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  4. Old folks Still here?

    I didn't know that there were Level 1 trauma centers in Springfield MO, Cox or St John's? I used to work down at one of the Lake of the Ozarks amb services which sent you guys a lot of customers via helicopters and transfers from Lake Regional. Bob Page taught some of my EMS courses out of that area. Good group of people down there. take care Ruff
  5. Old folks Still here?

    Just finished residency this last year....graduated in June. I am now an EM doc at a level 1 trauma center in Southwest MO. It is actually the same place I was a ground medic and flight medic. It was like a homecoming of sorts. Every time I have interactions with the EMS crews here it is like we fall back into our old routines, ribbing each other in some sophomoric banter, etc. But better yet, I am yet another EMS advocating physician for our area. Would trust our medics with my life. -dg
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  7. Old folks Still here?

    Or demanding 15 year old, 8 year old, and 6 year old. Not a moments freaking peace. haven't had a disturbance in the force in I don't k now how long.
  8. Old folks Still here?

    Married was never a problem... the demanding 3year old changed things though.
  9. Old folks Still here?

    I didn't have to ask for it, my GF just gave it. Thats the difference I guess between being married and single. It's given by the girlfriend and obligated by the married. ha ha
  10. Old folks Still here?

    I told my wife about this convo. She said she would stab me with a pen if I asked for sympathy nookie
  11. Old folks Still here?

    Hell no brother, but I did get a lot of ribbing from my co-workers saying it was a rookie mistake, problem was, I was still kind of a rookie.
  12. Old folks Still here?

    In that case, I don’t feel sorry for you at all!
  13. Old folks Still here?

    Well to be honest, I did give her the means and the opportunity, so lessons learned. But once the docs realized that my wound was not through into the chest cavity, they cancelled the activation, they sutured my wound and gave me 10 days of Vicodin, keflex and a tetanus shot. The police were no freakin help, around where I come from, psych patients who try to kill you don't get charged. but I did get a bunch of sympathy nookie from the girlfriend at the time. That's a TOTAL win.
  14. Old folks Still here?

    Geeze mate, sorry to hear that. While i have never been stabbed ive been threatened with knives a couple of time (sometimes i think the wife could stab me though, probably while im mleeping) I do know a guy who was assaulted by a man who was high on meth. Unfortunately the paramedic he picked the fight with is an amateur MMA fighter and promptly got knocked out. It was also his first RSI...
  15. Old folks Still here?

    You know, I've only dropped one patient too, The one patient who asked if she could keep my pen, Old bic pin, she was going in for a medication check, I said sure, you can have my pen, I then walked in front of her, my partner in back of me. She took the pen and proceeded to imbed the pen in my jacket and then 1/2 inch into the flesh of my back. That was the only patient I ever dropped with a left hook to the right temple. And then my partner and I sat on her until the police got to us. I have a nice little round permanent puncture wound to my right scapula area, blood was everywhere. Got treated as a trauma patient until they could rule out whether the pen punctured my chest wall. DAMN that pen hurt when it went in my back. Patient was deemed a mental case and was never charged. Yeah yeah yeah, before you say it, I learned a couple of valuable lessons, 1. Coats don't stop bic pens 2. Don't walk in front of your patients, EVER 3. Don't ever give your patients your pen 4. Trauma activations are NOT Fun, Really doc(trauma resident), you want to do a rectal for sphincter tone - nah I'll pass(do you have something to tell me Dr. Takei). He reluctantly agreed. 5. If you need a couple of days off, let your patients stab you with the bic pens you let them have. 6. Make sure your patient stabs you and then you knock them down and make sure it's on video. She claimed I hit her and then she stabbed me. Thank God it was on video in the Hospital ambulance bay and the security guards were watching us bring her inside. We had a few witnesses. 7. Don't pull the pen out, if you do, you get a trauma activation, had we have left it in, they would have know it was only in a half inch.
  16. Old folks Still here?

