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  1. Funny EMS Picts

    no clearly an oxygen thief......
  2. Funny EMS Picts

    Allergic to it?......check closely and you will find the person that told you that is probably an Oxygen thief Bushy.......
  3. Funny EMS Picts

    yr So what treatment does the Dr or paramedics give in an anaphylaxis stiuation? Seeing that she us allergic to the most common treatment...
  4. the 9 things you never say to a patient

    "'s got me buggered.........." "Seeing you won't be using that "xxxxx" from now on, how much will you sell it for?........" "What do I do with little piece that is left?" "Do you think this will fit in that small size of an area?" When placing an IV..........."just a little prick with a needle..."............and most times it is
  5. Hi all

    Welcome ash, gods country down under here....just watch out for toto will you......
  6. New EMT to the Forum!

    Awww, I could lower myself to have a beer with someone from across the dutch. Let us know I will even buy you one seeing that one NZed dollar is about .75 cents Aussie
  7. New EMT to the Forum!

    And not to mention he is from across the Dutch in NZed
  8. Would like to introduce myself :)

    welcome from down under..........enjoy your stay
  9. Some thing similar...... earlier this year when my dad was hospitalise for chest pain and breathing difficulties, it want his heart, but they found shadows in both his lungs......late stage lung cancer...and not much time,,so we spent as much time with him that we could in hospital. My second eldest son who was about to turn 17, realised that he would never get to have a beer with his grandfather (as the drinking age in Aus is 18) so we smuggled a few bottles of beer into the hospital ward (palative oncology ward) so we could have a drink with him... we all poured a glass eacha nd I gave my boy a glass of beer so he could have his fisrt (and ultimately his last ) beer with his Pop. I said a few words, and then let my emotional boy say a few. we then went to drink when my Dad asked if he had a right of reply.........thought never crossed my mind..... well he want to say a few words, but openend with tis classic....."I hope this bloody beer wont kill me........." he was a joker to the end as he passed away about 3 days later.......miss him....

    no keep the bloody hose jockey tossers away from ems.....dont do it..........
  11. Funny One-Liners

    I remember working with a partner one night when we attended a deceased person (male) in a house of ill repute (brothel)....... we did the checks and said the person was deceased....the investigating police officer came up to us a little later and said the guy die of an overdose....... with out batting and eyelid, my partnet states...."Sh*t! You can overdose on horizontal dancing? he died of crack then".........
  12. Craig

    Version kits


    Neann ALS kit in ASNSW
  13. cardiac treatment protocol



    treatment algorithm
  14. Version


    current cardiac arrest algorithm
  15. Funny calls

    did you cry bushy?