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  4. Hey all thank you for your input. Paramedicmike, thank you for finding that list for me. I had been looking around for a while, but I was getting a plethora of answers regarding if they had those programs or not. So thank you for taking the time and helping me find that. At this point I'm thinking it would be worth it just to start fresh again. And just go for new certification, and if they tell me otherwise, that's great too. Just Plain Ruff, I appreciate your input. I believe that the accelerated program was more of an impulse than anything else for me. I saw the endgame in sight, and I took advantage. Didn't think to wonder that it could be more of a curse than a blessing. You both are right it is a profession and needs to be treated as such. Now that I know that it didn't work for me, I am going to try to dissuade anyone from doing so. Sure it may work for some people. But the fact of the matter is, people's lives are in your hands! Education needs to be taken seriously! If you had the choice between having an EMT who went to college or an EMT who took a 6 week course, I would hope that the patient would choose the student. I believe that it is programs like this that help students get the original information, but don't necessarily teach them how to retain it. It has been a year since I took the original class and I have lost so much. One can just imagine how an expedited EMT may feel if they don't practice a skill or keep that detailed terminology, and have it fall from their grasp in a critical moment. That one disease, condition, or symptom that your expedited teacher said you didn't have to know... might be the death of your patient. Please if any students are given the same opportunity that I was give to take an expedited class for a flat fee, DON'T DO IT! I would much rather take my time and spend more money on a college tuition to become who I want to be, than quickly become a medic and lose someone because I rushed through the course load that seemed insignificant at the time.
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  6. I was curious as to how the ED was going to manage this patient so I stayed to see what they did. The first thing they did was address his code status, then the Dr. ordered stat labs, a portable chest X-ray and a 12 Lead EKG which showed a SR with a 1st Degree AV Block. The Dr. ordered BiPAP in addition he also ordered Duo Neb treatments to be given to the patient. Plus he ordered 0.625 MG of Vasotec IV and he ordered an Echocardiogram at bedside.
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  8. Chuckle. Welcome Jackie.
  9. This post and also the other post from the lady who just screwed up her ACL caused by the drill sergeant douchbaggery of the 5 week accelerated course in florida. Guys we are a profession, these accelerated programs make us look like keystone medics and emt's. it makes us look like we want to be hero's that started at zero. Firefighters don't go through this Police officers don't go through this doctors, nurses, CNA's, hair dressers, accountants, IT guys, or any other professionals do NOT go through these 5 week camps where you can finish your schooling in 5 weeks. It's just in my opinion makes us look silly and short changes the student and also the patients that they are going to be taking care of. Can some people learn in that environment, sure they can. Can they retain an entire 1000 page book in 5 weeks, possibly, but can they retain it enough to be competent I do not believe so. Do yourself a favor, take your time, learn the material and understand it. The jobs will be there when you get done. Trust me. They were there when you started your search for a school and they will be there when you get out of school.
  10. No this forum is not for online classes or education. I'm not sure where you saw that there were online courses. If you saw the CME link that was a banner ad, then that link was just for online medical education for physicians and that was an advertisement. There has never been any online education provided by this site. I hope that this clears up your confusion.
  11. hi, im a little confused as to what this site is. im trying to take online classes for CME credits. this site says its for online training classes but im not seeing a list of courses i can take. is this website just for forums and chatting, if not where r the classes??
  12. I was screwed in my situation BC only knew one school, then found out there is a city website with programs listed. The certifying body in Florida should have a website with course list and ph number. You Can call the dept to find out too. Also Google it.
  13. No I do not but do not lose heart. Just because you got screwed by this school, does not mean that all schools are like this crappy one. YOu didn't say where in Central florida but here's one.
  14. Welcome. This site may be helpful to you in finding an accredited paramedic program. It looks like there are three in Montana. You'll have to do the research as to their EMT-B offerings or if they'll accept your state certification for the paramedic portion of the training. Find a program that offers at least an associate's degree. We are a profession. If EMS wants to be taken seriously then it needs to take its education seriously.
  15. Hey Everyone! I'm new to I'm sure you all see a lot of questions from newbies and get tired of the same old questions, but I hope I can get some input from at least a few of you all. I'm from a little town in Montana and have aspired to be a paramedic since 2015. I ended up taking an accelerated EMT-Basic course from a private contractor here, and regretted every it. The skills test was a breeze for me, and I passed my state exam (my teacher's exam that was accepted by the state). However, when it came to the NREMT exam, I did not pass. I admit that I could have brushed up on a few topics, however I was told that I would not need to diagnose anyone because that altogether wasn't our job. For those of you who have taken this test, you know that the last statement is not true. As a result I got discouraged. I kept studying in little bursts, and telling myself I wasn't going to take the test till I was completely ready. It has been over a year now, and I lost my state certification (there goes $85). So now I believe I am at a point where I need to take the class again in order to take the NREMT. BUT, I do not want to take it through the private contractor again. But now to the point of this rant, I would like to try to start over, FRESH. Try to get into a school that goes from basic to medic. Does anyone have any recommendations for schools around the midwest region, or any online schools? I am willing go to location for skills training, but would prefer to stay in Montana. Any help or encouragement you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from a small town Montanan
  16. You don't happen to have any recommendations of a good emt class in central Florida? Lol. Im so discouraged. I am a week and a half away from the end. Maybe im safer being a 911 dispatcher. You can't get injured doing that. (Although, id probably find a way.)
  17. By the way, you were paying them to teach you, not to punish you. Again, donkey balls
  18. Wait wait wait, you injured yourself during punishment? Again, this school sucks big donkey balls. I would think that you have some type of case and you might want to at least see what one attorney thinks. Every attorney in Florida has a free consultation. I would go see one. Again, punishing all students for the downfalls of other students is just douchbaggery.
  19. Not clear what happened but just use as a growing learning experience and go elsewhere, took me several tried and now emt. My issue is where to work now and if quit current job. Start pay is low.
  20. Just an update. I ended up taring my acl during a cardio "punishment" yesterday. Now I am laid up and unable to Finnish out the last 2 weeks of school. Beyond pissed and feeling defeated! Next time, im choosing a different program for sure.

