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    By the way, you were paying them to teach you, not to punish you. Again, donkey balls
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    Well they can say they are THEEE BEST all they want but what's their pass rate for students on the national registry? that's the proof if they are the best. If their students can't pass the registry then they haven't done their job. Again, if they make you do push ups and other physical punishment because of someone else's issue, that's douchbaggery 101, it sounds like they are modelling it after boot camp. YOu aren't paying money to the school to help them discipline someone else. But you are in it now so play along with the pseudo-drill sergeants and if the troublemakers keep making trouble, it might be time to have a come to jesus meeting with them.
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    Why would CPAP be contraindicated? I know it increases intrathoracic pressures and reduced preload, but in this particular case, that could be a good thing. Sounds to me like he's in shock as a result of acute hypoxemia secondary to the CHF. The Digoxin will prevent any compensatory tachycardia. CPAP would have been my goto as I did an IV NS bolus and prepped a Norepi infusion in the event that CPAP was not sufficient in reducing respiratory workload and improving the hypoxia.
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    Oh yeah, but you are right, she handled it like a pro. But you were right, it was pretty harsh at first, but later it was softer. I'm not bad, I'm just drawn bad. (what movie????)
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    Oh goodness. Ruff I wasn't critiqueing you at all. I had the same thoughts after watching the video without any explanation. I just was glad that for a change someone stuck around to defend themselves. I know you aren't a harsh person. My point was more that in this field we come across criticism A LOT, and we have to be able to handle that. I feel Lili handled it well. Sorry it didn't come across in my first post. Hopefully this helped.
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    I'm looking forward to that updated video. I"m sure that it will be a good one. Keep on striving for greatness, I'm sure you will get better with each passing moment. Just remember, Thomas Edison made many many versions of the light bulb before the one that we have now. It took lots of tries. I for one do not have the patience to do a video like that one, so I commend you. Looking forward to version 2.0
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    medicgirl, you are right, it was pretty harsh, but I was under the impression that it was a professionally linked video and that's why it was so harsh. I expected more out of a professionally done video. Now that I know it was not done by a professional, I feel that I can be a bit softer in my criticism. I hope that after taking a step back and looking at it from a different lens, which I did and I have now offered her some more constructive criticisms, that it's less harsh so to speak. I hope that she understands that there was no malice or offense intended but I'm sure that some may have taken it as a malicious attack which if anyone who has been on this forum longer than a week knows, I'm not like that at all. I also applaud her for her standing up to me, and letting me so to speak "have it" just like medicGirl let me have it as well. I am no where near perfect and can always be fed a piece of humble pie but I do stand by two things on this video 1. If it was put together by a professional then my original view would stand 2. Since it was not put together by a professional and put together by one who put a lot of effort in to this, my new review stands and I urge Lili to keep up with her efforts and keep on working on polishing this video. Reviews are just that reviews, not everyone will like what you put out, many will, others will kind of like it. It's up to you to decide what to do with those reviews. keep on trucking or turn tail and run. I hope that you keep on trucking and say screw you to the naysayers and endeavor to show those naysayers that you can blow them away with an even better product than you put out the first time. Case in point, I wrote about 20 short Robbie the Fire Truck books for my son. My son loved em. My wife not so much. I put them away for about 10 years. I took them out, revised them for my girls and my wife loves em now. I'm getting ready to self publish them as soon as I find a artist to illustrate them. I hope to have them published as a learn to read set of books. The initial reviews of the books by my wife were horrible and I nearly never showed them again but I decided to do it and now I think they are publishable. You never know what you can do if you stop because of a bad review like the one I gave you initially. I am looking forward to seeing your updated video. I hope there is one.
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    I just want to give Lili a pat on the back for standing up to your criticism. It was pretty harsh, but the OP didn't run away with his/her tail between the legs like many newbies do. Good for you Lili. Stick around, you may learn something or you may teach us oldies but goodies a few things.
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    Yes, JenJo12, these type of questions when it's your career liveliehood on the line, are best left to those who will give you the most accurate and correct answers. Those people are the office of EMS in your state or the NREMT if it's a NREMT question. We can give you advice but for any question of this magnitude is best left to the experts, not us internet jockeys, hell most of us on this site are pretty darn smart but not when it comes to this stuff. Both Mike and I will always refer you to the state offices or the NREMT on this type of question. Your career depends on valid and correct advice, not Wikipedia level advice from people on this site who mean well but honestly and NO OFFENSE intended, don't know the right answer in this situation. Again, NO OFFENSE intended Y'all. So give this number a call https://health.wyo.gov/publichealth/ems/ 307-777-7955 or 888-228-8996 these are the right people to call..
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    Welcome. That's an excellent question to ask the WY Office of EMS. They will be your best resource.
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    Scheduling depends on what kind of service you work for. In my area 911 providers work a 24 on/48 off shift or 48/96. Private services around me usually staff a couple 12 hour trucks, a 16 hour truck, and a couple 24 hour trucks. Again, it all depends on where you are and what you want. International work...I don't know anything about nature trips, but most oils field and contract military stuff is for seasoned paramedics. Whatever you decide to do good luck to you! And, from an old seasoned medic, make sure you find healthy ways to destress before you are too far in. This is a hard job and it takes a toll over the years.