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  2. Bariatric Patients

    We had to remove about a 10x10 part of a patients wall because not only was his family the proud owner of a bariatric patient but they were also hoarders and we had ZERO ability to get the guy out from his back room Parents enabled this guy and would go out and buy him thousands of calories per meal and not do anything about helping him address an issue that he had been educated on - overeating. He was proud of his 735 pounds and had plans of getting larger. He even had a girlfriend who was half his size. One day he didn't eat anything and his sugar bottomed out, even though he took his insulin and lantus, metformin and Victoza that morning which didn't help us in getting his sugar up. He also had a horribly infected foot caused by an ingrown toenail which thus caused him to get beginnings of sepsis. So we could not get this guy out of his room through his door, the window was a 4x5 window which didn't help. So we just cut a huge hole in his room wall, backed up a flatbed trailer to the hole and took 11 of us with a tarp to get the guy to the flatbed. Same amount at the hospital to get him off the flatbed. It was the longest 10 minute ride to the hospital I ever had. so embarassing for the patient, we tried to give him dignity during the transfer but by the time we had cut the hole in the wall it seemed like the entire town was there to watch. sadly, 3 days after admission he passed due to sepsis from the infected foot.
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  4. ATCEMS or AFD

    I just want to know which one you would pefer.
  5. Paramedic vs. Firefighter/Paramedic

    I think you should follow your dreams and heart, if don't understand well i mean chase what you are want to be. I want to be EMS so you could be FF or EMS it's your path, your life, your career. Sincerely, HelloIzJerry
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  7. CHF & Low BP

    Only once, and many years ago so I read up on it. There are a lot of research articles on it dating back over 50 years.
  8. Old folks Still here?

    I took a small break this fall to focus on family and school and work and now that I have a minute, I'm back! good to see some old faces pop up this fall. Sorry I've been gone, working 60 hrs a week and school has killed me. I was talking about you just the other week with one of my doc friends. He's gone to CAP lab with some of his guys and said he knew you...
  9. EMT City 2nd sort of annual reunion

    I took a hiatus from social media while focusing on school this fall, sorry to have dropped off the face. I'd love to meet up and obviously Colorado Springs would be the closest, but I can try and make other things work as well. Sorry Ruff! Katie
  10. Oh my gosh. I haven't been here in so long I forgot what my name was on the forum.. I think I used to be Turbosnail, lol.

  11. Office of the Medical director is in Austin Tx.
  12. Tapatalk?

    For those wondering what Tapatalk is, it essentially makes the site work like an app complete with notifications (if you wanted).
  13. I need assistance finding a medical director

    AK, how the heck have you been? it's been like 2 years or so since I've seen you here. I hope all is well. And I tried to tell the person that they needed a doc straight away, but doesn't seem like they liked any of our answers so far.
  14. second line seizure medications

    We have had some interesting results since we swapped to Ketamine as our primary induction agent with our status patients. Where previously they were unresponsive to Midazolam, they often cease seizing on induction. As we do not routinely paralyse our status patients unless their seizure activity prevents their oxygenation, so the tube is maintained with sedation alone. Previously when our induction was Fentanyl/Midazolam, you would get brief periods where the patient would cease seizing but then recommence and you were often bolusing midazolam during transport on top of you sedation. I love Ketamine so much, can't remember life before ketamine (I don't want to remember it either)
  15. Anyone ever done this?

    Great post! That extra 10 minutes is often what i decide to transport on. Hypoglycaemia reversed and a meal, the patients living arrangement often have me transporting more than the hypo itself, and it's more about linking the patient into the health system for an aged care assessment to prevent re-presentation than today's presentation
  16. The aggressive methamphetamine patient

    Not well regulated im afraid. A pharmacist can dispense it if you provide identification, but its open to and does get abused, which is why it's being closed. I'm not sure where that fits into the heroin trade, as the heroin epidemic was before my time in the job. My gut feeling is Dr shopping tends to be people with chronic pain who have then become addicted, where the earlier heroin epidemic was more based in recreational drug use, but i have nothing to back that statement with.
  17. Nice story - great write up

    I realise this is from a year ago, but Mike, You were a little salty when i got here in 2005!
  18. Video laryngoscopes

    McGrath for me, the only VL I have ever had to use. We primarily use it as a training device for direct laryngoscopy when our IC students are in their on-road training phase. When I do an RSI and they look like they may be a difficult intubation, I have it out with the X-blade on as part of my failed drill setup and use a standard scope with a Mac 4 on it for pretty much everything
  19. Would be interested to know what doses of midazolam people have been or think people have been using for induction, and if it was given in isolation or in combination with something else
  20. Double patient transfer - HIPAA breech?

    the question we should ask ourselves is this Aside from transporting 2 patients from a MVC or something similar, should we be transporting 2 patients like the original poster asked.
  21. A few funny pics

    A couple of these are pretty funny. I can relate to feeling like the kid in the ambulance early on lol.
  22. Prayers to those in Vegas

    Let's keep the providers and patients in Vegas in our prayers and thoughts today. Awful awful things that one human can do to others. No words. (well I have some but they would get me censored)
  23. And then there's this

    Spock, Does your agency have the patient sign the electronic medical record directing payment to your EMS agency? If they do and the insurance company sends the payment to the patient then it would seem to me that the insurance company would be responsible. I would speak with your billing folks and your agencies legal counsel about sending a letter to the insurance companies to recover the unpaid bills plus associated costs.
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