    Trail Life USA is a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, and Leadership Program for boys and young men.

    Operating from Troops that are chartered through churches in 48 states, the K-12 program centers on outdoor experiences that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers.

    Living the Trail Life is a journey established on timeless values derived from the Bible.

    Ask me more


  22. Violyn, why go to an empty place when there's nothing there??
  23. It's been a while since I've been here. How's the activity? I don't see a chat room anymore. Has that been eliminated?
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  25. Lot's of good info in this site from good people. Listen to the advice given it may save you a lot of heartache in the long run. We know that you probably only want 911 or emergency transport experience but that's very competetive (at least in Missouri it is, I would assume New York is as well) so look into getting experience in a non-emergency service as well. Listen, watch, ask questions, drive safely(you have not only your life in your hands but your partners, your patients an oftentimes at least one other family members in your hands as well). Learn your job and do it well before trying to learn the medics job. (many of my emt's never learned that aspect of their role). Know where everything is on your truck, down to the alcohol swabs. You never know when you are going to need to go get some for your partner. i know you asked about places to work, but this is good solid advice for a newbie.
  26. Well they can say they are THEEE BEST all they want but what's their pass rate for students on the national registry? that's the proof if they are the best. If their students can't pass the registry then they haven't done their job. Again, if they make you do push ups and other physical punishment because of someone else's issue, that's douchbaggery 101, it sounds like they are modelling it after boot camp. YOu aren't paying money to the school to help them discipline someone else. But you are in it now so play along with the pseudo-drill sergeants and if the troublemakers keep making trouble, it might be time to have a come to jesus meeting with them.
  27. im still in. The midterm counts as 30% of your final average. The Final on the other hand, is pass or fail.
  28. for assessments, you need good sheets that break it down. get someone to test you, i didn't think i could do it and a few months ago i was lost, but i past the tests. my schools site has sheets as does ny state, you need to be able to cover the basis, mainly the critical areas they test on, and then the extras. so are you still in or is that the exam that kicks you out, the first time i failed midterm, second the final, and now finally passed finals and passed the state. do it again and don't cram in 5 weeks, and maybe go elsewhere.
  29. They made us all go outside and do catipillar pushups today because 1 girl kept talking even after being asked to stop 3 times. I failed the written exam with a 73, but passed the skills with a 100. The instructors say that their school is THEE BEST in all of central Florida. (Look it up, its called First Response Training Group LLC) They are good people with experience, but seriously, the time being spend on push ups is waisted learning time. Especially when we really don't have much time to begin with. I really am pationate about this field but now am really doubting it. IF we pass the course, we take the NREMT exam.
  30. is this paramedic or emt? i finally graduated emt b and super happy because it was my 3rd shot at the course. Each time I learned how to study, the first school was not nice and many failed. The resent school used the brady pearson book, with brady lab. try to get this book and brady lab, it will prepare you more than jb-i didn't like jb, too wordy and the online compenent was meh. do quizlet's and get the emt crash course book on amazon and do the onine test. also get the app emt tutor-its free in amazon underground and do mainly practice questions. read as much text book as you can and repeat. good luck, 5 weeks is too short, i did 5 months and took class three times, but each to his own-its challenging.
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