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  1. No, you can just call me Chief.
  2. I'm still alive. Woo Hoo. I started page 222 I feel speshl.
  3. I just got a kitten. I should get another, and name them slow and quiet. I think Karma is broken, b/c nothing happened on this end. I could go for some trauma, and not the scratch my hand from "cat's" claws. I call him cat. I should probably get some bandaids and iodine.
  4. I'm still alive. Actually, I just got fired, so maybe I'll come around more often. It's winter, so this can be my hobby. Otherwise, I'm just mopey and depressed. Oh yeah. Slow. Quiet. You read it, you're jinxed. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA That was my 3,601st post.
  5. Just got orange and white as well. ha ha
  6. I wear one of these on every call. Have three styles, two in blue, one in orange. Just because.
  7. Did you post the same thing on my Flickr account? I sold that on eBay ages ago. Too damn heavy.
  8. Seriously, though; what's the difference between Molson and Piss? I doubt they could tell the difference. My 3600th post. I had to make it worth it.
  9. I laughed so hard at the first few, I was seeing floaters for two hours. Took me two days to finish the short page, b/c I would be laughing so hysterically, I'd actually hyperventilate. At one point, someone turned the monitor off, so I'd stop laughing, which took about five minutes.
  10. 16 hours. I feel like a vampire. I get up, it's dark. I go to work, it's dark. I go home, it's f****** dark.. I sleep, its daylight. every now and then, will be a tremendous rattle the ground will start shake and a train will pass. otherwise I see nothing I hear nothing I'm just here. All alone. Who am I supposed to help?I think I'd rather be an ambulance driver....
  11. I had a patient named Jesus once... Hey-zoo-sss Funny story.. Didn't speak a word of English. Couldn't read English. Didn't know what a "lock out" was. That's what his translator said. Jesus wasn't talking. Jesus died, again.... This time he wasn't nailed to a cross. He was sucked into a piece of chipping equipment at a pallet mill. Poor Jesus.... Looked like ground pork, smelled like pine sol. Gallows humor. It's necessary, I had to put Jesus in a body bag. Jesus, Jesus was a mess.