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  2. Why Sweden? Why Sweden? What education do you have now? I think you would be better served by getting educated in Sweden if that's where you want to move. I'm not sure of their education requirements but I would think they would require a longer education period that what we have here. Would hate for you to get your paramedic here and then Sweden come back and say "Sorry Charlie, you don't have enough education so you need to start over" Here are some helpful links that were very very easy to find if you used Dr. Google. This site says you ahve to get a nursing program done first and then add a year of paramedic on top of it. And if you think you are going to get a free educaiton in Sweden, according to my understanding, you have to be a citizen of Sweden to get the free schooling. I could be wrong but I'm probably not according to a couple of websites I visited. 14K for a years program if what I'm seeing. but again, I could be wrong. So why Sweden?
  3. I am trying to network and get EMS contacts for Sweden!! I want to move!
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  5. I gotta say, I miss Julia's wit
  6. A latte has helped me be a paramedic many times. Lol
  7. Yeah, when I read this, Mike's comment about Julia was the first thing that popped into my head. "It's good you want to be an emt, maybe a latte and a couple of general courses will make you a great person for wanting to become a emt"
  8. Cue Julia Edward in 3...2... Punctuation, please. Your post is difficult to read. Do you still get a break down by section or is it simply "Pass/Fail" these days? It's been a while since I've taken it. How close are you to passing? Are you missing it by a wide margin? Or are you just barely missing it? I like the idea of practice questions. Practice questions that offer justifications for the correct answers (as opposed to just giving you the correct answer) are even better. Lots and lots of practice questions.
  9. Have you heard of John Puryear? He's in Texas, but has audio files that helped me pass the paramedic national registry. Also, try taking tests on FISDAP. That will help you get more comfortable with the test taking. Good luck!
  10. Hey guys I need y'all's help I have taken the NR EMT twice the first time I had 120 questions the second time I had 70 questions and both time I felt like I did pretty good on it but apparently I did not does anyone have any study tips or ideas on how to help me I love this Field I'm a volunteer firefighter so I help with Med calls all the time I have done plenty of ride outs with lots of agencies I know in my heart this is what I'm ment to do I'm just not a great test taker. Any suggestions I'm willing to do anything
  11. I honestly have no idea about the training/education/pay it takes but have you looked into EKG tech or phlebotomist? No offense but better planning in the future would go a long way.
  12. emt

    This is a hard question to answer since every place does it differently. Let's start with where you are located. In high school, focus on graduating and taking science and math classes. In some places, EMS is college level and in some places it is not. Good college classes to take are anatomy and physiology, math, English.
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    Some EMS agencies allow people to do ride alongs, you might want to stop by your local service to chat with them. The EMT class is a short class that you can find at a college near you. You are not required to take anything prior to that course, but a college level English class would be helpful as well as medical terminology. You have to be 18 to certify as an EMT. You must have the EMT certification to advance in EMS. Why do you want to work in EMS? Feel free to post follow up questions.
  14. emt

    Please help me. I wanted to know what exactly classes do you guys recommend in HS for becoming EMS/EMT? Also what school exactly do I take after HS? Do I just go to University/College and then another school or...? Please I need the most advice i could get. Thanks in Advance.
  15. So your entire motivation for becoming an EMT is money? Do you have any idea what an EMT does? And EMT school requires clinicals that don't normally fit into a nice little box. If you want to be a nurse, be a nurse. That being said, idk what the pay is like where you are. I know where I am EMT's are a dime a dozen and 15/hour isn't realistic. However, overtime is usually readily available. Also, non traditional EMT classes are usually available but in my opinion the quality isn't as good. I took a non traditional class 3 nights a week with a few Saturdays thrown in for 3 months. I was in high school so I thought it would be fun, didn't expect to make a career out of it. Anyway, 30 people took the class and 2 of us passed national registry. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  16. Thanks again. let me try to answer some questions raised. what are you doing right now: I work as security guard making 12 an hr 40hrs a week. 2. Going to EMT just for the money...NO however I need some nco me like 15 an hr to provide for my family of 5 ... Me wife and 3 school going kids. I need the EMT also to have advantage going for the RN which is my main goal. By the way I have a degree but outside the u.s but yes when evaluated, it can be equated to a bachelors in the u.s. My background is science Math Statistics but making a move towards nursing. Why am I asking for EMT 15 an hr? Want to know if it's worth it for me to switch right now to EMT or as you say wait or look out for extra hours elsewhere till my wife finishes her schooling. the VN is the vocational nursing (LPN or LVN). Why this? I can finish it under 14 months and making like 20$ or more an hr while I take the next few years to accomplish my BSN or Nurse Practioner dream. With 20 + few dollars an hr, I can work for 22 to 25 hours a week while I study at the same time for the BSN at least this income can keep the bills paid for couple of years. what are you going to do while schooling for EMT? I have learnt to achieve the hard way...meaning I can do evening EMT class or weekends thoug ( it might be longer than a regular 4/5 days a week). I would have consider this route if at the end I will like earn 15 an hour. The reason here is I have some few hundreds that I am trying to figure how to use it to improve my earning power. You will have to delay your EMT until she finishes her school....with this as stated above, then I better go in for the Vocational nursing rather than do EMT. Honestly speaking I really appreciate your comments and if there are more please let me have them but be as t may, I might forget the EMT stuff get more hours or look for position with security or elsewhere (even warehouse jobs) that can get me 15 plus few more till she finishes her school.
