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  2. Hey all thank you for your input. Paramedicmike, thank you for finding that list for me. I had been looking around for a while, but I was getting a plethora of answers regarding if they had those programs or not. So thank you for taking the time and helping me find that. At this point I'm thinking it would be worth it just to start fresh again. And just go for new certification, and if they tell me otherwise, that's great too. Just Plain Ruff, I appreciate your input. I believe that the accelerated program was more of an impulse than anything else for me. I saw the endgame in sight, and I took advantage. Didn't think to wonder that it could be more of a curse than a blessing. You both are right it is a profession and needs to be treated as such. Now that I know that it didn't work for me, I am going to try to dissuade anyone from doing so. Sure it may work for some people. But the fact of the matter is, people's lives are in your hands! Education needs to be taken seriously! If you had the choice between having an EMT who went to college or an EMT who took a 6 week course, I would hope that the patient would choose the student. I believe that it is programs like this that help students get the original information, but don't necessarily teach them how to retain it. It has been a year since I took the original class and I have lost so much. One can just imagine how an expedited EMT may feel if they don't practice a skill or keep that detailed terminology, and have it fall from their grasp in a critical moment. That one disease, condition, or symptom that your expedited teacher said you didn't have to know... might be the death of your patient. Please if any students are given the same opportunity that I was give to take an expedited class for a flat fee, DON'T DO IT! I would much rather take my time and spend more money on a college tuition to become who I want to be, than quickly become a medic and lose someone because I rushed through the course load that seemed insignificant at the time.
  3. I was curious as to how the ED was going to manage this patient so I stayed to see what they did. The first thing they did was address his code status, then the Dr. ordered stat labs, a portable chest X-ray and a 12 Lead EKG which showed a SR with a 1st Degree AV Block. The Dr. ordered BiPAP in addition he also ordered Duo Neb treatments to be given to the patient. Plus he ordered 0.625 MG of Vasotec IV and he ordered an Echocardiogram at bedside.
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  5. No this forum is not for online classes or education. I'm not sure where you saw that there were online courses. If you saw the CME link that was a banner ad, then that link was just for online medical education for physicians and that was an advertisement. There has never been any online education provided by this site. I hope that this clears up your confusion.
  6. I was screwed in my situation BC only knew one school, then found out there is a city website with programs listed. The certifying body in Florida should have a website with course list and ph number. You Can call the dept to find out too. Also Google it.
  7. www.traillifeusa.com 

    Trail Life USA is a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, and Leadership Program for boys and young men.

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  8. Violyn, why go to an empty place when there's nothing there??
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  10. Lot's of good info in this site from good people. Listen to the advice given it may save you a lot of heartache in the long run. We know that you probably only want 911 or emergency transport experience but that's very competetive (at least in Missouri it is, I would assume New York is as well) so look into getting experience in a non-emergency service as well. Listen, watch, ask questions, drive safely(you have not only your life in your hands but your partners, your patients an oftentimes at least one other family members in your hands as well). Learn your job and do it well before trying to learn the medics job. (many of my emt's never learned that aspect of their role). Know where everything is on your truck, down to the alcohol swabs. You never know when you are going to need to go get some for your partner. i know you asked about places to work, but this is good solid advice for a newbie.
  11. Teaching point What is lividity? Answer that question and you I think answer your question to this group. But no I would not have worked this patient either. Lividity to me, equals death. Lividity added to unwitnessed no estimated down time definately equals death. the dead person is no longer your patient. The family is. Walk them through what is going to go on from here on out. Prep them for when the coroner gets there and their loved one is prepped to be removed from the home. Ask if you can help them make phone calls if they need someone to be called like a family member or their pastor or Imam or whoever they want you to call for them. If the police are there, you more than likely can clear the scene and leave. there is no sense for you to remain on scene if you do not have to. go with the flow on what feels comfortable and right. there ARE NO right or wrong answers here after the family member has been called. Ped's opens a whole new dynamic and that dynamic sucks big donkey balls simply because it's a pediatric patient. Your emotion and the emotional quotient ramps up a thousand fold especially if you have a kid about the same age as the one who passed.