    I wonder whatever happened to Greshmedic? I remember years ago there was a discussion about patients being dropped of stretchers. He said something like "I have only ever dropped 1 patient.... bitch shouldn't have tried to stab me" Gee i laughed...
  17. CHF & Low BP

  18. Old folks Still here?

    Hey man! I wondered what happened to you. Glad to see you're still out there and doing good in the world. When did you finish residency? How've you been?
  19. Old folks Still here?

    dgmedic, congrats, one of our own did good. way to go.
  20. Old folks Still here?

    How weird that this is an ongoing topic and I ran across it; although it was started back in 2015 lol. I was active about 10 years ago - dgmedic. I had also ran another site Stopped that a long time ago too. I ended up going to medical school, EM residency, and am now an emergency medicine doc! It is good to see the site still up and going. And paramedicmike.......good to see you are still here too. Wasn’t there a RichmondMedic or something like that too? ~dg
  21. Old folks Still here?

    Yes, that is the biggest problem we face, we are a get it now generation, here it would take a couple of days to run a full scenario while it only would take a couple of hours to run a full scenario on facebook. that's where we fall short here, the 132 character generation doesn't want to wait, heck I'm one of those who doesn't want to wait but the responses from those who use their phones are often more disjointed and horribly spelled than those who have a computer and a keyboard at their disposal. I think that this site will suffer for the most part based on what I wrote above. I don't have the answer to fix the low participation here.
  22. Old folks Still here?

    Problem with the chat (as i remember) was the amount of trouble makers it brought in. I had an EMTLIFE acclount at one stage, so i could see the people who left here for being "bullied" (aka, told they were not the greatest EMT/Paramedic EMS has ever seen) head over to EMTLIFE and bag the hall out of this joint. Like most Forums, i guess this suffers from the new facebook generation. They run their clinical discussions there these days.
  23. Old folks Still here?

    I do miss the old days and the "old" people. I think that it was the right time and the right people, and the circumstances have simply not occurred again. Chat was a huge drawing point, and people who chatted lots were likely to post lots too. We did have some pretty amazing natural leaders, but the big thing is that it was fun as well as instructive. I will be volunteering in Uganda for 5 weeks in February on an EMS pilot project. Odds are good that there will be some issues I want to mull over with those of you who have experienced overseas work. Hopefully We can get a bit of action going on that!
  24. second line seizure medications

    We have had some interesting results since we swapped to Ketamine as our primary induction agent with our status patients. Where previously they were unresponsive to Midazolam, they often cease seizing on induction. As we do not routinely paralyse our status patients unless their seizure activity prevents their oxygenation, so the tube is maintained with sedation alone. Previously when our induction was Fentanyl/Midazolam, you would get brief periods where the patient would cease seizing but then recommence and you were often bolusing midazolam during transport on top of you sedation. I love Ketamine so much, can't remember life before ketamine (I don't want to remember it either)
  25. CHF & Low BP

    Is this your experience KAT or a hypothetical? Truly Interested as its not something i have seen.
  26. Anyone ever done this?

    Great post! That extra 10 minutes is often what i decide to transport on. Hypoglycaemia reversed and a meal, the patients living arrangement often have me transporting more than the hypo itself, and it's more about linking the patient into the health system for an aged care assessment to prevent re-presentation than today's presentation
  27. Old folks Still here?

    So...Admin..... when are you going to let us know what your "other" screen name is
  28. Old folks Still here?

    It is nice to see all the old faces. Perhaps now is the time for the students to become the teachers. There are plenty of new providers that need the wisdom that you all have gained over the years. Stick around. Make this your home again. Post something interesting and welcome the rebuttals and questions. Engage in others and make them think, and let them return the favor. EMT City has been around for a long time and it is because of the members like you that we are still here. I thank you for that and I look forward to seeing your posts.
  29. Old folks Still here?

    Just like 90s cartoons, our memories are better than the real thing. At least incoig a pig a couple of new Facebook friends from it!
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