  17. Was just wondering if I can find some answers from you EMT's out there about some questions I need answers for a project. Name How long were you in the occupation? How did you choose your occupation? What kind of commitments have you made to become an EMT? Lastly if you would do everything over again and become an EMT would you? Thanks so much for your time!
  18. Ok, so what is VN? is that vocational nurse? So you won't get your emt in a month at reputable programs - but if you move to Seattle, you can make 15 an hour. Yeah I k now that was snarky. and I don't know of any other medical program that you can get out of in a month and make 15 per hour. They just dont make that kind of medical program. I could be wrong but I'm probably not. But anyhow, Are you just going to EMT school to get to 15 per hour and if you are, then you aren't doing this for the right reasons. But with that being said, what are you going to do during the time you are in school learning to be an EMT financial wise? You have to work right, what are you doing right now and how much are you making. is there any way you can pick up an extra job until your wife gets out of school and then you can get your education started. You may have to delay your time in getting your emt until she get's out of school and support your family. EMT school will still be there I assure you, California is a EMT mill in and among itself, my understanding is that you can't throw a rock out of a BLS ambulance without hitting a EMT school. Good luck in making some hard decisions in the near future.
  19. Hey Mari I was wondering if you could answer a couple questions for a high school midterm. How long have you been in the occupation? Financially does it support you? What kind of commitment does it take to be successful in it? Thanks for your time if you answer or not!
  20. Thanks for your response. A second question please. Is there something else in medical program which takes almost the same time (like a month) to be trained in, that you can suggest tthan EMT? My plight is this: My wife is in school doing her VN so I have to come up with all monthly bills and feed our family of 5. I am looking for areas that I can quickly realize like 15$ a hour with 40hrs or more in a week. At the end of my wife 14months school and once she start working I should be going to school to do the same VN program but I need something quick to take us for the next 14 months.
  21. Can't say for sure as I am not in your area. But 12 an hour is pretty basic starting here.
  22. Hi I am a security guard making 12$ an hour and i work 40hrs a week with little or no over time to make extra money. If i do the emt basic, will i get pay higher than 12dollar as a new employee in the inland empire Southern California?
  23. I remember your posts MariB and to see the person you have blossomed to be, let's hope our new excited poster becomes half the person you have become.
  24. ok, I'll ask the question that no one ever asks Why did you drink and drive? But that question aside - You will find many of us on this site, myself included that you won't get much support from in your quest to become an EMT. The reason why I say this is one of the worst things we see is the senseless disaster that are drunk driving accidents. They are 100% preventable by the DRUNK who decided to get drunk and then get behind the wheel of the car and drive, then hitting a family or a kid or whatnot and killed them or maimed them. Again, this is 100% preventable and we in this business are tasked with picking up the pieces of this 100% preventable disaster. So this is why we don't have much sympathy for anyone who comes here with stories of having been arrested for drunk driving and wanting to be an EMT. Now that being said, you need to call your state EMS licensing bureau and talk to them directly and ask them about your situation. They and only they can tell you if you can get an EMT license. Then if they say Yes you can, then you then need to call the prospective EMS Agencies you might want to work for and ask them if you can even get insured by them as a 21 year old emt with a previous reckless driving charge on your license which for the places I have worked, reckless driving held just as much NASTY connotations as a drunk driving charge and that person application who had that history on their driving record was immediately placed into the circular file and shredded. I hope you never make the stupid decision of drinking and driving ever again. And yes it was stupid and I hope you learned your lesson. hopefully you know it could have been a lot worse than just getting arrested and ticketed like you were. But I do wish you the best in your future endeavors. But I also do second MedicGirls question, why do you want to be an EMT when you have a degree in Microbiology. I'm sure that degree can get you more money than a 8-10 dollar an hour or so EMT job.
  25. To be this excited again. Research my old posts. I was too! I love being an EMT, most of the time. Rarely is it ever too exciting. I've had calls where the patient had diarrhea and didn't want to poop in their car. So they called 911. i have had calls with people growing fungus up their legs and I didn't have Vicks in the rig so I smelled it all night. In the end, if you still feel like you are helping people and enjoy it after holding bags of puke, getting screamed at because they believe they are the King of Hearts and you didn't bow or kneeing down on the floor, realizing you just knelt in human feces... it might be the life for you. As for becoming a volunteer firefighter, that is up to you. I provide support, but I'm terrified of fire
  26. This may very by state, as the state is the licensing body...I work in Texas, so I'll speak to that. I assume the process will be similar, but won't swear to it. A misdemeanor on your record shouldn't prohibit you from becoming licensed, the problem would be an agency hiring you because of insurance concerns related to the reckless driving. If this gets expunged, I would think it's no longer an issue. Question for you-Why do you want to be an EMT? If you have a degree in microbiology it seems like you could use that for a much better career with advancement opportunities. No judgment, I'm interested in your answer.
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