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Transitioning to Gray

Posted by paramaximus, 16 December 2010 · 797 views

I suppose I should just be happy to be alive and above ground. I never thought it would bother me... but one day you wake up and BAM! You're old

My dear ole Grandaddy used to say, "One day you'll look at the obits and say wow... look at all those old people dying. Then one day you look at em' and think... Wow... look at all the young people dying.

Never mind the fact that over the past few years gray hair began springing up. In fact, never mind that hair now grows in places that it shouldn't on an upright walking mammal. I didn't see it coming.

So I walk in to a a local fast food dive. I place my order and frankly, it was bad. Double bacon cheese burgers with a side order of fries should be something I left behind long ago, but what can I say? Anyway, the girl behind the counter looked up at me and said,

"Now we're money! We banging!"

I honest to God had/have no idea what that means. Now when I was growing up in my formative years (1985-1995), "banging" had a context that I sadly never found appropriate on the counter of a fast food joint... Or any fine dining establishment for that matter. Yet here I am, in the middle of a half full restaurant, apparently "banging in the money" with someone still in highschool!

I felt like Hank Hill at a rave. "Uhhh... that's nice. Could I please get my order and some ketchup"?

Yes. It was at that point I realized it. I am officially old. There is an entire new world and language I don't understand. I hate to say it, but admitting it is the first step in the program... I have become my dad.

Now I'm going to go lay in a fetal position and cry for awhile.

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Very comical. Thanks for the laugh. I have decided, at the urging of my husband, to let the gray grow out. Yes, Miss Clairol is no longer a part of my regimen.

I'm 46 now. I am my mother and she is hers. My, where has the time gone?

The good news? You'll soon quit crying and come to accep it. Welcome to the other side of the hill!
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