massive first aid kit, I knew the Cintas guy more than anyone else - ha ha. I was expected to be stern and harsh, but if someone was hurt or sick - even if they'd get fired (not for being sick) - I was still compassionate. I enjoyed that, but lack of sleep was what ended it, I had my little melt down, had to pay for their phone.

    I can't sleep all the time, so I got something different today. Makes me a little dizzy, but I haven't bled from anywhere, so I guess I'm on the good end of the side effects. ha ha ha...anyhoo.. I think I'll ease back into normalcy.

    .and I won't buy any firearms.
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  13. Chief1C added a topic in Burnout, Stress, & Health   

    Still Burning
    I began the week at a high paying job, I ended the week with my tail between my legs. I sat and looked. That was what I was paid to do, sit and look; and act when needed. But it came with high risk, b/c of its nature. So you had to be on top of your game. You can't do that if you're tired. Between driving and working, I spent about eighteen hours conscious in a twenty four hour period. That's some pretty good pay. That's a pretty shitty lifestyle. So, one day I got up, and I was exhausted, I was having "stress pain", that's what I call undiagnosed personal chest pain. Yeah I know, shut up... I laid back down... Alarm went off again, I got up, unplugged it, and proceeded to violently smash it and my phone, with an antique spanner wrench, until I was satisfied, I got back in bed, and slept for about 25 hours. Then, of course, I was no longer employed.

    So I'm taking a vacation... and I'm not doing shit... until the cash runs out... Then....? Go back to school? Get another job? Buy a gun?

    So I opened my email, which I haven't done in like seven months, while extinguishing the fire burning inside with copious amounts of Seven&Seven... at about quarter to nine this morning. I've neglected my EMS duties, partly b/c I was consumed by my career doing it. And the first email... A new scope of practice, great, what the hell did they take away this time? I won't even get into that, I was so pissed off by the time I was done... First Responders can give narcan, but as of today, they are not allowed to splint a simple fracture, or assist with numerous things they were quite handy with assisting in. I fail to see the mentality there.

    I'd add more, but I'm getting REALLY tired. I was prescribed THIRTY miligrams diazepam, per dose. 30! Is that normal? Or should I get a new doctor.... ha ha ha... yeah I'm on the nervous break down express and we're headed down the track attached to an unmanned locomotive.

    Pardon any grammar or spelling errors.
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  14. Chief1C added a post in a topic Lets get this party started! Post something here so we know you're alive!   

    I'm still alive. Actually, I just got fired, so maybe I'll come around more often. It's winter, so this can be my hobby. Otherwise, I'm just mopey and depressed.

    Oh yeah.

    Slow. Quiet. You read it, you're jinxed. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    That was my 3,601st post.
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