  12. Do mine Mike, Do mine!!!!
  13. let us know what the answers you got were. That way others will benefit from your efforts.
  14. I would have been reluctant to give ASA & Nitro to this patient. I would have been more inclined to administer either Amiodarone, Cardizem or Lopressor.
  15. I would recommend Dr. Nancy Caroline, Bob Page, Dale Dublin, Dr. Bledsoe just to name a few.
  16. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, working holidays can be tough. And, yes, I can agree that you become family with your co workers. I felt that when I did a rotation with a fire house. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.
  17. I can't answer your question, sorry, but I do want to say congratulations!. They're sending patches now too?
  18. 1.)How old were you when you decided or thought about becoming a paramedic - 19 on the scene of a bad wreck with no equipment and a 40 minute response time from a rural ambulance. watched a family die from their injuries. Knew at that moment I wanted to be a medic. I always wanted to be but that solidified it. 2.) What was your college experience? 2 years in junior college getting prerequisites for 4 year college - then went to UMKC and also got my emt and medic as well. 3.) How many years did it take to graduate? 6 4.) What could you give to someone going into the business? Don't rush it. You have your entire life to do this job. 5.) what is your American dream? to own 10000 acres overlooking the mountains of Colorado or the Rockies somewhere. 6.) is it achievable? no freaking way. 8.) if you could live your life all over again would you become a paramedic again? Why ke why not? Yes I would, but I'd do it differently and get my degree first and not a degree in sociology, but a degree in Information Technology or something tradeskill related. My bachelors degree is Useless. 9.) Was this your first choice of a career? Yes 10.) was there a time when you wanted to give up? My first day on the job my first call was a adult code, then a couple of general call, then we worked a trauma code and then my last call was a pedi code. I nearly didn't come back. but I did and I put all three of those codes in the locked room in my brain and they don't get to come out. Over the years, that room has turned into two rooms. The key is an electronic keypad that only two other people know the code. My wife and my best medic friend. We change the code about every 5 years. You Cannot trust the NSA any further than you can throw em.
  19. or Don't rock the boat
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  21. Good information on your site. I found many of the same jobs on monster and career builder but the advantage I think you have is that you have just ems jobs and devided by state just with one click. On monster or career builder you have to input an individual state and get a bunch of crap not realted jobs. Not sure if you are making any money on this site but it's a nice place to go when you are looking at a specific state. One stop shopping.
  22. We still use backboards, but on a very limited basis. We primarily use them for auto extrication, cardiac arrests and severe trauma.
  23. Thanks everyone and RUFF I haven't been able to find to much besides what you gave me, I'll probably just do the basic and see if I like the instructors and teaching style. From my impressions going there a few times it seems like a pretty good school . I will most likely give the paramedic school a shot, they have some good success rates with previous students .
  24. that's a fine line, I need to think more on that, not dodging the question, but needing to think more on that poignant question.
  25. did you call the service's that you rode with during your classes? Why didn't you get the 2 patient observations prior to taking your test, I thought that was a requirement before taking your test? maybe not. but Call those services you rode with and see if you can get one more shift.
  26. Nobody works in EMS as part of a get rich scheme, but making enough to be able to participate in the lifestyle you desire outside of work is certainly of value. EMS workers in countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are afforded a different level of pay/respect than that received by most US providers. As much as pay and respect can't be primary motivators, those two things have a powerful effect on career longevity. If you choose EMS as a career the most disastrously unhealthy thing you can do is allow it to become your everything. Your non-EMS friends become a lifeline to the outside world. Don't let them go. Whatever your other passions are maintain them. As for helping ourselves, frankly we're lousy at it as a group and certain risk factors will never be avoidable. Night shifts will always exist, paramedics will always be placed in stressful situations, and schedules will always make healthy diet/exercise habits difficult (but not impossible).
  27. Too bad. I guess only the Canadian medics get to laugh at it until the content makes it to youtube.
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